The Chronciles can exclusively reveal that there were two severe fires that broke out in the Slavers’ Camp and the Seawitch last week.

Despite the best efforts of the slavers trying to suppress the news, our reporter can report that both the slavers camp and the Seawitch were damage by a mysterious fire. The cause of the fires are unknown at the moment. Those slavers who did speak to the Chronicles were either too drunk to tell there was actually a fire, or simply refused to discuss in depth as to how and why the fire came about.

Initial suspicions are either some drunken slavers knocked down their rum on the fire, or it was a pre-planned attack by the Bedouins, who have been constantly at war against the slavers recently. Though the Zafirah clan has been officially ruled out from the suspects, since they are working with the slavers for the slave trade.

The Chronicles will be keeping a close eyes on this news and will be reporting any follow-up to this news item.

The Chronicles can reveals that a deal has been reached between the leaders of Nadji Bedouins and Djinn

According to the insiders who spoke to the Chronicles, the leader of of Nadji Bedouins had reaches out to the Djinn leaders after several nights of heavy defeat in the hands of the Djinn fighters. Despite the huge numerical advantage and hiring rogue knights and magi to fight on their side, last week seen some of the most humiliate defeats for the Bedouins. Both Emir of the Nadji clan were captured by a single Djinn fighter while the Zafirah clan were chased out for the desert for a few nights and deserted the prince of their clan, who ended up losing both of his eyes.

Seeing there is no sign of the tide turning, and also an increasing unrest within the Bedouin clan for so recklessly starting the war, the Nadji leader was forced to reach out to the Djinn for peace. After some hard negotiation, it is understand that the Nadji clan accepts unconditionally a set of terms lay out by the Djinn, including one which see the Nadji leader being bound to a camel for life. Whether this mean we will be seeing a wedding between the Nadji leader and the said camel is waiting to be seen.

However, the Chronicles is also understood that not everyone in the Bedouins agreed to the peace settlement. Several eye witnesses around the city told us that small scatter of fighting are still going on. Ehson, the rapist who had triggered the hostility between the two races, was seen continued his ambush on several Djinn in the city. “It was dirty and wrong.” An elderly eye witness told us, “That horrid man was hiding in the camel dirts near the city, and as soon as a djinn walked in, he jumped out and ambush the djinn, without saying a word or gives the djinn a chance to draw her weapon. At the end the djinn was lay on the floor unconscious by this horrid attack.”

“It wasn’t just Ehson,” a middle aged man describes a chaotic scene happened earlier today, “I saw Eve, Ponzio and Miriam were cornering isolated djinn in the city today, blatantly ignore the peace treaty between the clans.”

Some commentators and insiders are suspecting that the peace treaty could be just a ploy by the Nadji leadership. Certainly, most of the fighters of the Bedouins, also including the returned Leader of Zafirah who was on a hiding for a few days after the initial defeat, seemingly continue the fighting, albeit in more discrete manner. Perhaps this is the turning point of this war which we are seeing the Bedouins taking a more guerrilla tactics against Djinn and other innocent citizens who get caught in the cross fire.

The Chronicles understand that the Bedouins have declared war against the Djinn last night amidst a flurry of incidents

According to an insider’s report, the Leaders of the Najdi, Zafirah and Ben Kouraish met up and issued a decree to their people, asking them to be armed for war against the Djinn. Speaking anonymously to the Chronicles’s undercover reporter, our sources told us that the Leaders of the said clans have been trying to rally all the Bedouins in joining the war and try to use their numerical advantage to end this conflict early.

The cause of the war is unclear. Our source told us that the bad blood was started when the well known sexual predator Ehson of the Nadji clan found, stalked, and brutally attacked an innocent Djinn girl in the city. When confronted by the Djinn's family with his crime, others from his and aligned clans came to his aid. “It was well known that some of the Bedouins, especially those in the Zafirah, have an issue with the non-human races,” our source revealed, “and it came to no surprise, too, that the Emir of the Nadji did such thing, either. He had a terrible reputation within the clan, but lives happily and safely under the protection of the leaders because of his fighting ability. Secretly, most Bedouins fear for their safety whenever he came to their tent.”

When the Chronicles reached out and spoke to a few others in the city, they shared the same sentiment. “The Zafirah have been going about and capturing slaves around the city, acting on behalf of the Slavers living on the other side. The slave trade is very profitable, and the money earned from that is being used to provide the luxurious living of the leaders, as well as to satisfy the wanton lifestyle of some.”

The turning point of the relationship between the warring Bedouin alliance and the Djinn can be traced back to an incident happening a few nights ago when Flea, the popular owner of the City’s carpet store, was attacked by Miriam and Momo. The two publicly threatened to “Cut out her lungs and hang them to dry in the desert”. The resulting fight was that Flea was blinded with her own fangs after they were ripped from her mouth in the savage attack. Despite the best efforts from the famed healer Anna, at the time of press Flea was still suffering from the injuries and in critical condition. Understandably, Indigo of the Djinn had warned her fellow Djinn to be cautious, and beware of any indiscriminate attack from the Bedouins.

Speaking to some other Bedouins, however, the Chronicles understand that not everyone is agreeing to this war. “This is really the issues of a few blood thirsty and warmongering leaders,” a young Bedouin man told us, “they want to use this opportunity to establish their reputation and satisfy their blood lust.”

“Really, this is all about money,” an elderly lady said, who agreed to speak to us while remaining anonymous, “When war happens, things like food and medical aid are in short supply. The Nadji own the bakery store in Ireem and look what happened? The moment they declared war, the prices of bread shot up three times of the normal. No wonder the leaders of the Nadji are amongst the richest in the whole of Ireem. “

“We will not join this unjust war, no way,” a couple of Beduoin sisters snide when the Chronicles spoke to them about this war, “We do not condone the rape of the Djinn girl by Ehson, nor the senseless and brutal attack of OneFlea. So this war has nothing to do with us."

Another Beduoin baker agreed with their sentiment,"We all knew Miri has a vendetta against the whole of the Djinn based on the actions of one. We can not justify warring against the Djinn just because of the selfish desire of a clan leader who once sold her clan for a few coins and bows lesson."

The Chronicles will be keeping a close eye on this conflict, which no doubt will be bringing a lot of agony to the citizens of Ireem, and indeed to those peace loving Bedouins who, unfortunately, got caught between the conflicts started by a few with benefits to even less. We urged everyone to exercise extreme cautions when traveling in and around the city, and avoid being alone in the likely battle places.

Chronicles can report an serious allegation being made again a member of the Knight, of whom we cannot name due to an gag order being put in place a few days ago before the allegation

A few members of the Chronicles were approached by two women in the early hours of the morning, under the thick cloak of darkness that blankets the city when the moon is making it's way from the sky. Both were dark skinned, one with ruby-colored hair and the other with tresses like midnight itself. Even in the soft lamp-light of the burning oil and candles, the workers saw the tear-stained cheeks of one, and immediately welcomed them both in. A familiar face kept close to the woman, with arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders as she urged the beautiful but distraught lady to explain why they had sought the Chronicles office.

"I was arrested in the Palace. While admiring a painting on an easel, someone said I was trespassing. A member of the Palace Court was even my defense at the trial. I was found guilty. I paid my fines and my dues. Justice was served in the eyes of those who hand it out, and I was ready to move past the small mistake and continue about my usual business..."

The dark haired woman began to tremble, and her friend took the wine glass that had been offered to sooth her nerves before she could spill it all over her pale silks. The staff watched as the her eyes glossed with the threat of fresh tears, one quickly moving the tip of her quill over the parchment as she penned everything the woman had to tell her.

"A knight lead me deep below the city, saying I had a few more scrolls to sign before I could be released." The woman choked back a sob as her eyes stared off into the night outside the office door. "He bound me to a crucifix..he ripped my clothes off..under the iron cuffs I was helpless.."

The feisty red-head took the woman who broke out in a heart-wrenching, body-racking torrent of weeping in against her chest, eyes cold and sharp like daggers, as a rough painting of the knight in question was pulled from her bag. With the fire of Zin Ra spitting from her tongue, she told the worker with the quill while handing it over. "This fachist swine of a knight tortured and humiliated my friend, made a joke of the honorable code, and abused a child of Zin Ra. He will pay."

At the time of press, we were unable to reach the Annoymous Knight's Spokesperson to comment on the allegation. Further more, a gag order was put in place by the knight in the allegation, a few days prior to us receiving this report, which prevent us to either:

1) 1) Print the name of the knight in allegation

2) 2) Descript his likeness or nick name,

3) 3) Talk about the unique armour that he wears

4) 4) Print any painting or artist impression of his image

5) 5) Print any painting or artist impression of the alleged incident

However, while the Chronicles is NOT, in any way or form, able to gag any citizens to talk or speculate who the alleged knight is. We would NOT discourage anyone to go about and try to find out more about this incident and pass the word around, where the Chronicles are unable to.

The Chronicles is bringing you part one of the candidates's profile for the upcoming Ireem Doctor Election. All the statements are submitted by the candidates themselves and we urge the readers to read them thoroughly before you cast your vote. Part two of the profiles will be coming up in the next edition.

Yan (Yannena Homewood)

My Name Is Yannena Homewood ,and I have lived in the city of Ireem since my family sent me here to study at the magi tower and develop my healing talents.

My family has produced countless talented healers who have served the peoples in our clan and out laying areas of the region. With having been raised in a house hold of practitioners, I was tending wounded and assisting in births before I was a teenager. The wealth of our family allowed me to have access to many teachers and literature many otherwise would not and i made great use of them.

Eventually studying with a gifted surgeon and learning skills still shrouded in mystery. Upon arriving in Ireem my born magi gifts began manifesting. And thru the research at the tower and library I was able to develop a means of channelling the leyline energies flowing in the ground under the city as well as directing them thru myself to augment the healing skills I already possessed. The ancient energy flow blended extremely well to assists with healing.. using micro cellular energy to speed the healing and meshing or ripped tissues was amazing to see in reality. soon I was performing sensitive , delicate surgeries for the palace and others. combining my knowledge of plant lore.. Surgical and energy techniques gave me a strong asset to practising medicine. As well as training several others in field triage and initial response practices.

If elected to lead the medical staff in Ireem I would begin by assessing the existing resource pool of its active practitioners. then structuring a mentoring system . pairing up experienced healers with novices to gain them both teaching , and practical experiences.­ offering classes and materials for the basic ABC principles of first responder medics and then expanding as desired by others interests to include.. Herbology..diagnostics..holistic energy field treatments and rehabilitation from injuries.

Gentelle Bizet

There are several reasons for why i should be the new Doctor in Ireem.

To start with the beginning, i was born in Ireem and sent away to studdy medicine from the best doctors in the west. I have learnt everything from simple herbal cures to the most complicated surgeries and am happy to say i am somewhat an expert with the needle.

Beside the more conservative medicine i also was lucky to be able to learn the magical way of healing from some very good healers, magis, durids and shamans. They often have an convention at a magical place where i was invited to take place and become a novice and later full member.

This is why I see myself as the best candidate to become the Doctor of Ireem.




I wish to tell you a bit about about myself but I must start off a bit in muh younger years. As I grew up I attended to the every need of an English Princess; this also included her health as I was tutored by the royal Physician of the court until I was in the later years of muh teenage life. I was taught the basics that any intern would learn. Unfortunately muh education was cut short by the death of muh father in which I returned to muh childhood home in Ireland to raise muh two younger sisters. Life was quiet and I learned what I could but soon war broke out in the northern region and slowly progressed south from our neighbouring ally turned our enemy. Peace was a foreign word at that time and we had few physicians on the battlefield in which I lent a hand where I could and soon became accustomed to surgery in the field. After many years of this back and forth muh skill was becoming fine tuned and more aware of muh surroundings as supplies were limited. We finally won our freedom back and the enemy withdrew from the field; it had taken its toll on me as did muh people but I learned to make due with what I had and above all patience was a virtue as well as listening to muh patients and to put muh men in less pain as possible. I am always searching for new ways to remedy this; in which upon arriving in Ireem I have been studying and familiarizing muhself with herbal remedies for an alternative method to healing as one can never stop learning new things even when they think they have none left to learn there is always something new out there.

This is what I plan to do if I shall be voted in. As a Knight we often fall victim to blades and arrows and whatnot; I plan to give a discounted price for healing. Possibly if things go well I will extend this offer to every race cycling through them every week in order to gain favor for more business as I will also advertise this all over the city. When and if business picks up I should advertise for interns, nurses and assistants; things of that nature. If you all should grant me this opportunity I will try muh very best to make this business thrive... so to speak as I do not like to see others in pain and agony. But thank you for listening to me babble on and please do consider me for this position.


Lady Eva Crimson

Knight Novice & Physician

Caya (Caraya

My candidacy for the job as Ireem's Doctor

I am a young and... living.. mother of Ireem. I am married and have a teenage daughter with Ash Doomsayer. I am stubborn and nosy, I don't give up in the face of a serious injury. I want know what happens inside the (human) body, try to understand how it works and use that knowledge to cure either the small and the big injuries in this city.

Why I became a Physician? *laughs* Easy... When I came to Ireem I was nothing more than a young an naive girl. I met a … crazy... djinn and fell in love with her. And she? She killed me in her thirst for blood. *points at some old wounds on her chest and back* Here she ripped my chest and break my bones. If I would have found help immediately, or else, if i had found a serious doctor immediately, they could have rescued me. But I died and not before the next morning the djinn saw what she did and needed to resurrect me. Believe me, I have more scars on my body than this beautiful body should have *chuckles and winks, knowing she is boasting* Anyway...I was frustrated because of the lack of interest by the Physicians. I learned how to cure small injuries and diseases when I got my baby. The big and serious injuries I learned to treat because of my husband. You can't imagine how often he came home with nothing more than some bloody scraps of clothes on his body.. And the matching wounds of course...

This city is .. sadly .. sinking in corruption and violence .. It would be awful to see such an important business as the Physician getting corrupted. Think about a mad man that wants to have this job just to make his opponents suffer because they won't get help if needed! That is current trying to infiltrate every race and business to weaken our Sultana! And think about the small criminal that would die because of a sepsis after he or she got flinders from breaking a till! Would you go to a Physician Knight to get a small plaster if you would get thrown to jail instead?? That would happen when the knights get lazy and “catch” the weakened!!!

Apropos knights! They have to suffer enough with the new leadership. Shall they suffer more because the Physicians of all races refuse to help them because they experience that the election was manipulated?

What about the candidates that already have more than one business in this city with their partners and trying to own everything? Shall they run everything like they want? *mumbles* "I don't think that someone should get elected who's current business is bloody fights"

I am neutral to all races! I won't send someone away just because he or she attacked a friend of mine sometime ago ((allusion to the bedus)). My job is to heal everyone who needs help, and not to stop with my help at the gates.

I don't want this job because of the money, like another candidate who publicly declare money is her reason for the job! The money would get used to keep the business running and buying enough medical supplies, not to get myself a rich ass! We have enough of THAT business owners in Ireem already *grumbles and shakes her head disgusted*

I know that I am not liked by everyone, and that many people fear me because of my husband, but I REALLY think I am the merest malady of all candidates. I don't think of myself that I know EVERYTHING and behave like that. I know that a good Physician stays polite and honest and learns his or her entire life.

If I get elected, I would be able to promise that the Physician stays a neutral business.. With help for everyone independent from their race, their friends, their ethics or their money!!

Anna (Annabella Shieldmaiden)

I am writing this to you to let you know of my intense desire to run the Physician's office. I have always been a healer, since I first came to this lovely city of Ireem. I believe my caring for others and my extensive knowledge of magical and non-magical healing techniques make me a good candidate for the position.

I first came to Ireem to find my sister, Nena, who had been brought here against her will. I discovered my healing powers while healing her from her injuries as a slave, which included bruises, whipping marks, and various scars all over her body. I fell in love with Ireem and enjoyed healing the citizens so much, I decided to stay here and meditate to improve my healing skills in the Realms only occasionally.

Being Jinn, I have an affinity for humans, my caring strengthens my healing powers, many have experienced the white healing light I summon when someone is in need of healing. I have healed many inhabitants here in Ireem. For example, I have bandaged many wounds from fights such as the time I healed Donatella when she was attacked by a slaver. I cured Juliet of a nasty headache from her hangover and my sister, Bella, from a nasty rat bite when it became infected. I have magically healed Flea many times from injuries as well as others she may have inadvertently attacked. I have even performed total transformations of their bodies such as Mebo and Gaia to bring their inner beauty outwards.

As more learned of my healing skills, I have been personally sought out and asked to perform my healing powers. Artemis was going mad, acting crazy for many days and I was able to heal her mind and grant her a wish to say farewell to her dead mother. My dear friend Jayde begged me to remove the whipping scars and brand mark on her body when she was enslaved by Am and she wasn't the only slave I healed. I recently healed my sister, Nena, when she was slashed in the throat by well as be summoned personally to help Noirah to ease the crushing pain from a headache and slowly regain her memory from a nasty fall.

I believe I would be able to guide the newer physicians since my patient and caring attitude would be helpful to their training. I have always displayed leadership qualities when a crisis occurs and I could use those skills to help improve the doctor's office and lead the physicians when needed, perhaps even arranging tutorials to hone their skills.

Annabella, healer and Djinn

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