The Ireem Chronicles braved the war to bring you this interview with Sin, one of the final two candidates for Undead Leadership.  The beaded curtain of our office doorway rattled amidst the not too distant sounds of clashing blades, announcing his arrival.

Quickly setting aside the print materials in hand, and friendly greetings out of the way, I jumped right into the interview questions to efficiently utilise our precious time set aside during this chaotic war time.

The low rumble of Sin's voice emanates an aura of authority and mystique as he sits his warrior frame onto our rickety ancient, ahem I mean antique office chair, and very politely thank us for fitting the interview in our busy schedule.

"You are too kind, we are all very very busy, and I gather you must be busy too for there has been so many battles in the sands of late.  And Congratulations for being voted in as one of the two final candidates for Undead Leadership, Would you like to introduce yourself to those who don't know you so well?"

"Thank you again.." pausing to clear his throat. "Here most know me as Sin.  Though I am a rather new face in comparison, many have come to know me to be a man of action and results. I fight strongly for what I believe in and thrive in the face of adversity.." his words came quickly and with an air of confidence.

"Yes, yes your passion for wanting to lead your people is admirable, and yes...mmhmm.. your election opponent who is also the current leader, the formidable Damien Sack with many years of experience, what do you consider as your strength over him, and what made you come forward to run for Undead Leadership?"

At this juncture, the sounds of sword-fighting and battle-shouts could be heard very much clearer and nearer.  Nonetheless, Sin remained calm and answered with a smile, "I have not made the mistake of underestimating my opponent. He has many years of experience as you stated.. But as history has proven, those who have lead for too long lose touch with the common man. Finding themselves complacent in their day to day and not fighting for the prosperity of those who respect and serve.." a slight flicker in his eyes. "I have stood along side my brethren in times of war and times of celebration. Interweaving myself into their lives and ensuring not only their safety, but also helping them thrive. " adjusting himself a bit in the chair before continuing. "My strength is the bond I share with those I intend to lead into an evolution of our race and the fortunes it will bring along.."

Just outside the office, a barrage of gunfire sounded off as a female voice yelled 'Fireoff!!!'
I paused hesitating to pose the next question to Sin, a considerably newcomer in the political scene of Ireem, but leaned forward a little to look directly into his eyes to observe any inkling of irritation should it be sensitive to mention once again his opponent, his current Undead leader, and asked with a curious tone "How do you plan to deal with or win over the support of Damien's followers if you become the Undead Leader? How would you..describe your leadership style?"

Without hesitation he jumped right into his answer with a very stern tone. "As far as their support goes, I have fought for the respect and admiration of those who served alongside me. Nothing I claim has not been earned through extensive effort and my willingness to do what it takes to prove myself."

Rapping his fingers against the wooden table, he pondered for a moment before answering the second half of the question. "My leadership style? It can be summed up in a single word. A word you have heard me use a few times now.. Evolution. I will adapt to every situation and address each issue with the same respect and care as the last. A soft handed approach backed with my unwillingness to back down regarding something I believe in. I plan to push limitations and lead by example.. never asking anything of my people that I myself am not willing to endure."

Taking a deep breathe to calm myself what with the fighting noises just outside the office, my quill never stops etching onto the parchment all of Sin's words, I gestured to the plate of fresh beef slices and smiled "Help yourself to these snacks, I bought these for you thinking you might like refreshment what with the ongoing battles.." my eyes flits from the doorway and back to Sin.. " I sure hope the fighting remains out there..we have too many important documents in the office that must not be destroyed...and I'm not quite equipped to fight.."sighs..
He bellowed with a tone of certainty "Should anyone see fit to interrupt these proceedings, they will meet my blade...And if I may.. as a side note.. A good leader cannot be defined by his physical prowess. On the contrary a good leader is defined by the strength of character and what he believes in. A leader literally connotes to a ruler, but you must be wary because the line between the two can be easily crossed. A ruler demands his mob to follow him, often without their own livelyhood in mind. A leader shows the way and is willing to ensure none are left in the wake. In every walk of life, be it combat, interaction, office or family or country a good leader makes a difference and paves the way for success. A leader is the driving force which motivates and pumps positivity into the concerned group extracting the most from them albeit gently."

My heart almost skipped a beat writing down each and every word spoken with such intensity and passion, "Words of a great leader indeed!" looking up at him again from the papers held firmly down by the busy quill in hand "I do hope you don't mind me asking all these rather candid questions pertaining your election, we must get this article into the papers soonest possible. With the kind support of much donations from all citizens who appreciate our papers' timely reports ..we must work fast..If I may present, the strong ties between the Djinns and the Undeads is well-known, will this alliance continue if you become Undead Leader?"

"The Djinn and the Undead share a common bond unknown to most.. but without giving away too much..." he chuckled a bit looking to me once more with a warm smile and nodding reassuringly, "Yes, as long as their feeling stay the same, I will welcome them at my side and in my home as brothers and sisters.. "

Smiling back, and still mindful of the battles going on just outside but thankful our guest is well-skilled and seemed alert to fend off any attacks that may stray into the humble office " I am glad to hear that, very glad."
I paused to clear my throat before asking yet another rather sensitive question, "In a recent news report, the Pirate Slaver Eve made a comment and let me quote 'the cowardly four races alliance', she was referring to the Djinns, Undeads, Dark Knights and Merfolk, what is your response to that?"

"Eve wishes to play a game of numbers and figures.. yet I must ask the citizens of Ireem to consider the facts rather than the venom that Eve spits with each word.." a tinge of resentment in his words was clear. "After a recent change of tribes.. In which she moved to bolster her own numbers, she has moved to forge an alliance with not only the ones she turned her back on but now the palace itself has backed this war. If I may quote a pirate who shall stay unnamed.. 'It [The Bedu, Palace, Pirate alliance] is for all humans, to fight evil creatures,'" he paused a hint of anger welling in his eyes. "The arrogance and audacity of such a hateful ideals speaks volumes towards who Eve supports and her own thoughts on the world.. To make such claims towards all other races? Simply insulting."

I nodded quietly and then smiled to try defuse the tension "Ahh I see you are keeping an eye on this lady Eve's mischiefs.  Please do share your opinion, as Undead, what is your goals in Ireem? And what influences do you weave into the community of Ireem?"
"I have but one goal as leader of the Undead, the ensure the prosperity of my people. To make them a more integral part of the society that have all but been cast out of. To overcome the stereotypes and misinformed opinions of us. But above all the happiness of those who put me into such a position.." his words came like silk on air, as natural and honest as one could expect. "My influence will know no bounds.. For long have we lived alongside the citizens here.. Working with and against , depending on the situation, to build a harmonious union. At this time I do not wish to divulge all the details of my plans. But I will say.. that simply because we call shadow our home does not prevent us from coming into the light.." a mischievous smile was clearly taking shape over his dry lips.

"Excellent! You may be a new face but you are well-learned and very aware of all that is going on in the sands..I wish you success and would like to conclude this interview if you would sum up your campaign for your voters."
"With my campaign what I offer is simple.. A chance to evolve with changing times behind someone who has proven themselves and will continue to in the face of whatever adversity lies ahead.."

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.

I am not so naive as to be ignorant of the fact that my short time in Ireem has many unsure of how to judge my ability to lead. Nor can I claim that I am as well rooted here as some. But a fresh mind and fresh ideas are the weapons I wield in my quest to take reign over one of Ireem's most formidable groups.

Many know of my exploits both on the battlefield and in my steadfast defense of what I believe. Some have even spoke admirably of me at times. Whether or not they commend or loathe my actions and choices, I get results and am relentless in the pursuit of what I seek.

I wish to slowly bring about a wave of change that will forever shape the image of the Undead and those who choose to serve under me, I will not make empty promises or threaten those who do not wish to see me as their King. My offer is simple: Under my leadership, My only goal will be the success and prosperity of the Undead.


Day of Raids Shakes City, and slavers are now own/protecting Bedouins?

The City of Ireem saw little peace Tuesday, as several raids were carried out against several of the tribes.
The battles began late in the day as the Dark Knights, with the help of two or more Djinn, sacked the Bedouin camp and claimed one of their crystals. A witness at the scene said that the camp had been largely empty at the time, and there were no major injuries.

Barely a few minutes later the pattern was repeated, this time with the Djinn launching an attack on an empty Pirate Slaver camp. A number of the Slavers were conducting business at the auction platform, but were either unaware of the attack or unable to respond in time.

Unlike the day's earlier raid, the profit of the attack against the Pirate camp went to the Merfolk.
It is believed that there was an additional raid against the Pirate camp later, but it is unclear whether the raid was successful.

However, the Pirates and Bedouin did not allow the attacks to go unanswered. In the early hours of the morning. a party of members from both tribes ambushed the home of the Merfolk and reclaimed the crystal that had been stolen.

A Pirate Slaver named Eve, who we spoke to at the Pirate camp after the conclusion of the raid, told us happily, "We got our crystal back. Flea stole it yesterday for them. They seem not capable to do their raids alone and need the cowardly four races alliance."

The alliance she referred to is believed to be between the Djinn, Undead, Dark Knights, and Merfolk. While no formal contract exists codifying this partnership, the leader of the Djinn, Queen Indigo, said that their relationships--particularly with the Undead--run deep.

In response, the Pirates and Bedouin seem to have formed their own alliance. Eve told us, "We are forced to help each other even if we would prefer to enslave the lovely Bedus." But, facing an allied enemy, "we have to get some help as well."

Those we spoke to at the Pirate camp seemed unconcerned about the possibility of retaliation, and instead promised further raids of their own: "Until we own all crystals, yes. Just the [Bedouin] will be safe."


- Written by Pasha

It was a beautiful yet sad day in Ireem, as citizens from all persuasions set aside all rivalries to attend the memorial tribute to a beloved citizen of Ireem.

 Polo Olchowy was remembered by The Sultana Zanlu as Polo’s wife Misti stood nearby, “ When the palace was quiet he told me of his life, of his dreams .. what was his past and what he hoped for his future .... and so I discovered a great person .. with a great sense of duty, with full respect for the family and others .. a man who considered love the greatest gift of the Gods.  : He loved all the women .. He was sure that women, with their sweetness and sensibility and common sense, could be the masters of the world. He was very loved and I think he loved a lot .. I sometime teased him about that, but not too much, because he was very serious about "love. : Then... I do not know how and when .. he met the great love of his life, Misti.”

While all was silent except for some sniffles,  Sultana began to speak again, “He left his job as guard .. and for a while he travelled to other places .. but he loved very much our kingdom and its inhabitants and he came back.  I am sure that you all met him in the city, working in the bakery.  But not many days ago..he was called away from Someone that has more power than everyone else. Why ? I don't know, nobody knows. However,  I'm sure that now he is watching us …  so.. Dear Dr. Jekyll .. listen!”  At this time, Sultana lifted her eyes to the sky and with a sweeping motion around the courtyard she said, “Dear Polo you remember this square? How many times have you walked here crossing the small streets of this little world ... ? From now...this Court has your name .. and I'm sure you enjoy it ... that you are proud ..but it is the minimum that we can do for a dear friend as you...Polo Olchowy !” And so, Sultana named the court, where Polo had his apartment nearby and where he once ran the Blue Lagoon Café, in his honor as he will never be forgotten.

Sultana then turned to the large crowd gathered there and asked if anyone would say a few words.   As she turned it over to the crowd, she whispered, “Profitez-en où vous êtes maintenant,Polo ! “

Without hesitation several citizens spoke up,  all wanting to share their fond memories of Polo.  When it was her turn, Britt shared her thoughts and a heartfelt recitation of prayers , “We all knew Polo and were very blessed to know him. He was a gentleman who, as the Sultana said, loved woman and loved life. He had a smile for everyone and he took the time to listen. I give you now two Irish prayers I believe speak of him."

All were attentive as Britt began to recite the prayers
 “If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane
We would walk right up to heaven
And bring you back again.
No farewell words were spoken
No time to say goodbye
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why
Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow
 What it meant to lose you
No one will ever know
But now we know you want us
To mourn for you no more
To remember all the happy times
Life still has much in store
Since you'll never be forgotten
We pledge to you today
A cherished place within our hearts
Is where you'll always stay
 I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow;
I am the diamond glints on the snow
I am the sunlight that ripened grain;
I am the gentle autumns’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush,
Of quiet birds in circled flight
I am the soft star that shines at night
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there;
I did not die for I am all around you and in your soul.”

In closing Britt said, “Go drift with the winds and know we love and think of you Polo. May the angels fold you within their wings and know that you look down upon us all ever more. Ireem’s Guardian.”

Seeing his opportunity to share, YaYoo reflected, “It is so beautiful to see us gathered to share our love of Polo & Misti - to share the comfort that we can - in our hearts - to reach to each other.  Love is so deep here - Polo & Misti have especially inspired me – have taught me through their loving - thank you”.  YaYoo then looked to the heavens and speaking directly to Polo, “I know in my heart you are here with us now.  Polo dear friend - I have so enjoyed seeing the deep love you & Misti are - - you have always inspired me -Ii have looked up to you - now I live next to the Blue Lagoon where you & Misti have welcomed me - many times - - So please come visit me too when you have some time - I welcome you always.”

Finally, Misti wiped the tears from her eyes and began to address everyone, “December 9, 2010....The day I met Polo he was a butterfly....I have always loved butterfly's and I promptly IM'd him asking where he bought the avi....never in my wildest dreams did I know that we would end up talking nonstop for 5 days straight..........and continued until April 3, 2012. Without a doubt I truly loved Polo more than life itself. He had a soft heart to those he loved. I could see that especially in real life. He always said "Be true to yourself" and I've tried hard to live by those words.”

Misti was truly overwhelmed when she thanked everyone, “Thank you all for being here. Thank you to those who are sharing a memory, a thought, a sentiment. Thank you to those who are quietly here, your presence is felt.”

As Polo and Misti’s friends began to leave, they left flowers in Polo’s Square as a remembrance while sharing some private condolences with Misti. 

As all of Ireem was saddened by Polo's passing,  it was our priviledge to attend this beautiful tribute to Polo .. a truly good person and friend to so many.

Polo and Misti

NEWS: Gathering storm

Tension between the various clans of Ireem is nothing new. Whether spawned by personal conflicts or interspecies rivalry, some tribal discord is a part of life here. However, in recent days the strife has reached a new level, and with this escalation comes the risk of open war.

While the specific causes are still unclear, suspicion and rumor have run rampant. The raids of tribes' crystals, the frenzied capture of whole groups of citizens—and all who would defend them, and the ever-present condescension between individuals have all led to a growing feeling that each clan is living under constant threat of attack.

In particular, many of these fears center on the conflicts between the human and non-human populations of Ireem. Tribal alliances—whether open or clandestine—have created an increasingly polarized environment in which citizens are wary of trusting anyone outside their own clans.

Within the last few days, this mistrust has moved beyond speculation and been largely confirmed as fact. The Ireem Chronicles has obtained information from anonymous sources which affirms these suspicions: there exists a scroll, signed by several human clan leaders, formalizing the intent of the signatories to form an army, the goal of which is to launch an offensive against the non-humans of Ireem, described by one alliance member as “evil creatures.”

More disturbing is the allegation that with the Knights' participation, this charter has the blessing and even support of the Palace.

It is not clear whether any overture has been made by the Palace or any of the royal family to attempt to address any concerns which might otherwise lead to war.

In the absence of such talks, and with the formation of an army with such a singular purpose, it is difficult not to consider that those involved in this pact have no interest in peace, only the conquest of those whom they believe to be enemies. Indeed, at least one clan leader (who as yet has not been tied directly to the scroll) has expressed an open desire for war and the suffering it would bring.

Last time you were up against a well-known criminal and rapist. But this time you are up against a very popular honorable and popular Bedouin. Do you think you can win?

Antar ben Kouraish:
velvet is what you said true honor is what mak eus deferent then other groups a s my self condaucted my leader withhonor i insisted oh that and hat made few unhappy about my harsh aproach on criminals

How did you think you do as a leader of Bedouins?

Antar ben Kouraish:
i think i am doing good job as leader now don't you think

What is your thought that both your former co-leader, Ehson and then Eve, turned out to be a traitor and abandon the Bedouins?

Antar ben Kouraish:
oh well love make us do certain thing that we don't normaly ehson has his reason he was instraucted to go by certain ppl but eve she fallowed her heart

What made you accept the well-known Bedouin hater Shaka into your tent?

Antar ben Kouraish:
you knwo your self you can't control ppl emotion even though eve left to fallow her heart withthe pirate we have helped her a sshe did help bring the feud with the slaver to a peacefull time with us we ar ehelpinhg eachother now if you call that traitor i cal it politic made us stringer with new alliance

about shaka eve wanted to show that he can change an dbe respectable she brought him to our camp i accepted him for he was tehlov eof her life and who Am i to stand inteh face of true love he condacted him self not wel with us even though he wa smy biggest enemy

What would you do to Eve and Shaka now that they have betrayed all the Bedouins?

Antar ben Kouraish:
look a si said its human emotion in fack they brought the two long time enemies to a friendship i cal that good tactic

Would you lead the Bedouins to the warpath or a path of peace?

Antar ben Kouraish:
i always as for peace all our wars taht happen it was a self defence we never initiate awar on any one i my self wnat our trib eto grow to unite witch its for now we ar egroing in numbers making a deference our camp is a place wher eall ppl love to visit eat dance and meet ask

Do you have any support from the Bedouin Clan Leaders this time?

Antar ben Kouraish:
i have the support of most a si know lots of bedouin wish9ingm egoo dluck an dsaying they wil be on my team

Do you think you will be a better leader than Velvet?

Antar ben Kouraish:
its not that i am better or she s velevt is a good person very loved sister of mine
an ddefined better by the way

For the voters to choose their leader, there will be comparison.

Antar ben Kouraish:
wel il tell you about me during my leadership i was alone single man by my own decission i wanted to dedicate my tim eto me family i was swomped with work tryningto defend tohelp to do what ever i can to keep us united what mak ea person strong leader is he dedication to his ppl and my bedouin ppl was all what i wanted nothing else
i wa shumiliated spet on chassed al fo rteh sake ofmy family an di didn't fold i stood tal an dtook al on teh chest not on teh chin

Thank you Antar, for answering some very candid questions, to conclude this interview, would you like to sum up your campaign with a last message?

Antar ben Kouraish:
my massege
i tel teh bedouin if you wnat a leader who stand by you who wil never leav eyou who wil be her efor you any time in teh good and teh bad time an dbe strong to protect you and to mak eyou feel safe and some one you can depend on just tick yes next to my namew

The Ireem Chronicles bring you an exclusive interview with the most powerful, regal aura of blue, Queen Indigo Mehendi (Wolfenstien Khandr).  It is not surprising preference for privacy and comfort supercedes having to hover around in our humble little office, and thus we were given the rare privilege to bring the interview to the Djinn Realm!

Queen Indigo with two Djinn Elders ever so loyal standing guard by her side, gave a majestic wave of her hand to welcome me in, I could feel her studying this little ole young djinnlet me from head to toe as she spins and hover at the top of the long flight of steps leading up to our sacred Fire.  I promptly bow to show respect to my beloved Queen and Elders, amidst greetings and introductions, our Queen turned to face the sacred Fire and began a ritual of cleansing her hands and face in it.  Then spins back around, looking at me with her piercing eyes, but was smiling and invited me to have a seat to begin the interview.

"Your Highness, if I may go straight to the questions less my nerves render me dumbfounded." 

Queen Indigo laughed and she seemed to have no intention of sitting... "come ask away..." she reached to touch her pet's mane...and our awesome Elder Flea waved her tail in a most adorable curious manner.

I felt compelled to bow again and waited for the Queen to sit before I would, but my nerves betrayed me and I soon blurt out the question,

"Elusive as some of our brothers and sisters are, we may have a bigger family than anyone know and surely the young ones may not come to know you much, kindly indulge us on a little about yourself and why we should take this election as a rare opportunity to step up , show our appreciation of your leadership style and vote for your highness to continue as our leader."

Queen Indigo's laugh echoed through the realm sending chills through my already frazzled nerves.... "you dont ask for much do you..?" she paused to toy with one of the shrunken skull around her neck... "im not one to talk of myself much... i serve her.." she gestures to the fire.. " my life belongs to Zin, it has for quite some time.. my rein has brought my people it unifies them ... the djinn are not seen as weak " she then crossed her arms over her chest... taking a deep breath... " the true path of a djinn is to seek their true nature... is it not.?"  And at this point her eyes were upon me, it felt like my thoughts were all hers to peruse, and I'd forgotten to breathe.

"Yes, Your Highness, and I appreciate your kindness in allowing us the free will to seek our true self."  Alas, soon as I answered, my nerves got the better of me and knees buckled, now kneeling in front of my idol, so very near, looked up to her and to the two Elders in awe.  I tried to recompose myself and quickly asked the questions, " Your Highness, to you, what is a leader's role?  And what do you feel are the three most important qualities of a leader?"

What followed will remain a treasured memory for a long time to come, my Queen, a great leader feared by many, offered a hand to help me up from the floor!  Queen Indigo, with her hand extended before me she asked with a frown on her face "is there something wrong with your legs? " she then laughed and continued to answer the question, " a leader must seek the truth in all things, see past the surface, and understand the very nature of things.. she must be wize.." she frowns... "a leader must also have vision.. and.."  at this point she pulled me up with little effort,  "compasion.... yet she must also be hard... have backbone and courage..."

"Thank you, Your Highness" I grabbed my Queen's hand almost too tightly, and kissed the back of her hand with much respect and good wishes from the heart, which made her look away at an instant and she seemed shy.  Elder Mika who has been standing close by was now swaying slightly looking nervous as she cast her eyes upon me.  That got me worried that I may have said or done something wrong, but if so I would be taught right.  I then tried to stand proud as all Djinns should and continued to pose questions.

"And for the benefit of everyone in Ireem, What is a Djinn? What fire burns within the mysterious djinn realm that is worshipped by all djinns? Take this opportunity to remind your friends and adversaries why respect us Djinns."

Queen Indigo took a deep breath and answered "the great texts say we are made of smokeless fire.. "she nods towards the flames that burn here eternally.. "many of us take our powers from nature...the marid from water, the jann from the fertile earth...the jinn from the air...the ifret from fire... but no two djinn are the same... each is unique.. and must work to unlock there potential... " some mortals do not understand they seek to class us as good or evil when we are neither... the sea does not weep for those who drown in her ..does it?"

"Very reassuring indeed to hear these words dear Queen, true to our core. Evil may be with a smile, yet no existance should be so simply classed as just good or evil. There are many who do not know us and hence hostility bred from their fear.. How many attempts have been made on your life to no avail? And what goes though your mind when you kill someone?"

Queen Indigo tilted her head, her eyes...would lift briefly upon me like two black holes...then they draw away..."many have tryed to kill maim or tame me, but like Zin, i am more likley to burn than bow... " her eyebrow raises as she fiddles with the skulls that adorn her waist.."I have killed many ... i have felt hunger...anger.. compasion... many things.. death is ...not always the end of things.. just change and all things change ..."  Queen Indigo's eyes moved to her pet...and soften.  I am so glad our Elder Flea's presence soothes our Queen.

"Yes..yes..and our elemental nature if harmed would change the environment, liken to the mortals void of any of their emotions would not live the same.." my thoughts and words all a mess being led to feel for the dangers my great leader must have encountered over the years..

"Djinns have won many battles, you have a good team of loyal Djinn ELders, with excellent battle strategies that have brought our family glory. Will you be training more from the djinnlets to take on such important roles and what is expected of those who have the passion for it?

Queen Indigo answered with a nod... "I am proud of my family..." she looked up at mika and flea.."they have made great sacrifices and proved themselves time and time again.. those who wish to serve me honestly and in good faith are rewarded...we fight hard we live with passion... any who wish to prove there loyalty may find similar rewards.."

"That is good to hear! I truly wish for our family to continue united under your proven leadership, and wish for all to vote in and grow with the family. To conclude this interview, if Your Highness would sum up your campaign for the benefits of our voters please?

Queen Indigo looked at the fire... "well as far as i know im the only candidate... so its vote for me... or let the djinn become scattered and weak like the other races... let us fight amoung ourselves for the scraps the mortals may throw us... my reign will end one be sure for nothing is certain.. but hopefully the days when they lament the great age of djinn are not at an end just yet..."

"Indeed!  My beloved Queen, please allow me to refuse your thoughts of retirement, intestinal buntings come in handy but I must say very rare find in our Djinn family, cheers to four years of your leadership and many more to come!"

The Ireem Chronicles met with the beautiful Miss Velvet Hamelin, a candidate running for Bedouin Leader to learn more about the only candidate running against the current Leader.  The lanky beauty of well-toned physique made herself comfortable on the lush carpet in our office and this eager newbie reporter sat down with her and plunged into the interview with the first question soon as we exchanged pleasantries.

Salaam Miss Velvet, it is good to see a woman use her innate strength to make a stand for her people, hot off the press your election statement expressed your dream of unity AGAIN, perhaps for the benefit of the voters, share a little about yourself and the life of a Bedouin that you have experienced, and would like to lead your people who have strayed, back to it.

Smiling with her mesmerising green eyes set upon me like she could see through my human form, but unlikely of course, she replies  "Salaam moon, thank you for allowing me this interview and for the compliment", she ponders a moment before answering the question, "well moon as you and most are aware, the Bedouin are a bit scattered at the moment, the strong unity we used to share hanging on a very thin thread at the moment and as mentioned in my statement, it is a desire of mine to get all Bedouin back as we used to be, strong, united and a force to be reckoned with, but about me, most who know me would tell you that i always strive to make strangers who arrive in our city feel welcome, maybe a little tease in me, but always a devote Bedouin, who will always watch out for her own kin, but also try and maintain an open communication to all the other races"

That is excellent!  Miss Velvet, if you become the Bedouin Leader, how do you intend to convince your people they will be safe from the seemingly frequent threats of other beings lurking about your tents, and it has been reported that some of your people were mixing with them!  Do you see these activities as suspicious influences that may cause harm to your people if not give a wrong impression and hence invite more uninvited guests to your tents? How will you deal with this as a leader?

Velvet smiled as she leaned back, looking a little more comfortable, "well moon, if I do get elected as Bedouin Leader, I will definitely not tackle this position alone, there are many very competent Clan Leaders and kin who will be reeled in to help, I do not believe that ruling with an iron fist is the way to lead, especially not free spirited strong Bedouin, and as for the safety of all Bedouin, it will take time to build up a strong army again, but i have faith."
At this point she lets out a little sigh, "as for the the beings you refer to lurking about our tents, we as a race have always shown hospitality and if they are no threat, they are welcome to a bite to eat or drink, if they are a threat, they will be asked most sternly to leave."
Her eyes widened and she continued with a serious tone, "one should always remember that you cannot control people, only guide them, if they mix with "them" as you stated, in war there is no friends, only kin, but outside war, being civil to others or even joining them for a drink can do no harm, Bedouin are proud but fair people"

This reporter relaxed a little seeing her interviewee more at ease as the conversation continued, so glad that Miss Velvet took the initiative to choose to sit on the carpet instead, for it is where I find comfort to nap when in cat-form.

"Yes indeed, it is one thing being friendly and welcoming, and yet all is fair in war.
Miss Velvet smiles and nods, "exactly" and then reaches out to touch my arm, "relax please Moon, i am already a little tense, we cannot both be tense we might faint on each other"  Taken aback by her gesture yet delighted by her humour, it is only befitting to reply jokingly yet quite honestly "Oh! hahaha..our Editor may be delighted to find a beautiful lady such as yourself unconscious in his office! *cough cough*

Stifling giggles, the interview continues, "Speaking of wars, Miss Velvet, Food has become scarce with the many battles that ensued in recent days, do you have a plan to ensure your people will not go hungry, or perhaps encourage them to take advantage of this situation to make some dinars by trade of..deliscious Kofta and Mshabbak? I've seen how Bedus can create a most generous portion of bread with the most simple ingredients and mmMmmm...the enticingly brightly tinged crispy sweets...

Velvet answers with a hearty laugh, "yes i am sure he would be ecstactic to find two women on his carpet", her voice then gets more serious, "yes the endless wars do tend to deplete the food chain, but we have many homely folks in our family who are more than willing to keep the home pots brewing and i will ensure that they are well rewarded for their efforts to keep all the Bedouin warriors well fed, I will also get our kin to start trading again, with the right teachings of the elders, as mentioned, we will soon be strong, not just in war" smiling she teased with a wink, "yes most of us do have a flair for baking and cooking and i will make an effort to invite you and your Editor for some good food and dance soon"

Food never fails to bring a smile to my face, especially exotic delicacies, and it was a box of candies that brought about my comical ties to my dear Editor and yet loyal to this day, Office Cat gets a bit too excited and blurt out with a big grin "Oh my, that would be delightful, thank you Miss Velvet!" blinks..not wanting to seem like a greedy glut, and tried to recompose myself sitting up straight to look more professional, "Miss Velvet it seems you are very ready to put into action a very well thought out plan in leading your people. You are a formidable candidate to beat for the Bedouin leadership. What do you feel are the three most important qualities of a leader?

Velvet tilts her head a little and grows a little more serious as she gave some thought to the question, "I really feel ready Moon and i am very positive yes, well three qualities that spring to my mind are firstly, communication, decisiveness and approachability"

"Very Good. Now that we have some idea of how you will lead your people, how about to the outsiders? Will there be diplomacy with the groups that have become unfriendly to Bedus over the years? Or perhaps some feuds brought about by past Bedouin Leaders?

"There will most definitely be diplomacy with all groups, i do not foresee all group sitting around a fire together laughing and sharing a joke, but i also not foresee continuous wars, well that is what i hope for and will strive to for that, even try and approach some who have been our enemy since i can recall"

I couldn't help but giggle at the campfire notion, "You will be a good leader indeed, and with a sense of humour too! I appreciate you taking this time to give us insights to your leadership style and would like to conclude our meeting with what you may wish to impress upon your voters, would you like to sum up your campaign herewith?

"Thank you moon, i believe one cannot always be too serious, imagine the wrinkles, but no on a serious note, i would ask my fellow Bedouin to vote for me, i am dedicated, very approachable and always open to new ideas and critism, to take and give, with the help of all we will soon be able to walk the sands with our heads help up high and with pride"  Velvet grins as she leans forward, "vote for me and you will be ensured of a smile from me that will touch the furthest stars"

EVENT: Slaves Head Inn

The Slaves Head Inn presents, classes on slaves and masters

"A girl needs to be able to deal in a good way with people, make them feel at home … she can dance, is sensual, can tempt you, seduce you … she can take initiatives, arrange your day, read your mind … make you a good dinner, bath you and give you a good massage, and …. will always be on your side …

As one of my girls said: "willing to go that extra mile". Wouldn't it be interesting to know when girls are really willing to go that extra mile"

Just a few lines out of a first session of a series presented by The Slaves Head Inn on the topic of slaves and their masters.

Some of those sessions will be practical, like, what commands can you use, when do you kneel, what massages techniques are there. etc.. Some will be more digging into subjects that makes a pleasure slave to a real pleasure slave, like rp'ing and emoting: how to be sensual, tempting, seductive?, when to be more practical?, how to understand what somebody wants, how to time well?

As such those sessions are of value to both slaves as masters and mistresses.

We will do a session every two weeks, in the weeks in between, we will have parties, where girls can show the masters what they have learned. There will be music, dance, lapserves ... and drinks and food for just one golden piece.

Our first session will be an introduction, called: the relationship between slaves and masters
when: Tuesday april 24th @ 12:00 pm slt (noon)
where: The Slaves Head Inn

Darr (Darren Islar), owner of The Slaves Head Inn

Election: Slaver Eve

The time has come to rebuild the old strength of the pirates and slavers! I remember days when the pirates blades were feared all over the sand. They claimed the oceans as well as the desert and harbours. Many tides and moons have passed since out former ruling and during that time the creatures such as undead could make their huge, cowardly alliances.
In this war human vs creatures my aim as a leader will be to build a temporary alliance with other human races.
Also i hope to strengthen the fighters with more training sessions in the arena as well as in the sand.
But pirate life isnt just fighting, swahsbuckling and war! As a former bedu i have to admit.. no other race has such great parties as the slavers!
I hope we can have more of them in the furture and certainly i will make sure we have the ship full of rum barrels!
Another point which botherd me is that slavers forgot their job. There are just a few of us who know how to train slaves, its time we regain our great name as good merchants. I hope we can set up some classes and find some useful methods how to put our prisoners in place.
Porbably we can even get some new equipement for the camp and ship, i will try my best to convince the gods to give us some canons or such!
Fair winds wenches and lads!
Captain Eve
٩(- ̮̮̃•̃)۶

Hello.  I am known by the citizens of Ireem as Azriel.  I have written this article to announce that I am currently running for Magi Leader. 

One may ask themselves what I may have to offer for the Magi.  What I have to offer is quite simple. I cannot offer numerous promises of alliances and tactical objectives, but I will offer an open ear and active participation to all Magi who seek the guidance of a leader.  I would also like to note that if I do or do not become leader, I will continue my role as a clan leader and offer whatever support I can.  Trust me...

(grins mischievously)

Slides her weary body behind her desk, it is late, the dim light of the candle throwing eerie patterns around her as she reaches for her quill, she dips it into the little bottle of ink and starts writing ………….

“Over the last few years we have seen our proud brothers and sisters disintegrate, some have left to never return, some might, who knows, time will only tell.  In running for Bedioun Leader my aim is to unite all again as one big family, to eat, laugh and fight alongside one another.  It is a dream that I would love to bring into reality.  As I sit here, I know that it will be a long and rocky road, but with the help of many in our tribe, we will be able to gain momentum in no time.

Vote for me if you share this dream of mine, I would be honoured to serve you and proudly strive to make this dream come true.

Humbly yours
Velvet Hamelin

NEWS: Bogus Bedu

This is just proof that the bedu king has no control over his kingdom. The walls are talking and they're saying "Antar..these surely break the camels back!"

The walls of Ireem are talking my fellow citizens and you should hear what they are saying? The bedu are not as pure, honorable, and just as you think they are.

A slaver walking from the camp one day, spied some interesting movement in the sands to say the least. What do thier eyes behold? Well if it wasn't the bedu woman Eve dancing the horizontal watusi with some stranger. Rumor has it that the stranger was no stranger at all but the large Lycan Drag in human form.

This is not the first time a Bedu has been found in the lap of another clan  or form of brotherhood. I'm sure we all remember the undead romeo and the bedu juliet.

The Bedu are losing clan members left and right. Just recently Bedu turned Slaver were heard screaming "Antar..were coming for you!"

Chronicles News Team

*Election Statement - indigo mehendi *

Indigo sits and ponders her last 4 years of leading the djiin, what can the future hold  for her people.  She has at times considered retiring..leaving them to fend for them selves against those who would see her kin subdued, chained like mortal slaves driven like cattle there power diminished to a whisper. Scattered to the four winds and are no longer united. But she wants to leave a legacy.

She writes  "one day our children will whisper of this time..of the time when djinn were strong, fearless bound to no one ".  This will be looked upon as an era of greatness and freedom, i need to leave something to guide those that will follow in my footsteps.."

Some speak to me, of how the years have hardened me, some even call me a tyrant. Perhaps this is true I have little patience for those who would  insult me or my kin, for those who would deny me the title of queen which I have worked so hard for yet still benefit from all that I have done for my people. I have brought my people glory, safety and knowledge of the traditions and ways of my kind few can deny that.

When I first woke in this place I hardly new what I was I found my tribe and since have learned much more about my true nature. A path which I encourage all djinn to follow  to seek there true nature and come to terms with it, no matter how frightening it may seem.
All who know me  know this to be the truth.

In the past I have focused on the safety of the young and the weak, now I will focus on leaving a legacy..future generations of djinn will know themselves because of what we write today. I will still protect those who ask for it  for I am not without mercy.....I will still attend to the sacred balance  but i will see my people respected one way or another.

she puts down the pen scanning the page

she thinks to herself silently and if you don't vote for me I will eviscerate you and use your small intestines to make bunting ....

Greetings All,

     My name is Captain Olaf (Darklord Trapdoor).  Many of you know me well and a few of you know of me as my business dealings are well documented here in the beautiful city of Ireem.  This has been my home for many a year and I know it well which brings me to the point of this greeting.  I wish to run for clan leader of the Pirate Slavers.  I am of the mind that I would make a great leader of this clan as I am strong enough to take on any fight that comes our way.  I believe that the slavers ought to be respected for the fine work they do in giving young women an opportunity to work. To do this , we must be organised and trained , this will promote the welfare of our group. We must return our crystal to it's proper  place and protect it so that it is never taken again.  We will make alliances with those who can assist us and return the favor until we are strong enough to withstand whatever comes our way .  It is my desire to see the Slavers safe in our own camp and free to do the important work we are here to do. Ireem needs us. Without slavers this city would not exist.  We perform a valuable service to all who coexist in Ireem.  I would appreciate any and all of your suppport in my endeavor to lead us all to prosperity and success.

Capt. Olaf

Along with the conflicts in the sands over possession of the gems, it seems that there is a storm raging over the seas of Ireem.

Could it be that the red headed lass known as Wen hasn't learned her life lessons yet, or the old sea dog Olaf is too set in his ways or drunk on rum to listen to logic.

The citizens of Ireem have been talking though. It seems that the Martiarch of the Defilers is going to once again challange the cranky Captain by running in the slaver elections against him.

Is this because the warg was left in the sands for days at the mercy of the evil djinn Lord Aizen or does Wendigo see potential in what the slavers can do for the city of Ireem.

One thing thats for certain,  there will be more interesting news to report at the chronicle as the wars continue on, as alliances are made, agreements are broken, royalty is abducted, and clan members carry on.

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