The slaver leader election is upon us with the leaving of Jaril. Due to the high number of candidates the election will run in two parts. The first part will have all six candidates. They have each submitted a brief statement for you to consider. The voting will commence and last for forty eight hours. The two candidates with the highest number of votes will then be interviewed by the chronicles staff. After these interviews are published the voting will begin again to determine the new slaver leader. Chose well slavers!

Arial Beaumont
My Mission for the Slaver's is clear and simple, to Protect the Slave trade in Ireem by any means necessary. For too long the Slavers have been distracted from what we do best... Training and trading in Slaves. One of the many ways I want to do this is by re-establishing the trade between us Slavers and the Palace harem.
I've been a Slaver all my life, never having once even entered into the realms of other clans such as the Bedouin (*Spits). Unlike many of the other candidates I am a Slaver through and through and always will be. I have known Ireem for many years now, and therefore seen many leaders come and go. I know in my heart I have what it takes to bring us Slavers back to our former glory of being the most respected, if not feared clan in all of Ireem.
I have big ideas to give Slavers the best camp we could possibly have for us to train and enjoy our slaves without fear of being attacked by unwanted visitors. It is time for the Slavers to unite once again to protect our most treasured Slave trade ! A vote for me is a vote for the freedom to be a Slaver! Did I mention I also want to wipe the Bedouin out from the face of the Desert AND make them all into our very own permanent camp slaves?

Leoxis Werefox
Dear slavers
I believe you want a strong Warrior as your leader. Someone that can protect YOU and not the other way around! Now I have proven I can protect my family countless times, every day. I promise I will show no fear to our enemies as well, but...I will sit down and talk with all of the other Leaders and see where we stand with them. Whatever drama any of you may have had with Jaril is over. The past is the past. It is a new time....a time where we, the slavers, will rule Ireem and CRUSH ALL beneath our feet!!!!!
Leo the Lion

WongFei Quan

Well, what can I say in my defense. Turbulent times are ahead, with my experience as fighter, diplomat and leader we can turn the tides for all this problems on Ireem suit our purposes.

I don’t promise wild constant slaughters, or rooms filled to the brim with slaves, but I can help the whole guild lead their outlaw lives in a better way.

Wong Fei Hong.

Raiden Yarrowroot
Brothers and Sisters.

Our leader has left us for other shores. This has left us vulnerable in the eyes of the other groups. The slavers cannot and will not be seen as weak...we are a strong and proud group with a history of trade in Ireem.

In times like these we are in need of a strong wind and a sturdy sail. I will steer our ship towards rich shores...filled with profits and beautiful prey...I want the slavers to be a strong family...taking care of each other and helping out. There are many things possible when we work as a group.

Now is the time for slavers...I will insure that we grow stronger each day. Our family will rule Ireem in a way that will make the earth tremble and the other groups run for safety of their tents...we have already begun a massive operation to acquire some new....friends...who will guarantee our profits will be high for years to come.

Slavers are a strong and rowdy lot...we love our rum and our slaves....but we also love profit...together we will raise our scorpion sails and plot a course for fun and adventure!

Raiden Yarrowroot
1st General Slavers

Shaka Brandris

I have the strength and loyalty to lead my family of Slavers.
I am committed to our lifestyle, I have the skill and ability to train and command.
Co-ordinate our army to succeed in all we try to accomplish.
I can negotiate with others in any capacity .Well everyone of my family know me..... know how hot is my head and know that I am man with honor.... well maybe I am not so good in talk but my sword speak well . I know what is to be SLAVER.... we are not just some rude people who hunt girl and rape them .... and we are not gentlemen like knights .... we are wild people who know how to keep most pretty girls around us and make them adore us ... and our enemies are scared of us because we are most strong family in Ireem.... well my SLAVERS I am Shaka ..... one of us if you want me for your leader vote for me .... vote for one of US ...

Siltio Benusconi
.....only a few words why they want ot be leader and why they are the best for the job.....

My name is Siltio, the runner!
It is not a problem to use few words to say why i want to be the slaver leader.
It is time for the slaver group to rise to a highest level, to take the right place inside ireem!
Slavers are fierce people, great warriors, capable businessman!
They only need a guide, someone that tell them what to do, how and when!
That's why i decided to run for the leader role:


Safe paths
Siltio, the runner, candidate for the slaver leader role

Behind the Veil

As I sit in Auction I hear all, behind my veil I listen, and oh how you all like to chit chat. *smiles sweetly*
Its been a busy week in this fair city of ours.... From political intrigue to forbidden love, we have had it all

Firstly, what a time for the Knights Leader? Not only is she fighting her own knights but she also seems to be fighting with her own heart. She has been seen on too many occasions, in intimate poses with a certain slaver who shall remain anonymous.... could this be the real reason why Jordi is losing control of her camp?

And Spring is in the air at the Palace it seems... Two prominent palace members, the royal guard Leader Polo Olchowy and the royal scribe Lady Elysa, were spotted on a high tower overlooking the desert at sunset recently. It’s hard to imagine that they were discussing business in such a romantic atmosphere -- could something else be in the wind?

Ahhh and onto politics and scandel.... who could miss out dear Lord Arian? Rumour has it that he has been meeting our beloved Sultana on a very regular basis.... What could be in the air here, surly not love (or at least we hope not), but intrigue and power are always on this Dungeon Leaders mind.. is he aiming for the Ultimate Power of Ireem? Although we also hear that a couple of prey are looking at making this Undead a pet, but I can never imagine mindy and Mahi getting a collar big enough to fit over this 'mans' ego!

On a sadder note.... There is rumour that MJ's previous wives have been found... although not in the best condition.
While searching in the Palace ultility closet, for what, no one knows, our favorite naked slave Kal came across the unfortunate womens remains.. with the wise words "How did that get in there...", he quickly slammed the door and plans never to return there again! MJ will be notified and be ordered to clean up the mess.

And speaking of Kal, it seems he is now being looked on as the most desirable male in Ireem. How this can happen is a mystery to me, what with all these strong masculine preds around... who knows, maybe us girls really do prefer a man who makes us laugh... or maybe it has something to do with the.. ermmmm..... size of the man?

And on the subject of size... has anyone noticed how big some peoples purses have become recently? Maybe I will do some research and find the largest ones out there for next time, I know I for one want to find a rich husband!

And how could I forget weddings... there are rumours of a few happening in Ireem, although some may be wishful thinking.. or maybe some could be to form secret alliances?
Wong, if you are getting hitched to Anne, dont forget to send an invite! *grins*

Now I must say farewell to you dear readers, but be aware... I could be standing next to you, or maybe sharing a seat with you. Watch what you say or you may find yourself the star of Behind the Veil next time!

I have received from the office of the Sultana the following statement.

In a meeting held at the palace on Wednesday, the Sultana met with her Second Minister Kadar Jayaram and Lord Arian Clip, leader of the dungeon. They discussed several topics of interest. Of particular note, the Sultana has decreed that the Knights will be permitted to carry drawn swords in the city, and Lord Arian graciously accepted this among other items.

After the meeting the palace released this proclamation of support for the Dungeon Leader:

Her Majesty Zanlu Heron, Sun of Ireem and the Light of our Desert City, the Most Gracious and Venerable Sultana of Ireem, has on this day declared her faith in Lord Arian Clip to fulfill the role of Dungeon Leader.

So She hereby acknowledges that Lord Arian has rightful power to enforce Laws approved by the Sultana in the City of Ireem in Her name, so as to bring peace and prosperity back to its many citizens, and that he may rightfully punish and evict all those that threaten the tranquility of this land.

Sealed by her Majesty
May 27th 2009
and witnessed by Second Minister Kadar

I am left confused after this proclamation. It seems our sultana has placed her faith in this undead and we have no choice but to hope he has somehow learned what honor actually is. I for one think the proper first step would be for him to arrest and punish Tobi as he promised to do in his post election interview over two weeks past. Until now he has seemed to play favorites with his undead brothers and sisters. I guess he could change right? Stranger things have happened… though for the life of me I can not remember when.

The Sultana Speaks!

As I am sure most of you are aware, a small group of knights have split off from the true knighthood. Now this is a very confusing situation and I found myself determined to get to the bottom of it. So I sought out the parties involved. Now I tried on at least five occasions to interview Primo the self proclaimed leader of the rebel knights. It seems his busy schedule never allowed him to meet with me. However I was able to get my hands on a scroll. This scroll is a declaration from the rebel knights.

We are the Rebel knights, true knights, still stand for the same code of honor same principles of the knighthood but we had enough we need to be heard and to be respected in Ireem
We only answer to our sultana and take order from no-one else but her.
So therefore we will oppose all the new rules put on us by the so called undead/dungeon leader Arian. We will never take orders from him or submit to his Authority.
We need a strong and powerful leader to lead us out of this darkness.

Now I was able to speak to one rebel knight. He stated to me that he has joined the rebellion because he wishes to help Primo stand against Arian. He said he could not follow Lady Jordi since she agreed to follow Arian’s rules. Now I have personally interviewed lady Jordi and I can assure all of you good readers that she has not accepted Arian’s rules and does not intend to. She believes this is a lie told by the leaders of the rebellion in order to gain support. Seeing all this was leading nowhere I decided to try to get the only opinion that matters. As you see in the scroll above these rebel knights claim to follow the Sultana and her orders. So off I went to the palace.
To my great pleasure Her Highness the Sultana agreed to speak to me about this issue. Following is that conversation.

Tim Speiser: “The main thing I would like to clarify is that the leader of these rebel knights Sir Primo has been stating that he follows only your orders. I think the people would like to know if you support him and his rebels or if you still support Jordi your first knight.”

Zanlu Heron: “What? Are you joking with me?” *looks very surprised*

At this point I handed the Sultana a copy of the scroll I printed earlier in this article.

Zanlu Heron: “This scroll makes me laugh, I have never met this man. I don't know him therefore he is a false leader.”

Tim Speiser smiles “So you fully support Lady Jordi and would prefer all knights be united under her once again?”

Zanlu Heron: “Of course ,dear Tim.” By the way my father, the Great Sultan taught me something about dealing with rebels. “Remember, he said, If one day you have rebels in your kingdom. First, Listen. Second, forgive. But if they go on, Alert them. Arrest them. And kill them. Do you understand what I mean?

Tim Speiser nods…“Tis wise advice highness. If I understand correctly you are willing to forgive them if they stop their rebelling, but if they persist they will be considered criminals."

So there you have it readers. To all the rebel knights I would say hear your Sultana’s words. Abandon this resistance and rejoin the true knighthood. Lady Jordi has assured me that all rebel knights excluding only the leaders will be welcome back into the knighthood after swearing their loyalty the Knight’s Code. Otherwise they will be considered criminals by the Sultana herself.

Greetings faithful readers. It my great pleasure to announce that the Chronicles will soon be bringing you two new regular columns. The first, titled “In Between Worlds” will be written by the Djinn leader Indigo. She has said that her goal is to share with the good people of Ireem the djinn perspective of the current events. The second which will be titled “Behind The Veil” will be submitted by a source that whishes to remain anonymous. This will be a purely gossip format and who knows, you may just see your own name in it! We here at the chronicles Are excited to bring you these new columns and look forward to reading them ourselves.

While people in Ireem lately are only concentrating on their own issues, undead Chrystal took her chance and secretly set free a curse. But how is this curse working ? Well, she captures her victim and feeds it with a silkworm, this demonic worm makes the poor one do awful things. The victim gets an unnatural thirst for blood like a zombie and starts to cause havoc while trying to allay it.

Undead Perrin infected the Djinn Lisette Mureaux with the silkworm curse. Letting her run free she made her way throught he desert as her thirst for blood grew and grew. Meeting her brother Djinn Phox Sillanpaa talking with Magi Zeerya Pyrithea, Lisette's new demonic side took over control. She suddenly started attacking Phox and Zeerya. While the Magi was able to hide, Phox got his arm scratched trying to keep Zeerya save and calming down his sister.
He on the spot recognized what was wrong with her, both working hand in hand to catch Lisette, whacking her on the back of the head with a bottle knocking her out, they quickly gagged and tied her up, making sure she no longer would be able to hurt herself or anyone else. Lisette, coming back from her short unconsciousness, hissed and struggled while Phox and Zeerya had real trouble to keep her in place.
Thinking hard about how to free the Djinn from the curse, Zeerya send out for her Magi family to help. While working on a plan, a spell or even an antidote they decided to bottle Lisette to avoid more harm. Magi Tim Speiser recieved Zeerya's message and waited for them in the Magi tower to perform the bottling. What happened now was brought to me by my Master himself and I still cannot believe I overslept this ! Please do not misunderstand me, this of course is nothing to make fun of or be thrilled about as it is all serious, but still ... you know ... whatever. Sir Tim reported me as followed:
Reaching the tower with their tied up captive, Phox and Zeerya helped Sir Tim to fix her up on the pentagram. Phox decided to leave, unable to watch the following precedure. Sir Tim walked around the circle placing candles and lighting them at four distinct points. Closing his eyes in a clear voice he boomed "I call upon the four sacred guardians of earth, air, fire and water to lend me your aid! Trap this imortal being in the sacred vessel!"
His sister quickly opened the jar as Sir Tim continued to chant loudly, the power begining to fill the air. The Djinn screamed out and her body turned over hoovering above the circle as the powers started to flow straight through Sir Tim. Zeerya hold the jar steady in her arms as Lisette seemed to be sucked into the jar slowly, her body turning as if smoke in a breeze. The gag falling from her mouth, she let out a bloodcurdling scream just before she fully disappeared in the vessel. Sir Tim collapsed to the floor as Zeerya closed the jar quickly. While Sir Tim rest, his sister went to hand out the jar to Phox.

But Phox and Zeerya were not the only one attacked by Lisette. Earlier before, Djinn leader Indigo, meeting her in the realm and worried going to check what is wrong got crushed down. Lisette drank her blood and left her on the floor near to death in a pool of her own blood. Indigo luckily was able to recover after a while by using her own healing powers and went to find out what was going on. She heard Chrystal speaking about an existing antidote and did not hesitate a second to capture her, assisted by the brave knight Paw, forcing her to hand it over.
Having no idea what the girl had been up to in her absence, Indigo returned to the realm and found her in the jar. She shoved the pill into the spout and watched her stugggle, as the demon creature died inside her. Freed from her binding and the jar, Lisette still recovers from the curse.
Dear reader, the undead are still out there, spreading the curse ! I do not want to imagine what will happen to our beloved kingdom when they succeed in turning everyone into a bloodthirsty zombie ! The reporters of the Chronicles hereby send out a warning to all citizen:
  • Never walk around alone !
  • Avoid every undead, especially this Chrystal and her companions !
  • When you see an infected person, do not hesitate to contact the Magi, Knights or whoever is able to help !

As long as the curse is still around, no one is safe ....

The palace is seeking guards for the palace and harem. They must be able to be in the palace regularly and patrol the premises at various hours. Duties will also include protection and escort of the ladies of the Royal Harem. They will also provide security for Lady Jordina's baby, Jordan, and his nanny who cares for him in the harem. Approved applicants with receive a sign-on bonus of 500 dinars, and must become citizens.
For further information please contact Lady Elysa Swansong !

Damien Sack "Punished"

Tis a sad day in this once great city of Ireem dear readers. I had the misfortune to attend the audience with the Sultana where was discussed the punishment that would be handed out against Damien Sack for last months kidnapping of the Sultana herself. Also this vile creature fed from our beloved ruler. These facts are not debated nor even denied by the undead leader. In fact he seemed very pleased with himself. What would be a fitting punishment for these crimes? One observer suggested that he be turned over to the Magi and have his life restored. Thus freeing the kingdom of one of its greatest threats. Many seemed to think this was a good idea myself included. So what punishment was finally decided for him you ask? I am deeply sad to report to you that in what can only be called a miscarriage of justice, the second minister ordered that a heavy stone be bound to Damien’s sword arm to make it more difficult for him to fight. He was then led to the dungeon on the order of his “undead brother” Arian Clip. Now some may think this proof of Arian’s claim that he will punish all the people of Ireem for their crimes. I would disagree and as evidence I offer this conversation which took place after the punishment was announced.

Geli Rossini: smiles at Damien ... “I am proud to bring you down now to the dungeons.”
Damien Sack: “I get a cell with a spider right?”
Geli Rossini: “If you like it ... Damien ... yes sure.”
Damien Sack looks down and smiles evilly
Damien Sack nods
Arian Clip: “Anything you want Brother ask Geli...we have sluts and rum.” he says as he starts to laugh.

I think it is very apparent that the undead will receive preferential treatment by Arian and his merry band of thugs. Or do they wish us to believe that they would be as hospitable to all of their prisoners. As an added thought I would like to mention that Arian stayed behind after the audience to have tea with the Sultana. What she could possibly want to speak about with an undead in private I do not know as I was unable to hear their conversation. But I fear it does not bode well for our city. Rest assured I will do my best to uncover the truth and bring it to you here.

There will be a special audience with Sultana Zanlu Heron, Sun of Ireem, on Monday, April 25th at 1pm SLT .
Monday, where the final judgement on Damien Sack, leader of the undead will be read and the sentence carried out, for the kidnap of our beloved Sultana last month. To attend this audience, you must IM Lady Mirna Muggins or Second Minister Kadar Jayaram.

Horrible things are happening lately in Ireem! The Chronicles recieved a scroll, written by Slaver's leader Jaril Rexen:
"To the bedus: We know your little pathetic trick and childish tactics and we will no fall into them. However we would like to send you a present for you to keep.The remains of your beloved sister.She disn't suffer.....much.We were merciful this time, don't count on it. Jaril and the slavers"
What had happened ? Bedu Shevaunn Clarity got captured and killed by the slavers. As if this is not enough, Jaril and her companions Kitty Maggs and Merlin Renfold ripped off pieces of skin from the girl's dead body. They were seen celebrating a huge bloodbath, digging out flesh and skin, cutting it into pieces and cramming it into a jar. Jaril was heard stating excitedly " Next time we have to do this when they are still alive....". Kitty, laughing loud and hysterically, was covered all over with blood as Merlin plugged in the last pieces of flesh into the jar, adding her eyes even !
Finishing their "work" , Merlin went to throw the jar in the middle of the bedu camp, the scroll from Jaril sticked on it, hold by blood.
The bedu answer came of course not unexpected and fast. As their leader Sando was not around, Bedu Minihai Ames decided not to wait for him any longer and went out to search for the slavers. Soon she found Kitty and Aislinn running around in the desert. She did not hesitate a second and ran over to Kitty, forced her on her knees and hold her sword on her throat, laughing loud as she spit on her and slid her throat with one hard cut, saying " Bye Bye..." as she kicked her away.
Dear reader, a new chapter in the long and neverending story "Bedus vs. Slavers" is beginning !What will happen next ? Will they kill each other until no one is left ? And where is bedu leader Sando ? Does he even know what happens to his people ? Will the slavers be able to bring Kitty back to life ? Is Shev now an undead ? Many questions we for sure will answer soon....

It was brought to our attention by an anonymous source, that slaver Nero Mistwalker attacked the palace healer Kerrina Kowalski. Ordering her to eat when she could not even stand from her wounds she finally collapsed. When he tried to kill her as she got back up to her feet, well known slaver Perrin Silvercloud was, and I quote "forced to capture her for her own safety". Slaver Raiden Yarrowroot arrived and sent his parrot off to fetch Magi Leader KCEE Congrejo while the, and I quote again "ruggedly handsome and shockingly good looking Perrin" carried her back to the tent to bind her wounds.
When KCEE arrived she commenced to heal Kerri with her magic, while outside the tent Raiden and Nero argued. Kerri has been healed and was being held by Perrin "purely for her own safety". KCEE has stated that no slaver will be healed from this point on as a result of Nero's actions and Raiden has sworn to make Nero pay for his actions. Nero was not seen since then, rumors tell he hides somewhere in the desert.

But what happend after that, dear reader ? Another anonymous source reported /*editorial note: just fabricate some names later, noone will believe the sh*t forever!*/, that the next day Perrin decided to show undead Kiko Serentiy his new found home within the city. After a little while, the citizen of Ireem could observe a shocking scene: Kiko was seen carrying him on her back, struggling a bit, and at times dragging his unconcious body all the way back into the catacombs. Nearby people at the auction site did nothing in regards to this.
Two hours later Perrin walked out of the combs, silver hair, black feathered wings and red peircing eyes as his voice roared throughout the lands, his evil chuckle sending chills down human's spines, his strength visibly increased. With Kiko by his side and whatever kindness he showed to the general public was obviously gone, Kiko stood and looked around proudly at what she had now created.
I by myself was witness of a secret conversation between the well known undeads Chantalle Atlass and their Leader Damien Sack. Hiding in a corner I could hear some words like "new brother torturing the healer" or "doing a good job, you can be proud of him", before Damien found me and chased me away.
Later this day, spying from a safe spot, I saw Lady Kerri kneeling at Perrin's feet, obviously still beeing his captive, when Chantalle walked out of combs followed by Sir Marcus Audeburgh, known as proud and brave Bedouin, but more then obviously turned into an undead now too !

The questions here are now: Are the undead following a bigger plan? Are they inspired by Arian's idea to form an army or even working with him hand in hand? And why do I get the impression they only watch out for high skilled fighters and people with a certain power in Ireem ? People watch out for the undead, they are on the hunt again !

Arian Speaks!

After many scheduling conflicts I was finally able to sit down with Arian Clip, the new leader of the dungeon guards, today and interview him. I am sure this is of great interest to many of you. Also in attendance were: Sarra Ballinger, Geli Rossini and Lyra Bellemay.

Tim Speiser: Very well Arian let me start by saying that I received a notice from your ambassador Sarra. Now while I fully intended to print this notice I regret there was an emergency. I sat on the toilet in the magi tower reading it and found myself with an utter lack of sanitary paper. I assure you I put your notice to good use. * grins* “So perhaps you would like to go over the pertinent points here again? I believe I read something about you punishing the knights?”

Arian Clip smirks " I have an extra copy of that scroll, you can keep yours " he says. "We are the Ireem Army, the only army who works for Ireem and its citizens, the knights are hired for their job" he says as he make a pause.." if a Knight breaks the law and doesn’t respect his code I will make sure that he is arrested and punished"

Tim Speiser: And what if it is an undead that breaks the law? Shall they be punished as well?

Arian Clip nods.."Every creature , from this land will be judged on his actions and will be punished Accordingly.”

Sarra Ballinger coughs..... 'may I add Tim that although Arian is our leader and he is an undead, we as a group are made up of all casts of Ireem. We are not here to serve any camp.. only our own'

Tim Speiser perks up “I am delighted to hear that. Not two nights past the undead Tobi attacked and captured the lady knight Gara. A clear violation of the law against both being in the city armed and fighting inside the city. I am sure the people of Ireem will be happy to hear that you will soon bring him to justice.
What sort of punishment can we expect for his criminal acts?”

Arian Clip: "Indeed, for his crime to wear a sword in the city he will be punished by us, for his matter with lady Gara he will be punished by the Knights” The laws and punishments are on sultana’s desk. I will discuss them with her and I will let you know very soon"

Tim Speiser: “Arian what do you say to the rumors that even your most trusted people may not be loyal to you?”

Arian Clip smiles..“That they are rumors...and they don’t bother me...we will let time prove who is loyal to who”

Tim Speiser: “Now it has also been reported to me that you intend to extort money from the knights. Trying to make them pay you money to carry their swords inside the city. What possible reason or right do you have to demand such a thing?

Arian Clip: “There is a fee for them to have a sword in the city, you are right...and the reason is to enforce No fights inside the walls....."

Tim Speiser: “And you feel you have the right to demand this?”

Sarra Ballinger: “Tim, speaking as Ambassador.... you know as well as I do that there are factions within the Knights that do not follow their code.”

Tim Speiser looks to his sister. “Is your leader unable to answer himself?”

Arian Clip: “Indeed...since the Knights Leader is aware of the new law the percent of the fights inside is down by half, and Ireem is more quiet then it was before.”

Tim Speiser smiles “Indeed you are a wise man Arian. We would all do well to follow in your fine example wouldn’t you agree?"

Arian Clip: “You don’t have to follow my example. If everyone will respect my laws I can assure you the peace will come back in the city and the citizens will be able walk safe inside and do their business”

Tim Speiser smiles “Yes business is important wouldn’t you say? And I for one shall follow your business example. Therefore from this day forward I will happily print any declaration or notice from the dungeon guards in the chronicles for the small fee of 500 Dinar each. I also am running a business. I am sure you understand."

Arian Clip: “Look around you Tim.... and you will se my army on the streets and on the desert. Before me who enforced the law inside the City?. The Knights often were caught in big fights there" Tim that will make you and your chronicles a slave one, your independence will go away and All Ireem will know you as a pre pay reporter"

Tim Speiser shrugs “Perhaps but the fact remains the dungeon will have to pay to have things published.”

Arian Clip shakes his head. “The law will be enforced without publicity....and a chronicles who demands money from a group only is not a chronicle anymore....but if you insist I will agree for negotiations and then every one who want to interview me or my army will have to pay for the time we give"

Tim Speiser: “If these terms are not agreeable Arian you are of course free to take your notices to the other city newspapers” * smiles*

Arian Clip nods “Dont forgot Tim that we make your chronicles so many times, without me or my fellows many weeks the chronicles didn’t appear”

Tim Speiser laughs “Just like my sister assuming you are the only news around. Your arrogance knows no limits.”

Arian Clip: “My arrogance made us the strongest army here....and everyone should know that, they all fear us, they will fear us much and much more....and let me tell you day anyone will slip and break the law. Or piss someone off and have a bounty on his head”

Tim Speiser: “But now it seems we are reduced to arguments. Is there anything else you wish to say to Ireem in your last free interview?”

Sarra Ballinger slaps Tim on the back and grins.... “Now if you will excuse us we have many criminals to bring to order”

Tim Speiser: “You mean innocent people to persecute don’t you sister?”

Arian Clip: “I will give you a statement that will say everything about us.”

Tim Speiser smiles “Yes please forward the statement along with payment when you have finished.”

At this point I stood and walked out of the Inn. This interview raises some important questions in my mind.
First will Arian truly do as he said and police all of the groups of Ireem? I suspect this will be answered by whether or not Tobi is actually punished for his crimes. The second question I have is just who is really in charge? If you will notice Sarra is the one that called an end to the interview. Could it be that Arian is no more then a puppet being controlled by another? I leave these things with you to consider dear readers.

Editors note: Due to length the interview was edited, if you would like a copy of it in its entirety please request one in world.

Due to internal disagreements among the knights group, their leader Jordina McGinnis summoned a meeting to form a new knights council. Afterwards she agreed to give an interview, as the people of Ireem are for sure interested in the current state of the knighthood:
Tim Speiser: "What can you tell me of the knighthood? I know there has been much complaining and controversy?"
Jordina McGinnis: "Well Tim, what can I tell you, we had some problems inside our family, but we try to work it out..."

Tim Speiser: "There were several complaints about a council member that I shall not name. She has not been seen in the city as of late. Care to comment on that?"
Jordina McGinnis: "I know that the knights are not honorable in everyone's eyes. One of our knights had a lot of trouble, but the knights and this person found a way to clear it all. She has left Ireem to help people outside and I am sure she will find a place, where she can continue her work. She left the council long time ago anyway. Which leads me to the important part of our interview: Me and my second commander Paw formed a new council. We knights must work hard on making us strong again !"

Tim Speiser: "Indeed? Can you tell me the members? And the purpose of this council?"
Jordina McGinnis: "Of course, Tim! First there is myself, then Pawlaw as second commander.... we also have Guy..."

Tim Speiser coughs:" Excuse me Lady ! Did you say Guy? The same knight who was collared and branded by Jaril, the leader of the slavers?"
Jordina McGinnis: "Yes, I said that ! Guy was always loyal to me! As Ariberto the undead captured me for my protection, it were Guy and Hailea who came and fought for me! I know, some people do have a problem with him, but he is a good knight and a good man!"
Tim Speiser: "Does he still wear Jaril's collar?"
Jordina McGinnis: "No! Of course not ! And I am sure, that Guy would give his life for me and the knighthood ! But let me continue with the members of the new council. There are also in : Hailea, Urso, Bluesky, Estelle and Gara! "
Tim Speiser: "And the purpose of this council? They have authority over the other knights, if yourself or Paw is not here?"
Jordina McGinnis: "The council is the next behind me and paw, for important decisions we will always work together. For times Paw or I are not here, I trust them that they do everything in my sense. "

Tim Speiser: " Well, I thank you Lady for your time on this, I shall write it up for the paper..."

At this point it got very interesting. Lady Jordina, as she tried earlier to avoid speaking of their internal problems, suddenly seemed to change her mind! But read by yourself:

Jordina McGinnis:"I am sure some of the knights have a problem with that ! I mean with some of the new members. Paw and I think, our decision forming it like that, is correct ! But sadly I get blackmails about one special person, who is now in! I will tell no names here, but the person is suspected to be a spy! As you can see, I don´t care about it, this person will stay where she is !"

Tim Speiser: "You recieved threats about one of these knights being on council ? Would you care to elaborate on that? "
Jordina McGinnis: "Yes, I did. I was always and still will protect and stand behind all knights. I have a lot of trouble inside my own group for doing this. But I do not give up and will solve all issues with each of them personally."

Tim Speiser: "Do you wish to name the knights that made these threats?"
Jordina McGinnis: " NO Tim ! But imagine that: if your own people do not respect you, treat you the way they treated me, why should I not get angry and disappointed ? I told them my opinion and I will solve these issues inside the knights group, this I can assure you ! I am a real knight and I will protect me and my family ! I am their leader and this is my duty ! But I am fraught with hope, that we recieve our peace back with the new council !"

Tim Speiser sighs " Lady Jordi, I sincerly hope you do. If there are knights threatening their own leader, I doubt the population of Ireem would be able to count on their honor."
Jordina McGinnis: " No worry, we are already working on this. The people of Ireem can always count on the knighthood !"

The interview ended at this point, but still some questions are left. The special knight Lady Jordi was talking about earlier, was seen back in Ireem and rumors tell, this person is planing on forming a rebel group against the knights! Dear reader I leave you now with your own thought about what this will mean for us all in the near future. Be sure, the Chronicle will stay in close contact to Lady Jordi to get the latest information !

The results are in Ireem. The slaver Shaka and prey Meri were voted by you as the most beautiful in Ireem. The voting was long and hard But in the end Meri squeaked out a narrow victory or Dinky by a mere two votes. Shaka on the other hand won by a wider margin of five votes over your favorite reporter. posted here is a photo of these two beautys for your viewing pleasure.

Yes readers you heard correctly. The prey of Ireem went on strike yesterday. I received a scroll and sketch form the prey Kitten Krakauer and have decided to share it with all of you. It is apparent that she feels the revolt was a resounding success. Here is the scroll as I received it.

As you all have no doubt already heard, the slaves of Ireem set their collective foot down in the form of No Run Wednesday. Led by my sister Shevaunn Clarity, the preys were on strike, refusing to run and be chased, instead dancing at the auction site, teasing the predatorss with their beauty and charm and having a grand time partying, leaving the preds to stand idly by or squabble amongst themselves. To my surprise, we were joined by palace dwellers, magi including my lovely sister Lorelay Rhiadra, djinns, and even by slavers and undeads (Verm can dance???), all dancing with us in support.

No doubt you, dear reader, are wondering... what was the cause for this uprising against our role as prey in Ireem society? Very simply, poor treatment by the predators, namely, ignoring preys after capture, leaving them bored in a tent instead of being their Master, and a general disregard for the important role we have in Ireem. This uprising displayed that we are essential to Ireem, socially and economically.

No run=No sell=No dinars
No run=No slave to own=No slave to *reader insert your use for slaves here*

If there were no slaves to capture and own or sell, who would *once again, reader insert your use for slaves here*? Who would you sell to make your living predators? Each other? What would Ireem be like if there were no more slaves to catch? You all got a small taste of that yesterday, let it be a somber warning and not a taste of Ireem's future! We are many things, attractive, obedient (mostly ;) ), strong (all that damn running!), but one thing we are not is furniture! do not capture us, deposit us in a tent and neglect us! This time was a protest, but if there is a next time, it may be for good. :(


Now while she feels the revolt worked perfectly, I myself doubt if there was even a revolt at all. I myself caught six prey on Wednesday. So clearly there were prey running on “ No run Wednesday.” Also while I will admit freely that I witnessed a rather large group of prey dancing in the auction early in the morning, This group disappeared after just an hour or two. Is this the best that the prey of Ireem can organize? Their master plan falls apart after an few hours? However I am merely the reporter here. Tell us what you think Ireem. I will leave you with a few questions.

Slavers do you feel your business was hampered by this revolt?

Predators did you find your self with nothing to do wishing the prey would end their strike?

Let us here your voice Ireem. Tell these Prey if they really made a difference.
Scroll and Photo submitted by Kitten Krakauer.

Killing Spree!

The slaver Leoxis Werefox and the little djinn he commands, Phox Sillanpaa, were out for blood this evening. They were roaming the city and sands attatcking everything that moved. Showing the true level of a slavers courage they attatcked women from behind. Now while i am sure the leader of the slavers will rejoice at such behavior I think this will be a good test of the dungeon gaurds and their proposed leaders. Show the people of Ireem that you can preform the job you seek. Find and arrest these two cowardly fiends!

My faithful readers,
Today I found the dungeon guard leader Rana Robbiani milling about the auction site. Doing my duty as a good reporter I requested an interview with her. She readily agreed and followed Dinky and I to the chronicles office. I was very eager to hear her response to the plans of Arian Clip that I reported in an earlier interview. We sat down in the office with her guard Polo at the door for her protection.

Tim Speiser: Rana you are the current leader of the dungeon. My first question is have you read my interview with the undead Arian?
Rana Robbiani: yes i have done that
Rana Robbiani spits water on the floor
Tim Speiser: Would you care to respond to his accusations that you are the reason the dungeoners have all but disappeared?
Rana Robbiani slams her fist in the table..... “He is a liar!”
Tim Speiser shrugs " He is undead that is expected."
Dinky Wingtips winces as she slams her hand on the table and looks up " careful please ! that is antique...."
Rana Robbiani: if they leave its because they don’t like my rules or because they fight badly.
Rana Robbiani sips water again. “Our duty is to follow orders from sultana not cuddle with people here in the sun!”
Tim Speiser: Very well, and if you are elected again how do you plan to improve the dungeoners position here in Ireem?
Rana Robbiani looks at the painting on the wall then whisper to them both..…“For a dungeon the most important thing is to follow orders from sultana.”
Dinky Wingtips nods in agreement
Rana Robbiani grins.…“If i become leader again i going to clean this kingdom from scum like Arian and I will do whatever it takes to get there.”
Robbiani: Besides he smells awful so if he becomes leader he would be alone
Dinky Wingtips grins
Rana Robbiani grins too
Tim Speiser: Truly? That is a lofty and admirable goal. Is there anything else you would like to say to your dungeoners or the people of Ireem?
Rana Robbiani: yes there is
Rana Robbiani sharpens her nails with her sword then turns to them…“we need a woman as a leader for the dungeon because if we get a thing like Arian at that position...we would have a group of smelly things that runs around cuddling cruising with all preys.”
Rana Robbiani: and that’s not what we are here for
Rana Robbiani looks at them
Dinky Wingtips grins over to Sir thinking cuddling is not that bad....
Tim Speiser nods " very good I will be sure to get your message out to Ireem. Little one did you have any questions for Rana?"
Dinky Wingtips shakes her head, then hesitates " do you buy your clothes ?" she smirks....
Rana Robbiani: Ooooh good one dinky
Rana Robbiani leans over to dinky and whispers..…“Husky’s dear.”
Dinky Wingtips giggles

At this point I realized that the interview had ended and girl talk begun. But as an after thought Rana mentioned to me that lately as leader she does not have time to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh properly, having to resort to “quickies” for her satisfaction. To solve this problem she intends to give the dungeon guards free time every day so that they might enjoy these pleasures fully. No matter what her plans they must be better then having an undead in charge of the city’s dungeon. I urge all dungeoners to vote wisely in this upcoming election.

Today I got an interesting scroll from prey shevaunn Clarity. She and some of her sisters got some crazy ideas while waiting on her Masters to wake up and to take care of them. Dear reader, lay back and enjoy reading the following announcement:

"To all prey in Ireem !

I am proposing that this Wednesday, May 13th we have a "No Run Wednesday". All free prey are invited into the auction area for dancing, drinking and toking and other wise partying on their own to show support. Owned prey are invited to party also to show support.

This is due to complaints and problems over the last few days especially, with the preds that have cap'd us. They are sadly lacking in beeing good Masters / Mistresses and have no clue what to do with us when they have us. We are tired of being captured and ignored for hours on end !! We do not want to have to use our own money to ransom out when we are bored to death. We are tired of our Masters leaving us alone without a word for hours and when they come back, freaking on us because we did ransom. We are tired of one owning so many slaves, having a Harem and leaving us all to our own devices for days, not able to handle just one of us !

Our boredom level has gotten to the point of tossing ourselves on the auction block and the Master being too busy to even notice ! I propose that for one day we have our voice heard. For that day, we prey refuse to run, refuse to be captured and even obey in any way ! We need all prey on board with this for it to work ! "

Noticing by myself the lack of good Masters/Mistresses lately, I of course see my duty in supporting my sisters here ! Starting the revolt by placing this scroll into newspaper without even asking my Master I declare: Prey of Ireem ! Let us all follow our sister shevaunn and show the preds in the desert, that life becomes boring without us ! This Wednesday is now "No Run Wednesday " !

As reported before, the prey are planing a great race to find out, who the fastest prey of Ireem is. It will be held on Sunday, May 17th at 9 am SLT and will be an obstacle race around entire Ireem. 5 prey per race will run, each heat is two minutes apart. The best of the 5 in every round will continue to the Final Race. Prey Leader Sugar asks all prey who are interested, to sign up for this event. She will also give out notecards with maps. There will be a 'coarse' to follow and prizes to win!!
So dear male and female prey of Ireem: We need prey to sign up for the race, so we know how many heats there will be ! Please send a notecard or IM back to: SugarKane Twine, Yummy Nitely or Olive MacMoragh .

Well known bedouin Sir Jordan (MasterJ Swashbuckler) send out his captive undead Jos to capture Magi leader KCEE for him. His first intention for this action better stays unsaid, as it is too disturbing for some ears. Anyway ... when I made my rounds along the desert reaching auction side, KCEE came over to me, telling me all what had happened. I listened angrily, as the devil himself approached, a big grin on his face, rubbing his crotch and showing everyone proudly, who the true badass is.
He ordered KCEE down to his knees, while I was watching the scene shocked. Of course I remembered my job as Chronicles editor and stepped over bravely to get some answers. He placed the tip of his sword before my nose growling "What are your questions?"
I questioned the intention of his behaviour and the capture of KCEE as he answered "I plan on giving the Magi a little exercise, they have lazed about too much, they are fat and lazy, they need to get out" I frowned at him: "You are kidding ? Shall I write THAT ? " as he laughed at me: "The Magi are to get some exercise, with a little direction and...." as he glanced over to knights leader Jordina, who was standing there aswell "it will be at her expense, perhaps a few dead knights will serve the point to watch the tongue. I plan on having her 2nd in command excuted, perhaps the undead will want him. Joining Paw will be Ringo and Lyra !"
KCEE shook her head and ground her teeth as she stated "I will do anything you want, just don't hurt my Magi or any Knight !"
At this point, I have to explain, what is so special about this situation. I will not make big words, you only need to know for now: Sir Jordan is in hold of a magical stone, which allows him to control KCEE. This stone is bonded with her and somehow he found out how to manipulate it for his will.
As I did not intent to try him out I simply asked him, if he has anything he wants the people of Ireem to know. He answered: "You can tell the people of Ireem this: Ireem women, with the exception of a few, are all My sluts ! One million dinar as a gesture of good will might make Me consider letting the Magi free ! Oh and add this, for all of you that think I hate you, your right, for all of you that think I am out to get you, I am, and for those that think that I am sleeping with your woman, I am, sometimes two to three at a time ! I am a Bastard, plain and simple, and dinky toys: make sure you spell that right, B-A-S-T-A-R-D".
As you can see, it was hopeless to get any serious answer, I glared at him "You are sure you will not regret one day, what you do ?" but he only laughed "bring women pleasure so great they fall to My feet, kill all My I think I will be fine with that"
From this point on, he ignored me and ordered KCEE to make a note about the soon death of Paw, Ringo and Lyra. Dear reader, I am not sure what happened then, but probably he used the magical stone in any way! KCEE first refused to follow his orders, as he murmurred a few silent words. She suddenly fell down screaming in pain and terror, panting hard: "It's done !!" as he turned and headed to the sands. Jordi and me tried to help her up. She sighed and mumbled "I will have to go and ... do whatever it is, he wants " as she turned aswell to follow him.

While writing this I am not sure, what happens outside my office and I fear to step out of it every second. The imagination, that he has control over KCEE and as a consequence over all Magi too, scares me more then anything else before in my life. But be sure, dear reader: the Magi will do whatever they can. They will not give up and work on a solution to regain their self-control.
In the meantime I warn every citizen of Ireem: watch out for Sir Jordan and every Magi that approaches. You never know, what they will do to save their leaders life ! My own Master Sir Tim is a danger for Ireem aswell, as long as the former Bedu leader has control over KCEE. These are hard times, but I refuse to give up hope !

While Sir Tim was meditating and I was free to roam through the city, undead Ariberto Catteneo called me over to have a word with him. Knights Leader Jordina McGinnis was with him, as we three went into slavers inn to speak in private.
As I had heard of Jordi's capture the day before, I of course scanned her body for any bruises or wounds. Happy not to find anything, I turned my attention back to Ari asking him what he has to tell. His answer was simple and confusing at the same time: "I want to save Lady Jordina from her fate!" Of course I was wondering, so I begged him to explain his train of thoughts. He stated, the knights would not deserve a leader like Jordi, as she is too special and too intelligent for them. For this reason he intents to turn her into his minion. He will take care for her and her baby, doing the job that her knights family normally is supposed to do. He manifested angrily, that no knight came to help her, tried to buy her freedom or even fought him for her life, when he captured her.
Asking him, if she agreed to this, he simply answered: "I did not say she wants it, I said I will save her. Do you really think they will stop me? They did nothing yesterday, why would they do something this time?"
Jordi listened very quietly to all this as I asked her about her opinion. She only shook her head as he answered for her "Jordi is confused. She has two women fighting inside her right now. The knight leader with her duties and the woman, with her baby and her broken heart.. "
I interrupted him at this point: "Is it...about love ? Do you tell me, you love her Ari ? " but he subtly evaded my question, stating " I can't continue to look at her and see a sad woman and since I know she will never take a decision by herself, I will help her"
I gave up trying to get the bottom of his story and asked him "So, you have something to say to the people of Ireem ?" He answered: "Sure! People of Ireem and all the knights! Ariberto, the vampire is speaking! I am going to save Lady Jordina from the sadness her bad fate brought to her. I will take care of her, turning her into my minion, she will remain human and free, but her destiny will be linked to me forever. I will wait until the next sunset (24 hours), if someone wants to talk to me before that time, let me know! She is not my prisoner, she is free to go where she wants and when she wants"

I will leave you, dear reader, with some questions:
  • What are Ari's intentions ? Is it a plan to destruct the knights ?
  • Do we find analogies to Arian's intentions to take over control of the dungeon ?
  • Is it even possible that this is part of a bigger undead plan to take over whole Ireem ?
  • Or is that all a demand of love, unfulfilled dreams and hopes of a vampire with a heart ?
But the most important question here is for sure: Will the knights fight back in the name of honor, to regain their Leader Jordi ? Time will tell.....

It is election time in Ireem once again. And quite frankly I don’t think there has been one so important in quite some time. The Question of who will rule the dungeon is important to us all to be sure. Especially when one of the candidates is a well known undead! In the coming days we here at the chronicles will interview each of the three candidates. First up is Arian Clip. Most of you reading this know him and let me be the first to assure you, he is very much still undead. I sat in his presence and was able to find no trace of a soul in him. I was anxious to learn of his plans and what he hoped to gain from controlling the dungeon. I approached him at the auction and requested an interview. He agreed to it but insisted it be held in the Djinn realm away from prying ears. Following is the shocking interview:

Arian Clip: so Tim.. I am here to listen to you

Tim Speiser: I am here to listen to you. What makes an undead want to leave the catacombs and run the dungeon?

Arian Clip: "For the needs of Ireem. This city needs a change, a group who actually use the jail now the dungeon keepers are. ... sleeping! It needs a change and I can do it"

Tim Speiser: So you feel the dungeoners are weak right now?

Arian Clip: "I feel they don’t exist, they have no purpose"

Tim Speiser: There current leader, a woman named Rana, is running against you. Do you blame her for the faults you see?

Arian Clip nods as he plays with his sword.. "Rana is the current leader, under her they have disappeared, I think she blames herself for this"

Tim Speiser: Do you honestly think the people of Ireem would be better off with one of the undead running their dungeon?

Arian Clip: "Ireem needs a neutral power group, " he says as he watches Tim carefully "all the groups break the laws of the city, even knights and citizens, we need a neutral power to make order and punish all.. and only an undead can do that"

Tim Speiser scoffs " i would hardly call the undead neutral. All groups may break the law but undead are the worst. Your very leader kidnapped the sultana. How could we expect you to punish him for that?

Arian Clip gives an evil smile at his question.. "Damian is my brother, and always will be my brother" thinking to himself that even if he wins he is still undead.. "if he kidnapped the Sultana he had a good reason to do it"

Tim Speiser: So are you saying you would punish all groups excpet the undead were you to win?

Arian Clip shrugs "that remains to be seen"

Tim Speiser: So you plan to change the dungeoners and make them powerful? Care to tell Ireem what your "great" plans are?"

Arian Clip: "Under my leadership they will be powerful, my best fighters are following me, and as for my plans...." pausing to smile at Tim, "it will be something that Ireem has not seen until now"

Tim Speiser: very well i think i have everything I need from you. Any last statement for the people?

Arian Clip: "We shall see what will happen.. everyone will pay for their actions" he says as he jumps down from the dijin realm

As you can see good people we all may be in grave danger. Do we really want the undead running free in Ireem unchecked with no threat of punishment? I for one do not. I will soon bring you interviews with the other candidates. Let us hope there is a better choice and that the dungeon keepers chose wisely.

Last Saturday the Sultana invited again for an audience at Palace. Looking lovely as always she was very interested in what is going on in Ireem.
The first one speaking was Sir Raiden Yarrowroot. He came with his slave yummy Nitely and both asked for the permission to hold an event called the "Great Race". This will be organized by the prey Sugar, Yummy and Olive. The idea of it is a race for all prey in Ireem, to find out who is the fastest one of them and it will be held on May 16th at 9am SLT. For further details I will of course contact prey leader Sugar and give you, dear reader more information about the basic rules and conditions soon!
The next one speaking was Magi leader KCEE Congrejo. She first introduces Kanon Burnstein as new Magi Ambassador, then handed her a wonderful glittering necklace as a gift. The Sultana was taken with this gesture of tribute.
At this point it became very interesting, yes even funny. Magi leader KCEE requested new tents for all camps, but most especially the Knights camp. You for sure ask yourself now: what is this request about ?
Let me give you, dear reader, the answer by a quote of KCEE: "Your Highness, to fully serve everyone in the Kingdom, I have to be able to enter the tents and residences. I cannot enter many tents without first taking off my shoes. I know that others also have this problem, due to how tall we are. I realize that this does not affect many people, but it does have an affect! I have been seriously wounded before in the tents because I could not get out due to how tall I am. If you could find it in your heart and treasury to purchase new tents that are a bit taller so that we who are tall can enter without hitting our heads, this would be very large boon to us."

As I am very myself and always have serious problems in reaching things that are set high, I could not help it and laughed.
But now, pondering about this request, I start to ask myself, if my own Master is involved, if this perhaps is even a complot against all prey ??? Let my explain my train of thoughts: Most of us love to run around and jump on the tents in every camp. Our Masters are not very amused about this of course. My favorite spots in Ireem are for sure the first tent in knights camp or the one that is close to Bedu hill /* editorial note: better take that out later, or Sir will know you still jump on it contrary to his orders ! */ I question myself here: do the preds team up and request for higher tents, to avoid that we little prey are able to jump on them ? For sure not an unimportant topic, we prey should discuss soon !!
Anyway....back to the audience ! After KCEE's request the Sultana thanked all for coming and left the throne room, entering her private rooms followed by her staff. The audience was short and nearly undisturbed, some commotion ouside the palace rooms was soon under control and everyone left more or less satisfied to mind their own business. More information about the "Great race" will follow soon !

While sitting in the auction site this morning I was approached by an undead woman named Anneliese Wolfenhaut. Apparently she has found the lack of intelligence and basic reading skills among the knighthood to be a sad situation. But she seems to be willing to help out if any knights are interested. What follows is her advertisement and was just too humors for me to not post it.

Reading Lessons for Ignorant Knights

It has come to our attention that some of the newish knights about Ireem are sorely lacking in knowledge of the basic history of Ireem, not to mention completely unaware of some of the juicier gossip.

The problem appears to stem from a sad case of illiteracy.

Never fear. Anneliese Wolfenhaut, once again, is willing to assist the knights in overcoming their faults.

If you know of an ignorant and/or illiterate knight, please capture them and bring them to Anneliese, and she will force-feed them literacy and higher learning.

They will then be able to read the vastly educational and entertaining history of Ireem, which can be found in the archives of The Ireem Chronicles. And then they would know better than to say half the stupid things they say. Truly, this benefits us all.

$100 dinar for 4 sessions, or the promise to not attack her without a good reason for at least a week. (You will have to convince her if you think your reasons to attack her are justified.)

It has come to my attention there is some debate as to who the sexiest group in Ireem is. I say we go a step further and decide who the sexiest people in Ireem are. To this end I am organizing a beauty contest. It is open to any who wish to enter and there is no cost. To enter simply send me a picture of yourself before Friday the 8th of May. If you do not have a suitable picture contact me and I will take one for you. I will put together note cards for the voting and pass them out to all who wish to vote. There will be two winners one male and one female. The winners will receive a free professional profile photograph on a Kingdom Of Sand back ground. These photographs will be placed in the chronicles so that all may know you are the most beautiful in Ireem. So send me those pictures people and let this be decided once and for all!

The election is over and the lucky winners are : THE UNDEAD ! Congrats to them all ! Sadly the girls were the same lazy like the guys, we only got 4 more votes in this election !! Of course I know the look is not everything that counts, but people of Ireem, I ask myself now seriously: Is it hard to decide for a whole group or is everyone just so busy with fighting and working that we miss to admire all the beautiful people around us ?
I also should mention here that I got several votes for the Sultana, which I must admit, really confuses me. The Sultana herself is neither a group nor a male ? And her beauty is noncompetitive ! Be sure the reporters of Chronicles are working on something new. Soon to be continued....

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