The Ireem Chronicles

The Ireem Chronicles is now open and will be working on the first edition.

If you've news of any happenings around Ireem, gossip, events, tidbits of fun, stories you'd like to share of things you've seen, please contact me for now. I am seeking staff to act as reporters or write columns based on happenings on and around Ireem, if interested, please let me know and we will get together for a talk.

Let's spread the news of Ireem around this city and share interesting things you hear around the sands and camps.

Office is located above the Mystics Parlor, stop by and share, always seeking information and I can also be found around the city and sands listening often to conversations and...drawing conclusions.

Own a business or want to advertise an event here in Ireem? Contact me, let's get the word out, generate some business for you and some meat for our paper!

Tre Marjeta

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