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Article by: Ragnar Niekerk
Picture by: the Flying Spaghetti Monsta'

Most of you are probably aware that the priests have suffered loss of reputation and troubles since a band of priests from other lands has descended upon Ireem.

I felt, in the beginning, that since they were here, and wore the cloth, and spoke of piety, that I could advise them in the right way and ensure their actions in our lands brought balance and honor to the Gods. I am sorry to report that they have taken many actions against my advice and without my approval... and even against their own clan rules.

The current leader of this Shadow Priest clan, Gavin (phantomg), has failed to lead his people in any way that I could approve. The Shadow Priests swore a solemn oath to protect ALL priests and priestesses from any harm with their swords, but they have, instead, harmed other priests with their underhanded and sneaky methods. I have continued reports of their refusal to aid priests who are being attacked, as well as numerous reports of dishonorable acts around Ireem with other races.

They are young and rash, and maybe in time they'll find another way, but so far they have only brought shame to the neutral priests, who have worked hard to bring dignity to our temple, and aid to all who require it. We cannot lose our relationship with the many races around Ireem, simply because these young and violent priests cannot control themselves.

I brought a case against Gavin and a few of his followers in particular to the Priest Council, and asked for a vote. The group majority voted to excommunicate Gavin and Lissandra. We take no responsibility for their actions, and offer them no support, as we do not trust they will work for the good of all of Ireem.

As our Priest Council has no control over these combatant priests, I decided to stop diplomatic discussions with other raceleaders about our crystals. Shadow Priests control these raids alone now... it makes no sense to convince other leaders to honor our race and donate crystals to our headquarter.

We ask, therefore, that you continue in your friendship with the rest of us, the Neutral Priests, and realize that any bad actions from these Shadow Priest followers of Gavin are not sanctioned by me. We wash our hands of them entirely, while opening our doors to any priests in his following who wish to find a better way and join the Priest Council in our pursuit of peace and balance.

Thank you all for your patience and for all the past support you have given to us, as well as your willingness to accept our assistance, which has been offered with the best intentions.

We look forward to reestablishing trust in our relationships with the people of Ireem in all the races. If you would like to arrange a Neutral priest delegate to help you in your worship and sacrifices for your Gods, please let either me or Folie Luckstone know, so we can arrange (with your approval of our candidate) the best person for the duties.

In the love and worship of all our Gods and Goddesses,

Ragnar Niekerk
Priest Leader
Neutral Clan Leader

Folie Luckstone
Priest Co-Leader


Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Chronicles. 

Written by Ragnar Niekerk
Edited by the Flying Spaghetti Monsta' in the absence of the two editors.

A notice from the Priest Council to the peoples and creatures of Ireem and its environs:

The priests are dedicated to promoting balance in these lands. Towards that end goal, we are instituting several plans, which may affect you to one degree or another.

First, we devote ourselves to balance. For without balance, chaos and violence will reign. As priests, we also understand the vital necessity of pleasing all the Gods. If one God feels his/her people are suffering unduly, will (S)He not rain down upon us all manner of horrors in his/her wrath? Of course (S)He will. It's only natural.

It is our duty, therefore, as priests dedicated to pleasing all the Gods and Goddesses, to ensure that no group suffers in want while another has more than they can use. Therefore, we are devoting our more fanatical members to the task of ensuring no one race accumulates more than they need, while other groups starve or otherwise suffer.

To be very safe, if you are informed that your group holds more crystals than it should, turn the excess over to the priests immediately for redistribution. That is the wisest course of action. If you fail to take these important steps, and you see a shadow priest approach with determination in his gaze, the safest answer would be to escort him to your stores and offering him the excess without need of drawn swords. If you fail to do so, do not be surprised if you shall feel the might of his holy steel.

Of course, remember that shadow priests are members of the priesthood. They shall not rape, plunder, or murder (unnecessarily), but will do what they must for the good of us all, though it pains them to have to kill any human or other being. If you see them in a social setting, or shopping in the market, or in any other benevolent endeavor, treat them with the respect and kindness all priests deserve.

The second announcement regards another plan to ensure safety for us all. We are sending delegates to every race in the land, to act as emissaries, to assist in rituals, prayers, ceremonies, and all appeasement of the Gods and Goddesses, and to offer solace and comfort to the members of all races who may need it from time to time. Remember that our goal is balance and neutrality, so they will be utilized in times of violence, or when violence may occur due to imbalances. An emissary shall never, ever carry a weapon to take against your race, if he (or she?) is assigned to you.

These counselors are to be trusted and treated as friends. Do not rape or seduce them - they have important work to do. Keep in mind that they have the ear of the Gods and Goddesses. If you wish your God or Goddess to be kind to you, you will be kind to their representative on land. In other words, do not kill them unless you wish your entire race to be afflicted by pestilence, and try to be welcoming, if you can manage it.

For any questions, complaints, please contact Ragnar Niekerk, the founder of Neutral Priest Clan and Priest Council.


Any views or opinions presented in this letter are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Chronicles. 

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