NEWS: Mysterious Plague

It seems a mysterious ship as crashed along the shore. The passengers mysteriously died of something. Wreckage it's self reaked of rotting flesh! Only live things seen "escape" were a nasty little hoard of rats. Yes, that is right Ireem! This is another plague warning!

  Please look out for the following plague symptoms:

- A nasty cough with bright green mucus.

- The urge to cough on others.

- Urge to run around nude.

- Fierce muscle cramps.

- Increased hunger for wine, drugs... and sex

- Gangrene... just watch your toes, fingers, lips and tip of the nose... they could rot and fall off, hopefully not while having sex.

- Sudden cold sensations throughout your body.

- General ill feeling, like you toss two days worth of food.

- And lastly.... well you might drop to the ground and start to spazz!

- And lastly death.

  Do your part Ireem! Seek out a friendly Alchemist for a reasonably priced It will last you 30 days once taken.  I will personal do my part by offering antidote for 5g... heh, if you can find me and if my supplies hold out.

Written by Sayuri.... who also adds: for the love of cheese stop calling her Liang!

Hi Citizens!

Want to have someone new in the game? Think it might be fun to have some new blood running a business here? Someone who likes to shake things up a bit?

If so..then VOTE for me , Dianna Davies (aka Dez Al Sharifa) for the owner of the Blue Lagoon Cafe.

I'd love to be able to run the cafe, get some events going to get some more traffic on both KOS and KOS2. Would be great seeing folks wandering around over by the cafe enjoying the entertainment and getting to know each other a little better.

My slave boy will be serving and he does have just the cutest butt *laughing*.

Thanks for your support!

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