(Chronicles) Good evening Avery. Welcome to the Chronicles’ Election Special. Let’s get right to the point. In your opinion, what makes a good leader of the knights?

(Avery) In order to be a leader, a person must have followers. And to have followers, a person must have their confidence. Hence, the supreme quality for a leader is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible. If a person's associates find her or him guilty of being phony, if they find that he lacks forthright integrity, she or he will fail. For me, teachings and actions must work with each other. The first great need, therefore, is integrity, and high purpose.

Can you tell us a bit more about your involvement with the knights?

When I joined the knights, I was a Beduoin. At the time I was recruited by the head of the knights, Lonesome Charisma, (Milly Schor was second in command), and I was trained by Urso Kronsage. Smooth Citron was still with us and working as a knight, at that time. It was a wonderful team. I could not have asked for better.

Many people’s opinion are divided when we discuss what exactly do the knight represent, and what are their purpose. Maybe we can have some of your thought on that?

The knights should be, and they were, pure and noble and could be called on to help anyone in distress. They would always follow the code, never resorting to methods worthy of their enemies.

What would you consider as your best quality to be the Knight Leader?

I have been the only knight on call for many months at a time. My strength has always been in my word. I have fought many battles, but more importantly, negotiated many a dispute successfully. A dispute between people who oppose one another can only be settled by a negotiation with someone who does not break their word.

What motivate you to throw your hat in the ring, so to speak, to be the Knight Leader?

I am disappointed recent history could so dramatically alter the perception of the knights, both from within the Order and from outside of the knights. We need a knight leader who will bring the knights back to nobility, honor, integrity, and moral character.

You talked about honor and integrity a lot. Do you believe that should be the focal point of what the Knight as a group is about?

Knights must have self respect in order to give respect to others. And respect must be shown. This is Ireem. We all love Ireem, and we want Ireem to live up to the best it can be, not the worst that is within each human soul. Ireem is a city where the bad guys are really, truly bad, and the good guys are really, truly good. When those lines get crossed, and the good guys are evil, then we have a serious problem.

So in your mind, do you believe that you can bring this back to the Knight and be a great leader of them compare to other candidates?

I have read the other interviews for Knight Leader, and they were all very good. However I think there is a lot to this job. Highest on the list is "chain of command." To me, a title does not bring power, or wealth. So why would I still go for it? Because I know that I can do this job well. I was doing it as Archon until February 14th. Sometimes, it hard to imagine the difficulty of this job, unless you have been there personally, witness all the hardship and issues of the job brings.

Thank you very much Avery. To end this interview, maybe you can share a vision of your leadership will bring to Ireem?

If I am elected, my job will be to restore order to the Order, so that the knights can do their job and arrest the criminals who harass the citizens of Ireem.

Here is a message from the Arena


THE ARENA PROUDLY SPONSORS A DEBATE FOR ALL KNIGHTS LEADERSHIP CANDIDATES. As an effort to encourage the spirit of democracy and serve the civic good, all Eleven candidates for the position of Knight Leader are invited to a public debate in the Arena at 1 pm SLT, Friday February 25th.
Kahdoosch Alter will moderate, using concise, general questions provided by the candidates.
- Each candidate should send one notecard with two questions each by Midnight SLT, Thursday, February 24.
- Questions should be no more than 2 sentences covering one subject.
*Chat Log of the Event will be edited for OOC content and provided to the IREEM CHRONICLES for publicaton and distribution.*



Welcome to the Chronicles, lady. For the benefits of those who doesn't know you, please say a few words about yourself.
*scratching her wrinkled bum and burps few words* Just call me granniePal, girlie. oldcrones like me won't spread away bullsh*t like otha guyz promise for bein imparato. Im straight now, lesbo ages are over. I used to have dozens of husband in my life, but now I am juzt simplie lookin'fo love" hemhehme hme hmehe

*Double check himself to see why he is being call a girlie* erm.... okay.... why don't you tell us your involvement with the knights so far?
yup. one day when da forma'leada Ashie had entered in da room where I was layin nakie and daydreamin, he issued me a 1000 G$ fine widout any warnin'. damn, I decided to be a knight.

So why would a fine senior citizen like yourself want to be the Knight's Leader?
fo'earnin much mo' money, moniee und moneee. what elz? everybody speakin'bullsh*t who answer somfin'else

If you become the Knight's Leader, what do you think you can offer to the citizen of Ireem?
I will keep da corruption higha and higha. can ya hear me sluttieonez? no worrie aboud breakin da law, granniePal will help ya all! we will organize f*kin good parties, I can tell ya! lonely and single girlies could come anytime, the handsom'knights will offa'everyfin to keep your mental balance highest. tiger panties to every knight! Mache sonnie, I hope ya will join back.he he mhemhe

*Starting to wonder if this granny is related to Cranky Granny Robyn* What would your approach be to deal with the issues that arise, such as crimes and warfare between races?
Just look arounda world girlie, crimes and warfare will keep our markets inda highest profit. I can suggest to make doublesized blacksmif and houze of pleasure fo'relaxin. library will need much mo'scientists to research betta und betta weaponz. the city should not strugglin by the lazy fighters here. everybody in armor now! yeeeeee

*Slowly moving away* That's all good...... so what are you hoping to achieve as the Knight's Leader?
new flat, maybee a palace,mmm, new maleslutz, girlies to washin and sewin my socks, a limo wid 10white horses, mmm. maybe I did not mentioned yet more money and pools in my palacegarden and mmmm respect, nope not respect but fearness and new makeups, dresses, goldie chairs in the hq, new slaves from the neighbour kingdomz, mmm may I attach a complete list later?

*Thinks he should wrap this up as quickly as possible and sod the rest of the questions* Why don'tyou sum up your campaign in one statement, granniepal?
do not forget to issue the fines befo'kickin'asses!!

*Sighs a relief that the interview is finally over* Well thanks for your time granniepal, good luck at the election!
*tilts her head above her shoulder and whispering quietly* truzt me sunie. put me in da knighz leadaship and I will make ya richie *winks*

Welcome to the Chronicles LaDana, please Introduce yourself to those who doesn't know about you
I am an easy going magi person who loves to make portions so life can be saved.

Can you tell us why do you want to be the Knight's Leader?
To set things in order.

So what has been your involvement with the knights so far
earlier i used to aid them as much as possible but under the last leader they made life hard for ealier friends.

What do you think you do to the citizen of Ireem as the Knight's Leader? Make the life better with more safety and less criminals.

So what would your approach be to deal with the issues that arise, such as crimes and warfare between races?
Deal with criminals and make aggreements between leaders.

As the Knight Leader, what is your aspiration?
To lead.

And what are you hoping to achieve as the Knight's Leader?
A better Ireem for all.

Thank you, please sum up your campaign in one statement
For the best of the Ireem citizens. I am the one.

Thank you for speaking to the Chronicles. You are quite new to Ireem, so prehaps you would like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi am Sue, just a happy friendly bi-sexual submissive/ Domm women (Switch). More lesbian in nature but i do like shemales however.

.... Interesting..... maybe a bit about your background also.....?
I am a loner trying to make a living for herself here in Ireem. Not skilled at anything she will find haven and know her skills if she already hasn't. Learned the hard way of protecting herself in different lands but she is weak at heart and has been hurt allot in her quest for a good living. Her family living in a camp of shore have been captured or killed by strange creatures thus leaving her alone in the world. She hopes to find perhaps a long lost sister...Trying to keep a job her first job as brewer has always been best for her. She tryed to be palace guard since her fighting skills where very good a friend leaded her to the Sultana. But Sue found out the Sultana is more interested in how your dressed rather then how good you can protect her and Sue quite
and took back her job as brewer.

I see, what about your involvement with the knights?

None yet

So Why do you want to be the Knight's Leader?
because that option is open

Fair point..... what do you think you do to the citizen of Ireem as the Knight's Leader?
i bring them peace and protection

What would your approach be to deal with the issues that arise, such as crimes and warfare between races?
Crimes shall be not overlooked at all i would even let my knights spy if necessary only. As for war, I would first try to talk it out between the 2 races but if escaltes to a fight use tactics

So what are you hoping to achieve as the Knight's Leader?

Thank you. Maybe you can sum up your campaign in one statement?
Dont ask what Ireem can do for you, but what you can do for Ireem

NOTICE: From the Arena

Here is a notice from the Arena's management:

Due to the over burdoned Knights we have decided to use those who choose to steal form us.. as a opportunity to hone our skills as fighters.

As we discover the individual thefts. we will send a scroll out to the KOS Arena members, alerting them to the Huntable theives.

Those brazen enough to empty to dip into our till , will be hunted. eventualy capped and then Sold at auction . The proceeds of the sale
will be shared between the Employee responsible for the capture, and the arena, to furbish upcoming prizes and events.

The Arena will happily accept names of confirmed theives, who we will pursue on their behalf.

Arena Propriatrix :

Yannena Homewood.

(Chronicles) Good day. I must admit you are not someone that we are familiar with in the pages of Chronicles, some people might say it's a good thing. But maybe you can introduce yourself to the readers who are also not familiar with you?
I am Treves, Citizen here in Ireem. I found my self in Ireem way back in the old days, I made my living as a slaver for many years until I was plagued. Though my mind was warped and my body deterieating I thought I had become undead hence lived for a while in the combs. One day I found myself encountered by a brave knight and all he did was honorable. The things I learned from wathcing how he delt with situations has stuck with me for the rest of my like. Some djinn found me in my state and healed my body and mind. Since that time I dedicated my life to honorable in all I do as I had learned from Captain Smooth.

Thank you. The Chronicles notices that you are not a knight at the moment. Can you tell us if you have any involvement with the knights before?
After I was rescue, I became a knight for a short time but found that the honor that I had admired and looked for there was lacking. Now this opertunity has opened and I if elected will do all that I can to bring back the honor the knights should never have lost.

Many people said being the leader of the knights is a thankless task. Why do you want to be the Knight's Leader?
I want to be the knights leader to help train new knights in the way of the old code behavior. Even though some laws have changed, honoring of the people should still stand.

What do you think you can to the citizen of Ireem as the Knight's Leader?
Treat them with the respect they deserve and no one is above the law. If someone can not uphold the laws of the city, even if they are a great help the the knights, they must pay for their crimes in an apropriate mannor.

What is your aspiration for this job and what are you hoping to achieve?
I aspir to have the heads of the knights lifted high as they walk the streets and smiles on the face of those that see them for they know the knights will do the honorably thing. And importantly, I want to bring peace to the city and honor back to the reputation of the knights.

Being the Knight's Leader, you will be in the position to make decision in dealing with many difficult issues such as crimes and warfare between races. What would your approach be when you are confront with those issues?
Diplomacy first and formost, knights are warriors but we have an obligation to keep this city at peace as much as possible. Crimes should be dealt with swiftly and justly.

Thank you so much for speaking to us. Would you like to sum up your campaign in one statement?
My campaign is to take the knights back onto the path of richousness and instll a sense of peace on the fine citizens of Ireem.

Welcome to the Chronicles Frosty. Would you like to Introduce yourself to our readers who doesn't know about you?
It is hard to do this with few words. I am an older gentleman who work as merchant and trade rum, wine, food, fabrics and other merchandies with citizens of Ireem. Also i am leader of the Sea Falcons and a Magi.

It is not easy, often we have an hard time to introduce ourselves as well, especially when we are trying to do undercover report. Now, can you tell us a bit more of your involvement with the knights so far?
Some few times i have helped them in different ways and used to send a barrel with rum to the knight HQ when Millua was their leader.

I see. What do you think you do to the citizen of Ireem as the Knight's Leader, if you were were elected? Would we expected a free barrel of rum everyday?
Bring them safety and stabillity, stop the thiefs and often wild attacks from criminals.

Now I must ask a diffiult question. Why would a seemingly sane person like your good self want to be the Knight's Leader?
I have what it takes, strenght and honour, and i respect people. Ireem does not need another loose cannon on deck!

As a knight's leader you would have to deal with many difficult issues. What would your approach be to deal with them?
First i would pay some leaders a visit and open for some old alliances. Then we would deal with the crimes when we had enough strenght to do so.

What is your aspiration?
That we all can live together in peace.

What are you hoping to achieve as the Knight's Leader
To bring peace, safety and law and order back to Ireem, and make the knights again bee seen as "the good guys"

Thank you for your time. Would you like to sum up your campaigne with one statement?
For Ireem Strenght and Honor

The candidate statement from Corum McConaught


In recent months, the Order of Knights suffered a lack of purpose and direction. The current void in leadership must be corrected. We have many fine knights, experienced and new alike. But without a proper set of Goals and Values to aim for and support, they risk corruption and misuse.

My Mission Statement:
“To Protect and Serve the citizens of Ireem shall be the Knights highest Honor; The safety of the City, our greatest badge.”

The City faces many dangers from the malice of the Undead to the mischief of the Djinn, criminals both minor and major. Family feuds and personal vendettas spill over into the streets of the city. Under my leadership, the Knights will face these challenges and triumphant to the benefit of all citizens. Businesses will profit and the Kingdom shall thrive.
I propose better recruitment and training of Knights. Each new Knight will be given a Mentor from the ranks of the more senior Knights. Proper legal procedural training will be a must for all.
Special squads will be formed to pursue and capture “Hardcore” criminals who persist on being a nuisance to all.

We will work with the Lawyers to guarantee citizen’s rights are respected. But for the Hardcore Criminal, public punishment and, when necessary, executions will be administered so that the citizens can see we’re doing our best to serve them and keep the city safe.
I will organize an auxiliary of archers to aid against invasions. Irregulars and informants will provide us with intelligence to safeguard the citizens against those races and clans that would attack from both within and without.

I know I have never served as a Knight, but I have aided them in the past and put my life on the line against such threats as Aizen Wind, Jordina McGinnis, Davey Spanton, Ehson and Olaf. I’ve rubbed elbows with the downtrodden as well as bluebloods of the Palace. I am willing to work with all, listen to any idea that will make the Kingdom of Sands a better place.

I thank you for your consideration

- Corum McConaught

Tonight the Chronicles will begin our coverage of the Knights Leader Election. The first special feature is the interview of one of our candidate, Mathias Brucato, who share with us his vision and ideals of being the Imperator.


Sir Mathias, welcome to the Chronicles. For the benefits of our readers, would you like to say a few things to introduce yourself?

Some of you know me, and some of you do not. I am from the House of Brucato. As we knights are all foreign, I came from a land past the pangaean sea in hopes to bring honor, glory and profit to my family, and in so doing also make a name for myself as an honorable dutiful Brucato.

Thank you. Now maybe you can tell us a bit about how you would take on the role of Imperator, if you win the election?

Some doubtlessly are asking, what is an Imperator? It's a good place to begin. The Imperator is there for all the knights, to make decisions (one assumes sound decisions) for the group as a unit. It is their duty to strengthen unit cohesion, and to rely on the strengths of each knight in furthering the goals of chivalry. Each Imperator must strive to be better than the last, embracing change and looking for new ideas from those whom he or she leads. And to lead is primarily to assist, to assist individual knights in becoming their best, that their individual successs unite to make one strong fighting force.

As an Imperator, what would be your approach to all the problems and issues in Ireem?

I would not pretend that I have the solutions to all the problems. Presently, we place far too much emphasis on solving problems through combat. While combat is certainly important, as Imperator I would like to bring an even more important change. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And yet there are those amongst us who have a cleaner and more nuanced view of situations we daily face. Those are the more diplomatic amongst us, whose skills must be valued and nurtured, for it is often diplomacy which dissolves enemies and constant warfare.

As some of us have notice, the knights are currently operate in factions. How would you utilise this unique setup?

As Imperator, I will govern the knights in three very distinct factions, based on what their inclinations are on the combat-diplomacy continuum. The factions will not mean a hard-division, but a soft division of labor, one in which occasional overlapping is acceptable.

Being a knight in this city is certainly not an easy job. What is your aspiration as a knight? What were you hoping to achieve?

As knights, we are a noble community, and as such it is absolutely necessary that we respect fellow knights in the their conduct of justice, in the styles appropriate for them. It is also important that we respect rank, for without it unity and cohesion is not possible. If I should be so fortunate as to be elected as head of the knights, I am eager to work with the people of Ireem who walk in the light to bring them justice which they sorely need, and am equally eager to bring to those who walk in the dark some dark places where they can in chains ponder their conduct. Their deeds must not go unconfronted, and it is the duty of every knight to see the innocent free from fear.

Lastly, maybe you can sum up your campaign with one simple statement?

We exist to serve and obey the Sultana, but I sometimes feel that we knights forget that in her absence we are the law, we are her arms and her will, and justice must be served to the full and to the last. Our combatants will use force when necessary, and our more politically astute knights will improve our image as a whole, as they serve us well in solving disputes in less hostile terms when possible. That is my solemn promise as your Imperator if you see it fit to elect me.

As a lot of you aware, the Knights Leader position has become vacant. Since there is a gag order issued in discussing the subject, the Chronicles is unable to shed any details as to why the position has been vacant.

However, all organisation needs a leader and the palace has decided that there will be a democratic election amongst the knights to establish the next knight leader. Over the course of the next few days, the Chronicles will interview some of the candidates who would like to talk about why they are the suitable person to be the Leader, in the run up to the election. We will also bring you special reports including profile of these candidates.

Naturally, not everyone will like to come forward to speak to us. but we hope that those who do, would use the opportunity to tell the citizens of Ireem their vision and aspiration.

The Chronicles can report that the Naked Bandits has return, and this time, with penis!


According to witnesses in Ireem, a naked bandit was seen running and chasing innocent women in the city at night. Whether this latest incident is related to the Naked Bandits who terrorised the city a while ago cannot be confirm at the time of the press. However, thanks to a painting that was provide to our reporter, we can understand that the bandit this time was indeed a man, as he was desperately trying to prove as seen on the painting.

A small rewards has been issued for anyone with information relating to this incident. As usual the knights spokeperson has made no comment, probably too busy trying to deal with the recent influx of undead and their application of work permits in the city.

Citizen of Ireem..... locked you men up because the Cranky Granny has struck again!

The Chronicles can report that an alleged incident has occurred tonight in the knights HQ.

An well known and respected elder lady was attacked inside of the Knights HQ. Accompanying her was her granddaughter who was then attacked by a knight goes by the name H**za.

According to the eyewitness reports, the ladies were inside the knight HQ when the first attack happened. The elder of the two ladies is well over three hundred years old and she was knock almost unconscious, with number of wounds across her body, according to the physician who treated them. While a lady knight captain was dealing with that incident a Knight H**za was seen hitting the young woman and knocking her onto the floor.

An eyewitness has kindly provided us a painting of what happened inside.

Also, according to the witness, the same knight also offered the commander a blow in exchange for a promotion.

The chronicles tried to contact a Knights spokesperson, but no comment has been made so far. We will keep you updated with this news item.

This is a special notice to all the citizen of Ireem

During the last few days, there were two incidents of theft that happened in the Chronicle's office. The printing staff who were working at the time have identified the thieves as Melianthe and Meya Silverfall. The amount stolen was not large since we don't keep much money in the cash till in our office. The funds were actually to buy food for the cats and kittens in the office. Because of this horrid crime, the family of kittens who are staying in the office will be left to starve for a few days until the staff in the office can manage to collect some donations from a few kind souls who heard about their suffering.

Therefore, we are announcing that a bounty is now being issued for the two despicable criminals. Anyone who manages to capture the two thieves will be rewarded a special painting from our artist and editor, as well as any income that might generate from auctioning those two criminals.

The Chronicle's staff wishes you all happy hunting!

The Chronicles can report that a well known tavern owner and slaver Am Demina has been killed. His dead body was brought to the knights HQ in the early morning. The cause of death is yet to be known until medical examination is completed. The knights have offically ruled out suicide since it would have involved a certain degree of bravery which Mr. Demina was not known for.

When the Chronicles questioned the Knight's spokeperson about any suspects, they were understandably coy about that topic at the moment. "An investigation is currently taking place; therefore we will not comment further on this topic, especially when most of us are still drunk from the celebration party upon discovery of his death."

Speculation of his death is currently running wild in the city. There are rumors that Mr. Demina was murdered for raping his slaver brother's pregant wife. Some have suspected too that Mr. Demina might be the person who leaked the large quantity of scrolls containing secret records of the slavers' activties. There is also talk that Mr. Demina was killed during a dispute with the Zalifah clan concerning the deal between Zalifah and the Slavers about selling young Bedouin girls to the slavers.

The Chronicles can report that a large quantity of scrolls were discovered today in the desert near the ruins. The huge volumn of scrolls were found by two travelers and were delivered to the Chronicles office. The first impression is that the scrolls were stolen by runaway slave who abandoned them in the desert during the escape.

Upon the intitial inspection, the scrolls were records of a varying nature, from a number of sources. They contain information and revealations of senstive nature dated back to a few years ago and some as recent as last week. Obviously, it will take some time for the Chronicles staff to go through these documents and upon discussing with various interested parties, we will start to publish some of these documents that are of interest to Ireem's citizens.

Further details will be released relating to this story.

NOTICE: Upcoming Events

Here are two upcoming events for the good citizens of Ireem.


Auction on the Sea Witch

Come meet the Scarlet DarkBlades, get to know your local Pirates for an event on the Sea Witch!

Caution..."screams"... BEWARE!!

Do you like Adventure?
Willing to take chances?
Feel you can take on the world one Avatar at a time?

If you answer yes then be bold and enter the Pirate Auction!!

Start savin ye coins, Polish up the shackles, dig out your best silks, take a bath, fix ye hair & oil your body to a shine-
Yes thats right, Time for the ☠Scarlet DarkBlades Pirate Auction☠ aboard the Sea Witch! What a great way to let new prey get to know you before you capture them! Already been capped, well heres a chance to spend more time with them, but...the tables turned!

Send note to Icy Aura.

☠Event to be held on the Sea Witch☠
☠Date- 11 Feb ( Friday )
☠Time - 5 pm slt
****(( This is a OOC event and open to ANYONE/ ANY RACE ))****

** Auction info-
1.Bidding of Pirates (or others) for 2 hours of time together ( Date and Time to be worked out and decided between both parties)

2.Pirate must comply with requests of the winner ( be a sport, paybacks can be a bitch, on both sides! ) **( Sex is the only thing Optional! )**

3. The person up for bid will recieve 1/2 (half) of the winning bid on themselves- Tis only fair to have some jingle in the coin pouch!

4.In the event that you do not comply or show up - YOU must pay winner double the amount bid!! (In case your thinking of weaselin out!)

***** All money is Paid In FULL at time of auction *****

Thanks fer ye tyme-
Icy Aura
Ships Captain
Scarlet DarkBlades


Feb 13th 2 pm slt

Ireem arena pressents

a bare knuckle fight event.

tiered and special ' couple vs couple' matches.

fighter buy in 10 g for entire event.

Prizes sponsored by the Ireem Pleasure House.

Complimentary gift box for participants.

random gifts for audience members in attendance.


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