Good citizens of Ireem, I have the pleasure today of bringing you news of monumental import! Rarely does a story cross our desk that has the potential to effect so many.

*Editors Note: If someone would be so kind as to go to the Bedouin camp and read the story to them, I am sure they would be grateful.

This story begins last week. Damien Sack, the foul undead with large wings, attacked and captured the Knight Milua Schor. We all know Damien and the pleasure he takes in torturing innocent people so what follows should surprise no one. In his usual cruel manner he satisfied his blood lust. Slicing open Milly’s stomach he offered her innocent blood to Hora Ma. After that he tried to force Milly to drink his tainted blood as his undead minions watched and laughed. To complete his little ritual he drub Milly to an open fire and forced her face into the flames, Only the help of the city’s most skilled healers saved her life.

This dear readers is where the story takes a new turn. When she finally emerged from the hospital Milly had changed. Her anger for the Undead and those that torture innocent people had defined and focused her. She vowed that the Undead would finally be made to suffer the same treatment they so regularly dish out to others. Milly submitted her plans to our beloved Sultana for approval. It Is my great pleasure to report to you that The Sultana has given Milly her full support!

Her royal approval in hand Milly set out to begin setting things right. The first undead to feel this new justice was Loona (Gatha Loon). My wife and I just happened to be passing by the dungeon when the most awful scream reached our ears. With some difficulty I managed to convince Dinky that we should put off our trip to the bath house and see what was going on down there. Pouting as always Dinky followed me into the dungeon.

What we saw in that cold place will be forever etched into my memory. Milly stood guard, but allowed us to observe so that we might report to the city. Loona was bound to some sort of device in one of the cells. In the cell with her was Richard Braveheart. The things we witnessed are almost beyond description. I will just say that Dinky begged me to take her out of the dungeon when Richard began to slowly pull out Loona’s intestines.

It is clear that a new day has dawned in our beloved kingdom. No longer will the Knights stand by and let the foul undead have free reign. I for one say it is about time. The good people of this city have been forced to live in fear for far too long.

As always we here at The Chronicles try to bring you all sides of a story. That being the case I spoke to the Undead Una Flux who is well known to be Damien’s consort. I asked her what she thought of the new direction of the Knights. I will leave you with her comment….

Una Flux: about time someone has some balls in the knight's camp, too bad they aren't creative enough to think of their own tortures.. but is flattering really I suppose.. to be copied and then blamed for all the troubles in Ireem...

The Sultana held an audience on Saturday which I nearly missed as I somehow fell asleep after tasting just a little bit of the newest slavers rum. Strangely I cannot remember all the details anymore, but when I asked my Master Tim to write the story, he refused and only grumbled "That’s what you get for being drunk!"
I hereby declare I was for sure not drunk !! - just sick - probably the rum wasn’t good anymore and I was suffering from that. Anyway, here is what I remember:

First Miss Teren Aridian was introduced, her whole appearance shiny and shimmery as she impressed our highness with her words. Explaining her „I had only wished to meet you and know whom I have to thank for such a lovely city in the sand." , the Sultana was more then pleased and thanked her for her kind words.

Next was the new knights captain Milua „Milly“ Schor and our highness complimented her on her promotion. As we all know, Miss Milly is changing the knightshood very successfully lately and rumors tell, she is doing that with the Sultana‘s approval. We will report about it more detailed as soon as we have the official statement from the Palace in that case.

The Palace secretary Lady Mirna Muggins introduced Miss Iniko Mofanui, a beautiful new dancer. She offered the Sultana her services as dancer and thanked her for the opportunity to meet her and the Sultana stated smiling „Tomorrow I want to see you dance !“ offered her some money and gave her an advice „Just a suggestion Iniko: don't take tips from the men ! They always want something in change !“ as everyone laughed.

The offering of money brought a new slaver named Obi (Negro Nayar) on the scene, who bluntly asked for some money aswell, telling a story about being so depressed and poor as he is new in the city. The Sultana’s soft heart could not refuse his begging as she advised Lady Mirna to give the man some money after the audience. Rumors tell he was seen in the House of Pleasure right after he left the Palace ! Tzzz Tzzz…

Last but not least, Sir Urso Kronsage stepped forward and requested „I'm not one ussually one to make requests, things have been strange for me since my return. I ask humbly if you will give me the honor of working in your presence as a palace guard. The only thing I would ask is that I retain my status as a knight. I would like to be a emissary for the Order, give that I speak to Lonesome first.“ The Sultana nodded smiling and welcomed him as her new Palace knight.

The Audience was over by this time and I had to hurry outside the Palace as I started to feel really sick. All I can say is, it was an interesting, colorful, shimmery event and everything was so much bigger and brighter then usual ! And funnier, though I do not remember why anymore. I just wonder why my master doesnt share my excitement about this event and tells me over and over what shame I brought over him….

People of Ireem!

I personally think Sage is the champion of Ireem long enough now and it is time to have a new one ! So we want to have a tournament on Saturday, May 29th 2010 at 2 PM SLT.

When you want to fight for the title on that tournament and kick Sage from the throne, send me a message until May 27th !!

Lets see if she can defend her title !

Thank you all and I hope a lot people will fight on it and we will have a lot of fun!

Jordina McGinnis, Chief of the City Arena

Dear Ireemians !

Her Highness, Sultana Zanlu Heron, the Sun of Ireem, will be holding an Audience on Saturday, May 15 at 1 pm SLT.

It has been a long time since Sultana has held an audience, and there are many newcomers to Ireem as well as long-time citizens, and it is Her pleasure to meet with them.
You may ask a boon of Her Highness, or be pleased to be introduced to Her.

Please write to the Royal Secretary, Mirna Muggins, to attend this unique opportunity to meet with Her Highness.

By Order of Her Highness
Elysa Swansong, Royal Scribe

Chronicles Staff: What turns you on?
Jordina McGinnis: ooo the right man , on the right time , and on the right place

Chronicles Staff: What turns you off?
Jordina McGinnis: stupid guys with no ideas

Chronicles Staff: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
Jordina McGinnis: Azrael our guard but he is too damn stupid to see who is who so I think he isn´t the right one.

Chronicles Staff:. Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
Jordina McGinnis: Azrael coz he called me Damien pfft

Chronicles Staff: Tell us something embarrasing about yourself.
Jordina McGinnis: hey how it could happen?? * smiles like an evil

Lonesome Charisma, Commander of The Order of the Code Knights, would like to announce the promotion of a very loyal and brave knight, Milua "Milly" Schor to Captain.

Milly has earned this role with her continuous hard work in patrolling and defending the good people of Ireem day after day, no matter how many stand against her! She will hold this role alongside Lillie to ensure there is always someone to guide and assistance the brave knights, their allies, and the fine citizens of this grand city!


If you possess honor, nobility, bravery, respect, and feel the need for a higher calling that will make a difference, than being a Knight of the Code is your DESTINY! To join or for more information do not hesitate to contact us !

Lonesome Charisma, Knights Leader "Order of the code"

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