Fateema for The Good Knights Tavern

Subject: Election for ownership of business, The Good Knights Tavern.

Candidate: Fateema Asalia, an Elder Djinn and a Marid in Ireem.

Business Experience: Managed a number of business in Ireem, first the Blues Lagoon, and then the Dolphin Baths, and the Slave's Head Tavern as co-owner with Am Demina.

Business Philosophy: Running a business is a fun and satisfying way to stay busy in Ireem, to make a few coins and to socialize with all peoples.

Business Plans: Planning special events is part of the requirement for business management. Events will include :
- Storytelling Nights, a popular activity and a personal interest of stories she would love to share;
- Musician's Nights, with the tavern as a performance platform for the many talented musicians here in Ireem.
- Victory Parties, for those who win championships and tourneys.
- Dance Events.

Ambient: A happy place and one of comfort for the weary and lonely as well, with an aim for everyone to leave feeling better than when they came in. Food and drinks always available.

Staff Culture: Kind, efficient and friendly barkeeps who have a willing ear to listen to anyone's woes.

Co-Owner: Currently no propects for co-owner and will let fate lead the right person to the team.

Security: Powers to call on a powerful friend most any time should there be rowdy patrons to deal with.

Fateema's appeal to Voters

"My promotional sign suggests I am fun- friendly - and professional. The tavern will be open to and welcome all and hopefully be a meeting place for all types in Ireem to gain a friendly ground. Under my management the tavern would not be known as exclusive to one group or the other - it will be the tavern where everybody knows you by name and is a friend."

"I may add that I am not partisan in any way - all are welcome and none will be shunned - my wisdom is ancient and my heart is pure - I wish only the best for all citizens of Ireem"

vote Fateema

My dear subjects,

  It is a great pleasure for me to announce that Prince Randdom Ivercourt has joined the Palace.
He is here to finish his important studies on the behavior of the various races and their customs. When he return at his home he will be appointed the Personal Counselor by my old brother Cozan, Sultan of the distant land of Bytwan.

  If you meet Prince Randdom, give him a warm welcome and be available to his questions: it is for the scientific progress.

  I bless you all.

Zanlu Heron

Sultana of Ireem

This morning the Chronicles kitten has picked up a letter, sent to us by the palace in response to the recent article from a slaver:


For a long time, we, The Palace Guards have resisted succumbing to extortion and blackmail.

  The man in question, Taureck Ryker, portrait us like unreasonable beings and according to his version of facts careless and aggressive.

  I, Saara Van Essen, the guard in question, refused at first to be coned out of money, the threats of   aggression against him where founded as he had kidnapped a member of Palace, in the knowledge I was entitled to use force if necessary, yet was not used.

  What Mr Ryker seem to forget to mention is that, a larger fee of 700 dinars was requested for "rescuing and feeding the Palace girl", greedy extortion?... absolutely. Furthermore he threaten me to ends this unarmed Palace Lady if I did not pay, at the time, I did not possess the resources to pay the requested ransom that summed to 1500 dinars.

  At the sight of a man, who was willing to end an innocent woman's life for just gold, I sought help from a friend and ex-co-commander Kaya who kindly provided the gold for her release, once he settle for only the fee he paid for her.

  Lastly, though his greedy and actions had an impact on me personally, I am grateful he kept his word and released her party unharmed as agreed. We are aware of who the perpetrator is, coincidently another slaver named Carl, fortunate coincidence?... debatable.

Palace Guard
Saara Van Essen


Our Kingdom was under siege by three powerful figures identified to be Plague Monks, purportedly appearing through big blue disc-like portals discovered in the sands.  Yes, under siege, not by an entire troupe of armed forces but only three Plague Monks - White, Green, and Red. They brought mayhem for days, hurting anyone and destroying everything in their path!

Plague Monks

  What brought these Plague Monks to attack us?  One of the portals was seen in the vicinity of the Dark Knights.  Could the wildly unbalanced rebellious ones have dabbled in incantations beyond their own powers and accidentally opened the portal to these strange beings who would attack them too?

They do not speak
They make no alliance
They seek no treasure
They seek no power
They only wish to inflict total destruction of all life
No race is immune to their destructive powers.

  The plague monks are invincible.  The strongest warriors in the Kingdom could not kill them as they would somehow come back to life and continue to attack.  Many perished, the lucky are only badly injured, and soon enough food and medical resources were drained.
Plague Monks attacked!

  A royal decree sent by Princess Page advised one and all to turn to the leaders for their needed guidence.  It seems a wise one had deduced that precious crystals encased in stone if found could return the three plague monks through the portals. 

Stone With Crystals

  Priest Ragnar encouraged all leaders to bring their warriors to the Eternal Flame to get blessing and pray together.  Princess Page was present too.  And many leaders promptly gathered, putting aside perennial feuds to cooperate and save our Kingdom.

  Once the crystals were found, the leaders put their war strategy to action and brought down the three plague monks, forced them through the portal back to wherever they spawn.  Are we safe from future attacks?  No one knows..  What we do know now is that we are vulnerable to forces unknown to us and opposing factions may well have to cooperate once again to defend the Kingdom.

Leaders Pray

~Written by Munira

NEWS: Dark Days in Ireem

You will never believe what happened in the past few days!
Even now, looking back I find it all so hard to imagine its almost as if I have dreamed it all.

From the skies, or so it seemed, these strange Monks appeared and they were killing people in numbers never before seen.

Six or seven times, I lost count, I tried valiantly to attack but in second found myself laying in the warm desert sand mortally wounded.. Seemed that nothing you used against them, by any race, would do any damage.

Despair rushed through Ireem as people ran back and forth to the physicians office to be healed. All the food stalls seemed to empty in the snap of a finger and people were wandering around dazed, confused and starving.

I thought surely this was the end of the new world myself and Hunter had come to, the place that was to be are refuge from the hell we had escaped from.

Then an amazing thing started to happen. Right before my eyes I saw those of different races coming together to talk about a way to save, not just their own race, but all races.

From this came a plan and suddenly when the Monks showed up there were archers and shooters up high trying to take them down while people down below drew their weapons and went in to attack. We were working together  for the first time and the strength of races united was something to behold.

A priest called us to the Eternal Fire to bow our head in prayer for some and quiet contemplation for others. He spoke about us, the monks and blessed us all and gave us strength to go on with our united front.

Then the leaders of the races found relics that were special and treasured to their own race and decided to enter the portal where these strange Monks kept coming through.

Inside we all stood around wondering what we could do and then the Princess found a hint and another came up with a combination that opened a book with yet further information.

It was determined that we would all lovingly lay our relics on a table and each and every race signed an ancient scroll.

With this being done we left the portal and within minutes we all rejoiced. They were gone..they were defeated not by one, or two but by Ireem as a whole, putting aside race and creed and saving the land we so dearly love.

Will they be back? I don't know for sure. The door to the portal was sealed shut again but there is nothing to say that one day , perhaps in the far distant future, the portal will once again open and then I can only hope those still alive will remember the past and how Ireem was saved by all.

~ written by Dez The Yipper

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