Above the grande arena, a massive dome! Two enter... only one leaves alive... ahem, well, only one wins!

 photo sisterdome_011_zps3cd5b2b5.png

It was built for today's exciting brawls. Ireemians stood around, all shouting for their favorite lass or gent! I arrive just in time to catch the match between the undead Ash and the charming mer, Leah!

Ash vs Leah photo sisterdome_001_zpsda181725.png

"Go Leah!

"If u lose ash the prices go down on butcher!!!

"Leah if u win the butcher prices go down to kick his ass!!!"

The first match ended so quickly, it was hard to tell who lost first! 

Both fighters were amazing, but it seemed that Ash had the edge!

Which brings us to the next fight, Eve vs Jake!

"Eve kick his ass!!"

"Excellent fighting!"

As you see from the images it was an amazing fight! Both fighters did well but...

Eve won! the sisterdome challenge for this round!

E photo sisterdome_008_zps6b7951ec.png 
If you missed out, there will be another series of fights later, 4pm sl If you have what it takes... or just feel a little lucky, come up for a good battle. Or just come to give your support!

Ladies fight photo sisterdome_016_zps96bbdf43.png

 photo sisterdome_021_zps02e2f223.png

winged fighter photo sisterdome_020_zps3054d9b5.png

For Ireem's Physician office election:

Please vote for Yayoo - who will have as his co-helper - his dear Wife Nami - joyful life she shares with us -  to help serve our Ireem community that we care so much for.

Please allow us to continue to serve the health care needs of Ireem.

We do all possible to heal all in need of help  however possible in all ways.

We are a stable loving couple well established in Ireem & both share a deep devotion to healing & have supportive positive attitudes toward life.

We do our best to learn from the many healers we meet & be open to life & the wisdom's of the great spirits that we can commune with - when our hearts are open♥

Regardless of your wounds or color of your blood, we will try to heal you as soon and as painlessly as possible.

We also conduct meetings in the arts of healing where we can all share of our knowledge together in a warm supportive environment.

The study of healing has long been a passion to both of us.

Yayoo has studied with many of the doctors who have run the hospital since his arrival to Ireem, long ago.

over the years - Yayoo has also gathered many resources from the history of the great healing traditions that he uses to help us grow in health for your body - mind - & spirit.

We wish to hire senior staff, & help encourage any interested in learning about the healing arts.

  Please apply within or by letter.
         ((IM will do fine))

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Greetings Ireem!  I am sending out a call to the populace for support in obtaining the Arabesque. You, know if your a regular at the monthly themed dances how I love to throw a good party.

 As owner of the Arab, there will be dances, events, hot slaves in silks or nothing at all to wiggle, shake an shimmy for your pleasure and theirs too if you stroke them right!

I can promise, the food will always be stocked! And, at fair pricing.. come spend your dinars on the dancers forget the food.

Vote for Soh, Ireem... I will move your body babe.

Are you tired of the arena being vacant?

Do you want to show off your stuff against all of the best fighters in Ireem?

Do you want want to watch the Sweat glisten on the muscles of Ireem's strongest, fighting for your entertainment?

You may know me as Res, the devilish little Imp with a thirst for coin and flesh BUT today I come to you, hoping to make your days in Ireem more entertaining!

The arena should be full of life, pain and maybe even death if the going gets good!  And I am here to offer that to you!!!

NO longer will the Arena champion take his title and hide!   I will implement a points system, that will allow the fighters of Ireem to challenge the Champion more regularly!

I also offer more relaxed and entertaining events!

Naked fighting!
Men Vs. Women!
Even massive Free For Alls!

HOWEVER, for those that would prefer something a little more athletic!

How about a Soccer Tournemant.
How about Three? One for Group Teams.....One for Clan Teams and a third for Misc. Teams!?

Prizes will include Dinar!  Slaves and prey even!

With a guarantee to run AT LEAST 2 events EVERY WEEK!

How could you possibly resist?!

Help me, Reserendin Rexen bring life to Ireem's Arena!


Thank you!

Good inhabitants of Ireem,

Tired of overpriced meals at the Auction House?
Wish store owners were actually around to restock food items?

Well vote Amara Parmelee for the Fatted Calf, and those worries will diminish! I will see to it the caravans run on time, and ensure the Fatted Calf is well stocked for the hungry of Ireem.

Not just food at a fair price, but events! Yes events at an Ireem restaurant from someone who wants to interact and not kill you at first glance! What I plan to offer should I win includes:

- Sales on certain dishes
- Catered and hosted banquets with entertainment
- Platters for sampling the finest in Samharan cuisine

You've seen me cooking!
You've seen me haul my cart through the sands as far as Kashkar!
I've bartered for the finest cuts of meat!
I've delivered your blood tarts & pineapple turnovers on time, Ireem!

Though I have been reborn a Djinn, my love of cooking with fire has not been lost. I have cooked and delivered for the Bakery in the passed, and now enjoy serving as a cook in the Fatted Calf. However owning the eatery I work at would be a blessing. If you would like a shop owner who is active and serious in promoting the best restaurant in Ireem,

                                           VOTE FOR    
                                      AMARA PARMELEE                    
         The firey Djinn who loves to prepare a nice hot meal

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Inhabitants of Ireem,

Most of you know me from a previous human life experience, when I was known as Lady Stella, Head Odalisque from the Palace Harem, member of the Royal Court and one of the previous owner of the Blue Lagoon Cafe in Kashkar.

Today I come here in my true nature and name. Setah, a Marid Djinn.

Here I come to ask you to vote in my name as the new manager of the Good Knight Tavern, a place in the center of the city and of great history past. So many stories and prisoners interrogatories were heard behind that walls...

And why I want to manager the tavern? Well, the ones that knows me from my previous Blue Lagoon Cafe management knows that I will never let the city run out of a good fair priced food and beverages supply.

So for that, I expect your vote.


Marid Djinn

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