Dear Ireem Citizens!

 I am here to announce to you that I, Adele will be running for Mistress of The House of Pleasures. To be co-owned by Wysteria AstraMira.

 The House of Pleasures will be run by two beautiful experienced Djinn ladies. We will take care of our Courtesans and assure that they are properly trained for your desires.

 Refunds are allowed only if you are dissatisfied with your purchase of one of the Courtesans as well a valid reason, If you try to get a refund without a valid reason or lie about it, you will be banished from the house.

 The House of Pleasure will be a home for all, anywhere from enemy's to close friends. Whomever begins violence inside of the House of Pleasure will be banished from the house. Not only pleasure is offered but comfort as well. A place for relaxation, peace, and play.

 The costs for our Courtesans shall remain the same, but donations to the Courtesans are highly encouraged.

 I appreciate you taking your time to read this. We look forward to seeing all of you and hope you enjoy our services!


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Dear Doctor Princess Nami 
heals & cures the wounds & ills 
    Using her joyful, artful skills
with bandages & potions
    & herbs made with devotion
Helps us to enjoy more of life
sparing us when possible
     of misery & strife.

She can heal Pirates & djinn & undeads
     on the hospital beds
& Magi, Citizens, Slavers, Knights & Priests
     with her talents so sweet.

Her bed side manner
     is worthy of a cantor 
to sing of the praises 
    as she heals & saves.

So your vote for Nami
saves the lives of so many.

helping Ireem’s injured 
     after the battles endured
from the violences of raids
     that she gallantly aids.

So for peace, love & Salaami 
     vote for Princess Nami ( Namira Scarfould)!!!

Citizens of Ireem,

Some of you may not know me, others may have clashed swords with me. None the less I urge you to vote my name Wendigo (Aella Falconer) as stable owner.

Of all of Ireem, I am the most experience to take care of your finest stallions, mares, colts, fillies and camels. If you remember my guarding once was the proprietor of the stables.

Have an injured animal? No problem at all. My kind slaves, ahem, staff will nurse it back to health or dispose of the animal discreetly.

Life at the stables will not just be about business. There are games to be had. Join in:

Daily Hunts: Animals are always losing items. The best seeker in the kingdom of sand will fill his or her pocket with dinars.

Horse races: Do you have the fastest steed in Ireem

Camel Races: Is your camel the best of its breed?

Scorpion Fights: Are your scorpions as deadly as you are?

Feasts in the sands: Join me in the kindom under the full moon and bright stars for a night of pleasure, great food, song, dance and drink to be had.


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