It was brought to my attention that the slave girl Friskie Quintessa had to tell a story about what cruelty is possible in our beloved kingdom. Of course I went talking to her, but did not get any reasonable response at all. Friskie just stared at me frightened and repeated over and over " I won't tell, I won't tell.....", until I finally gave up and left her, so she could calm down.

Only one day later I found an anonymous letter in my office box saying " The slavegirl is not allowed to speak ! She was raped, forced to carry the baby and gagged, so she couldn't complain or tell anyone ! Where is the justice in our kingdom ?!?! Anonymous"

Reading this I suddenly remembered that I saw friskie by myself, gagged and pregnant, stumbling around the city. I ran back to the point I met her before and found friskie sitting in the sand moving her chest back and forth, while humming under her breath " Little baby girl, my little baby girl...don't cry......mommy will find you !"

Before I could talk a word with her, her Master approached //*editorial note : better do not tell his name in here, otherwise the Chronicles will not have an editor for much longer !! *// and summoned friskie over to him. She absently smiled at him and kneeled down at his feet, mumbling " What can your girl do for you today, Master ?".

Her Master put her on the leash and dragged her to his camp while he laughed "The same like everyday of course ! You will please me ! And this time, you better put some effort in, otherwise you will get punished worse then ever !"

Shocked by what I just witnessed, I was unable to do something and only could stare after them. Putting all pieces of the puzzle together, I finally got an idea of what had happened, so I decided to better walk back into my safe office. Dear reader, I ask you know:

  • Where is our justice ? Don't slaves have any rights at all ?
  • Should a mother be able to keep her baby, even when being a slave ?
  • Where is the little baby now ? Is she still alive ?
  • How long will the current editor of the Chronicles run this paper after publishing this story ?

Questions, to which we probably will not get an answer ....

Another successful day is over and we have some more winners to announce ! Day two started with the big "Who can catch the most prey" event. After everyone got instructed we send out the prey first and they spread all over Ireem. A minute later the preds got their go and started chasing them, and dear reader if you were not there, you really missed something !! You saw people running all over the desert, it was a hilarious sight ! The prey made it really hard for the chasers to get them but after 45 minutes, we finally found our winner. The undead Steven Wray managed to get the most prey and we still are pretty sure his wild dance, he performed while chasing them is one of the main reasons he got so many of them ! Its still unsolved if they were scared or standing still simply because they had to laugh so hard ! Anyway, congrats to our super chaser Steven Wray ! Well done !! He recieved 500 dinar he now can invest into whatever he likes.

The winner was announced at the grand ball, the second part of this day's games. Many people came to follow that, but even more came as we started the beauty contest. Eight participants fought for the title "Miss and Mister Ireem " and I am telling the truth when I say, they all did their best and even more ! After introducing themselves and stating why they should be the winner of the title, everyone had to answer some short questions, more or less difficult. They all managed pretty well and we could go on with the next round of the contest. This round for sure was not easy as the participants had to act completely against their normal nature. Everyone got a special role he or she had to fill out, passing an...let us call it... unusual situation.*grins* Some awesome theatre pieces were to be seen, but let us show you the, in my opinion outstanding roleplay of the evening:

Dinky Wingtips: Phoenixx, you are a female slave, cursed by a spell you look like a guy ! Your Master will try to get rid of you as soon as he sees you, so you search help from Menolly ! Menolly, you are a MALE slaver, secretly attracted by men ! You see Phoenixx, your only wish is to enslave him, you cannot concentrate on his problem at all, because you are already drooling only by looking at his hot body !! Who will get what he wants ? Lets see !
Menolly Gothly: im so going to get you for that one

Phoenixx Karu: omg Mr. Menolly sir I need your help!!!!!

Menolly Gothly flex's his muscular pecs and stares that the male slave "What do you want ...boy.."

Phoenixx Karu growls a bit then snaps out of it "I heard you are in touch with a Magi of great power that can cancel curses and such"

Menolly Gothly grabs his crotch scratching it a bit and clears his throat "What kind of curse?" he asks as he steps closer with a gleam in his eye

Phoenixx Karu steps back a little startled "well its not proper to discuss such things thats why I wanted to know if you did know this Magi of great power they all speak of" "she" twirls her fingers in her lustrous grey hair " please tell me you do"

Menolly Gothly steps closer with a smirk on his face "Well such things demands favors lil boy" he says unbuttoning his button to his trousers "Are you prepaired to pay that price?"

Phoenixx Karu: If I can meet and speak with this magi first ..because I wouldn't want you infected with what I have.. i want no one infected as I am this is why I must see the magi and get a cure before I can give you that "favor" you are looking for

Menolly Gothly grabs the slave by the shoulders and starts to force him to his knees "A curse is not contagious, now get to work lil one, we have no time to waste" he commands as he looks around not wanting anyone else to see "and I swear if you tell a soul I will rip your heart out and feed it to the undeads"

Phoenixx Karu slips from the slavers grasp and runs around "Sir it is a deadly curse from the undead and it will hurt any my body touches!"

Menolly Gothly laughs heartily "Ive just touched you and no curse. Simply put either you do as your told or you will not get my help" grabs the boy by the hair as he runs by and stops him "So what will it be, I dont have time for games"

Phoenixx Karu feel the strength in "her" arms in a mans body realizing the powerful gift given to him and tears away leaving a handful of hair in the slavers hands realzing the powerful gift within "him" now..and says then fine ..walks up to the slaver picks his belt for his dagger and slits his own throat ( life isn't worth living as a female in a mans body)

Menolly Gothly pokes the dead man with his foot and says "Damn..gotta go catch another one now"

Yes dear reader, this spectacle and two more you missed, if you were not at the grand ball ! After all "actors" were done, the audience started to vote for their favorite male and female and the winners are : Menolly Gothly as Miss Ireem 2010 and Am Demina as Mister Ireem 2010! Congrats to both !! They recieved a giftcard from a famous store and will soon be portrayed in the paper, including a little interview ! So you will have the chance to get to know them better !!

After this contest, everyone enjoyed the dancing and chatting with each other at the grand ball.
We proudly can say, the games were a success, but I will not forget to mention all our great helpers we had! Thank you dear Kora for providing us with the perfect music at the grand ball and for feeding all fighters during the championship / last man standing! Thank you dear Sage for creating special signs for the prey chase, so all participants were clearly visible as such ! Thank you my beloved Tim for beeing at my side all the time, taking over in moments of weekness and confusion ! Thank you all participants that showed up and all the new participants, that jumped in for missing people !! Thank you to the audience for cheering for the players ! Without you all, these games wouldn't have been possible !!!

The Ruby Order

Lately I have fielded many questions centered on The Ruby Order and its leader Cael Ishtari. I have been asked by many people including some of my own Magi clan members about him. This being the case I decided to try to piece together what I could.

First the publicly stated goal of The Order is to unite all supernatural beings, excluding the Forsaken. Now while I freely admit that I personally harbor no love for that particular group of undead, It seems strange to hear someone speak of unity when his very goal is divisive.

One of my own mages came to me after being approached by this man Cael. She spoke to me at length about what he said while trying to recruit her. Here are a few pertinent points.

1. When asked about the structure of the order. *Note* he uses the word chapter to describe races, Djinn, Magi etc.
Cael Ishtari: Elders of chapters will only be given power over their chapters. For inter-chapter disputes, I will resolve them personally.

2. When speaking about The Orders Elders.
Cael Ishtari: I believe voting is a good method for selecting Chapter Elders.
Cael Ishtari: Althought it might just become a popularity contest. So for now, we will operate with the assumption that Elders will be hand-picked.
Cael Ishtari: I will choose the Elders as needed by the formation of the Chapters.

The obvious questions that come to my mind are:
1. Who is this new Magi.
2. Why does he think clan leaders will turn over power to him?
3. What sort of clan leader would place a man so new to Ireem that he still needs a map to navigate the city in charge of their inter-race relations?

Many of you have heard rumors of Djinn joining with The Order. Indeed many have said Indigo the former Djinn leader has thrown in her lot with him. We here at the Chronicles recently received a letter written by The Ifriti Djinn that should lay that rumor to rest.

This Is an announcement to all people of Ireem

The Ifriti Djinn hereby state that they are proud to be Djinn, that they follow the ways of the realm and that, as Djinn they consider the whole Djinn race as an independent force.

We consider the Blue Ghul, Indigo Mehendi, leader of the largest clan, to be the leading Elder of the Djinn race. Her counsel is wise and her goal has always been to keep ALL Djinn independent, as the Ifrit consider they should be. Only Indigo may speak for Ifrit in their absence.

No other clan, race or individual speaks for the Ifriti, except Ifriti.

We hereby denounce any other who profess to speak for Ifrit in their absence. We denounce those who seek to divide the Djinn under the pretence of peace.

We speak to the whole of Ireem in asking that they consider carefully the word of false ambassadors and fake elders. Impostors who DO NOT have the license to represent the interests of Djinn, in this realm.

Here speaks the Ifriti

Flame of the Void, Ifriti clan leader

Today marked the kick off of the Ireem Chronicles Holiday Games! First Dinky and I would like to thank everyone that participated today for hanging in there with us. Some of the scheduled fighters failed to show up at the arena, and the schedule had to be changed around. Now as to those that didn’t show up. I wouldn’t want to say they were scared, or imply they were cowards or anything like that. However when you next see thtoneguy Lionheart, Phoenixx Karu, Richard Braveheart or Damien Sack you may want to check for a yellow streak.

The Sultana’s Tournament

The action was fast paced and all of the fighters left every thing they had in the arena, including some clothes…..Thank you Sage and Brittainy for that. Here is the full list of results for the tournament:

Round One: Jordina McGinnis def. Quint Spirt, Sage Rosenfeld def. tyr three beards,Pawel Ziplon def. Zoya Zhukovsky, Brittainy Collins def. Daffodil Crimson Masterj Swashbuckler def. Aizen Wind and Lawrence Brun def. BigPapa Yifu.

Round Two: Pawel Ziplon def. Jordina McGinnis, Sage Rosenfeld def. Brittainy Collins,Masterj Swashbuckler def. Lawrence Brun by forfeit.

Round Three: Sage Rosenfeld def. Masterj Swashbuckler. Pawel Ziplon advances by chance.

Championship: Sage Rosenfeld defeats Pawel Ziplon in a very close match. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Sage fought naked throughout the tournament. One can hardly blame her opponents for being distracted by the nude woman running and bouncing around the arena.

Last Man Standing Match

Participants: Jordi, Britt, Daffodil, Pawel, Tyr, Masterj, Aizen and Myrna.
This was a strange battle if ever I have seen one. Upon seeing Sage win while fighting nude, It seems the idea was contagious. As this battle saw most competitors fighting in the buff. In the end Myrna Baxton (fully clothed) won a somewhat controversial out come that saw several people complaining, but when is there ever not people complaining?

Thus ended the first day of the games. If you weren’t here you missed much. I am not sure I could adequately describe the sight of sage standing completely nude in front of our Sultana to receive her prize, Nor the sight of so many naked bodies fighting to the bitter end. Be sure you do not miss all of the fun tomorrow!

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