We here at The Chronicles have received several suggestions and requests for singles related events.
As always our staff strives to provide what our faithful readers want.

To that end The Chronicles will be forming a group for the single population of our fair city.
In this group you will have the opportunity to meet other citizens in search of love, companionship or just….. Well I think you know *grins*

The Chronicles will also be hosting singles events for those that wish to take part. In addition we will begin featuring the Bachelor and Bachelorete of the week here in our pages.

For more information on upcoming activities or to join the group please contact Tim Speiser or Dinky Wingtips.

Early this afternoon, while searching for a quiet corner to….discipline Dinky, I was approached by the well known Bedouin Master J. He had quite an interesting story to tell so I was forced to temporarily postpone Dinky’s punishment. Note to Ireem: Dinky will eventually be punished for her persistent bad behavior, not that it will help…

MJ explained to me that he had been approached by a slave girl. To my surprise he was actually able to name the specific girl, Momo Velaystar. The girl was frantic with fright and showed him a mysterious amulet. She had a strange encounter with the slaver jacksinchin Boa. After a strange conversation he gave her the amulet with a mysterious message.

The girl has a Bedouins natural distrust of slavers and decided to take the amulet to her clan leader. MJ took the amulet for safe keeping. He brought it to me in the hopes of gaining some knowledge of it. Sadly I have no knowledge of this artifact or any properties it may possess.

Therefore I pass on the search to you, good readers. The amulet in question is a skull with crossed daggers mounted on a shield. Anyone with information about the origin or properties of this amulet are asked to contact MasterJ. While he did not actually mention a reward we all know the bad man has money to spare…..just a thought.

Today we recieved this anonymous letter:

"We are the naked bandits and hold this place as ours ! We are the new Knights of Ireem ! Strip and you may stay ! So, if we are in charge, what is our first order of business?

  • Fill the dungeon wilth men
  • No more fines
  • The knights shall hand out charity to the poor?
  • Any fights the looser has to be stripped
  • We refuse to deal with bedu traitors who sleep with the knights
  • Knights are required to have sex and own at lease one slave
  • Have an orgy at least once a week on Tuesdays
  • If a prey calls for help you suddenly are busy and shout help yourself ~ you are after all a prey
  • We encourage bad behavior , very bad behavior

Naked bandits held the knights headquarter for over four hours before they finally left. Only one knight brave enough walked in and was subdued and tied to a chair. Krita still remained strong in the face of all the breasts facing him until his release.

This is sent in anonomysly as I don't wish these new bandits to seek revenge on me. I did a sketch at the time, but cannot recognize them as they were in disguise. "

Letter from Shev:

" I'd like to personally thank everyone that came out to participate to the Ireem Sisterhood ladies chasing the men event. It was a great turn out and even with the great sandstorms around, everyone perservered and made it a great success. In the first run, tied for first place was Freccia Arabello and Brittany Collins.

In the second run, first place was taken by Sage Rosenfeld and second place was Meri Shamen. It was wonderful to see so many running on the sands, there was a lot of laughter and absolutely no drama, which is why we all come here after all.

Sisterhood loves Ireem and its people and will plan another event for those who wish to enjoy with us.

Sheva Clairity, Sisterhood Leader."

Notice to All of Ireem !
The KoS Sisterhood has sat back so far to see how you all settle in the newly built City. The consensus has been not bad, but you can do better.
Next Saturday the women of the Sisterhood want to turn the tables on the men. We'd like to see how fast you can move those sexy muscular thighs while being chased through Ireem.
Are you man enough to face the throng of women that will want to run after you and bump into you?? We'd like to do this on Saturday, February 13, 2010. First at 6 am slt, then again at 3 pm slt. We will run for an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many participants there are.
There will be a prize for the women in each time frame that "capture" the most men. Thats incentive enough for most women.((OOC background Info: We will use Sage's meter for this event. It will record 4 bumps to the person then list them as captured, but you will not freeze, not have to be released, and will not be owned after the event. For the new people to KoS, the sisterhood held 3 sim wide events in old Ireem which were enjoyed and a good way to get to know others.))
Ladies if you are not already in the KoS Sisterhood, please contact me, shevaunn Clarity for an invite. Men, if you are concerned please feel free to contact me. Lets fill the sands and city for a few hours of running jumping people !!

Today I recieved an anonymous letter again, some very interesting drawings enclosed. The author of the letter seems to be concerned about what he or she witnessed. The question here is: are these concerns for a reason or did the slavers simply get a new delivery of Rum again and tested it a bit too much? Only the future will reveal the answer....
"Salaam dear Chronicles reporter,

I can't say how I feel, just for my safety I will not say my name here. I am an artist and make paintings, paintings from Ireem and its people. That is why I see a lot. But I am worried, things are not the same anymore. Last time when I painted the beauty of Ireem, I saw a group of people who suddenly where all over the place. They told me they are slavers, Pirat slavers, a clan, hmm not just a clan but a special one ! I saw a lot of people who said they are even. I just saw them everywhere. They must be one of the strongest clans in Ireem.
My worry is: they look like some simple slavers. But I am sure they are united, getting stronger everyday, trying to rule...I am sure they will try to rule Ireem...this is just the beginning.... as you can see in my drawings....

Anonymous, concerned citizen of Ireem "
Slavers in Palace:

Slavers in Magi tower:

Slavers in knights headquarter:

Slavers in catacombs:

Slavers in Bedu camp:

Dear reader, today I recieved an interesting letter, which made me think a lot. The thoughts of the well known slaver Wong are - from his point of view - indeed logical and comprehensible. But see for yourself:

"It was a quiet day in the slavers camp, too quiet, when Cowboy decided to go and try to steal jewels from the sultana, as he seems to be obsessed with them. Having nothing better to do, I decided to go with him, to protect him from harming himself by doing something stupid. After breaching the first perimiter of the Palace without being noticed, Cowboy rappeled down from the upper levels into private rooms of the Palace, while I used the fountain outside the balcony to jump higher and reach the same place.
We then found ourselves face to face with the Sultana - who was painting ! I am a slaver, and I am no saint, but I break my back to aquire the money to survive, many times having to fight for it, like everyone else in Ireem, fighitng for survival.

As Cowboy asked the Sultana for her money, I looked around at the opulence and wealth of the Palace, and how quietly and isolated the Sultana lived. Enjoying all sorts of luxury in her golden Palace, protected by several walls and guards, while her people kill eachother outisde the gates, fighting for a piece of bread.
She was just painting, the canvas, the paint, brush, her clothes and even the Palace itself, built with the blood and sweat of Ireem´s tax payers, but only one uses all the benefits... our beloved Sultana.

I was enraged by this injustice, but I never drew my weapon, instead I asked the Sultana to let go of some of her fortune, to feed the less fortunate (and this is unbelivable true), her answer was quick, several guards entered the room, and without further delay she said "Remove this men from here!". That was the only answer she could give to her injustice and greed!

Immediately after she commanded her puppet knights, they were all over Cow and me, I ran forward towards the Sultana and tried to grab her coin purse, but I failed in the attempt and ran away.

Later, while I was in the desert, five fighters, a mix of Knights, Bedouins and Citizen chased me, hunted me down like an animal for trying to do justice and captured me.
After spending some time in the Knights jail, Smooth Citron, the guards captain said he had orders from the Sultana to hang me from one of the crosses outside the gates, and to whip me.
I shouted at the people of Ireem, telling them to open their eyes, and to stop this injustice led by the Sultana, not my punishment, but the punishment the whole city suffers, at the hands of such a distant and cold ruler.

In the end I was hanged and whipped, untill I lost conciousness. Because of the many people frowning on this, the punishment was short, and that is the only reason why I live to tell the tale this time!

But what will happen when someone else uses the power or reason and justice to question the Sultana? Death is the price to pay for those who seek the truth, according to our Sultana.

Wong Fei Hong"

Enclosed to this letter, i found a drawing from an unknown painter, which shows Wong hanging at the cross:

Of course, the purpose on why the two slavers entered the Palace should recieve our harshest condemnation ! But, on the other hand he is putting out some interesting questions here. Dear reader, what is your opinion on this ? Do not hesitate to comment and state your point of view ! The Chronicles will be happy to print your reactions !

Last week while taking a walk through the desert, I reached the slavers ship, wondering about a lot of commotion going on at the beach and the ship itself. I secretly took one of the small boats, paddling over to have a look by myself.

As soon as I entered the ship I noticed some slavers, including Sir Raiden Yarrowroot on one side of the ship, on the other side a few undeads, all yelling at each other and swinging their swords furiously. In the moment I noticed the little djinn girl Kiku (Bayushi Kikuchiyo) in the background, with our beloved Sultana (!!) sitting on a wooden barrel, her hands tied up with ropes, an extremely bright and beaming light appeared between the two parties.
My eyes were blinded for a while, I turned my head und covered my eyes, as it burned like fire, as I yelled over "What is going on here ?"

Shocked, that our highness is here, tied up on the slavers ship I got angry and wanted some answers. I yelled again at Raiden, this time louder what this is all about, but my question never reached his ear under all the uproar. The bright light stopped slowly and when my eyes started not to be blind anymore, I saw the djinn Shevaun Clarity standing in the middle of the ship, her arms stretched out as the light disappeared in her hands. She broke down a second later, all exhausted and mumbled to Sir Raiden " I cannot hold it forever,Sir !"

This was my chance to run over on the other side before the slavers could catch me or even cut my head off with her sword. I ran over to the Sultana and asked her if she is okay ,but she only shook her head sadly and mumbled : " I dont know, what is going on here...yes I am fine...I think".
Kiku secretly informed me about the basics, telling me the Sultana got kidnapped by the slavers for her protection only. The undeads were after her and as there were no knights around to help, Sir Raiden and his crew jumped in to help.

Still doubting this story as it looked completely different to me, I decided to stay calm and just witness what will happen for now. Not to mention my poor fighting skills of course! As much as I would love to tell you, dear reader, that I heroicly rescued our highness by cutting of all their heads....well we all know the truth, this will never ever happen !
Anyway, back to the story: the slavers and the undead were arguing, Raiden refused to hand out the Sultana and ordered Shev to keep the undead brute away with her djinn powers. Everytime an undead tried to step on the other side, Shev send out flashes of lighting, so they quickly gave up any attempt.
Many people were on the ship now, not only the slavers and undeads, as Raiden got angry and ordered his fellow slavers to chase anyone away, who is not part of the actual argue, if neccessary they should be captured and put into the cages downstairs. Of course this was no option for me, so I stole off as quickly as possible.
Standing with many other helpless citizen of Ireem at the beach, we were thinking hard what to do, until the knights showed up, ready to solve the problem. A few undeads, obviously scared as they saw the knights approaching, rushed from the ship and through the waiting people, as I suddenly felt a hit on my head, knocking me unconcious. I still don't know what really happened, I just can assume it was an accident, at least I hope so !
Some time later I woke up, laying on the beach and rubbing my hurting head, as I looked over to the now empty ship. I ran back into the city, trying to find out if the Sultana could be rescued but didn't get any reasonable answer. After two hours running around and not getting any information, I finally gave up and went home.

I met Sir Raiden a day later while preparing some body oil for sale in the bath house, as he came in to ask for a massage. I did not let him enter the room as I asked him to answer me some question for the paper. He just smiled at me and nods, staying absolutely cool and silent " But of course, dear Dinky, whatever you want to know I will answer you !"
He started explaining me the background of what had happened: The well known undead Xan Baran asked her undead family to bring her the Sultana's blood to feet her baby with it. The royal blood is of high quality and she wanted the best she can get in our kingdom!
The undeads went out with the task to kill the highness, to bring Xan the royal blood and perhaps even to take over the Palace, as Sir Raiden got a secret hint of their plans.
He went to the Palace to warn the guards, the knights and the Sultana herself, as Undead Lord Damien Sack jumped out of the shadows and attacked her. Sir Raiden succeeded in chasing the undead away as the Sultana, who was really gratefull, offered him money and jewels as reward. He refused.
Now here comes the part, I still have my doubts on: Sir Raiden told the Sultana the Palace would not be safe for her anymore, as she decided to surrender to him for protection. He brought her to the ship where his slavers could watch over her.
United, the slavers fended all attackers off, protecting our highness until the knight Lonesome Charisma send him one of her people to prove too him, that they were capable to protect her. So he released her and the knights took her back into the Palace. The highness was not seen since then nor heard, rumors tell she is unbruised but still under shock. But there are, as always many questions left:
  • If Sir Raiden ONLY wanted to protect the Sultana, why was she tied up then ?
  • Did she really surrender on her own will ?
  • What were his true intentions ?
  • Will the undead give up their plans ?
  • Does Xan still want the blood for her baby ?
  • What effect does the royal blood have on the baby, will it get unnatural powers ?
  • What happens to our beloved kingdom if the Sultana would die ?

Rumors are still spreading ,the undeads did not give up their plans. So people of Ireem be warned: the actuall silence could just be the one before the big storm ! Let us pray to Zin Rah, the immortals will never reach their goal !

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