(Chronicles) Good day. I must admit you are not someone that we are familiar with in the pages of Chronicles, some people might say it's a good thing. But maybe you can introduce yourself to the readers who are also not familiar with you?
I am Treves, Citizen here in Ireem. I found my self in Ireem way back in the old days, I made my living as a slaver for many years until I was plagued. Though my mind was warped and my body deterieating I thought I had become undead hence lived for a while in the combs. One day I found myself encountered by a brave knight and all he did was honorable. The things I learned from wathcing how he delt with situations has stuck with me for the rest of my like. Some djinn found me in my state and healed my body and mind. Since that time I dedicated my life to honorable in all I do as I had learned from Captain Smooth.

Thank you. The Chronicles notices that you are not a knight at the moment. Can you tell us if you have any involvement with the knights before?
After I was rescue, I became a knight for a short time but found that the honor that I had admired and looked for there was lacking. Now this opertunity has opened and I if elected will do all that I can to bring back the honor the knights should never have lost.

Many people said being the leader of the knights is a thankless task. Why do you want to be the Knight's Leader?
I want to be the knights leader to help train new knights in the way of the old code behavior. Even though some laws have changed, honoring of the people should still stand.

What do you think you can to the citizen of Ireem as the Knight's Leader?
Treat them with the respect they deserve and no one is above the law. If someone can not uphold the laws of the city, even if they are a great help the the knights, they must pay for their crimes in an apropriate mannor.

What is your aspiration for this job and what are you hoping to achieve?
I aspir to have the heads of the knights lifted high as they walk the streets and smiles on the face of those that see them for they know the knights will do the honorably thing. And importantly, I want to bring peace to the city and honor back to the reputation of the knights.

Being the Knight's Leader, you will be in the position to make decision in dealing with many difficult issues such as crimes and warfare between races. What would your approach be when you are confront with those issues?
Diplomacy first and formost, knights are warriors but we have an obligation to keep this city at peace as much as possible. Crimes should be dealt with swiftly and justly.

Thank you so much for speaking to us. Would you like to sum up your campaign in one statement?
My campaign is to take the knights back onto the path of richousness and instll a sense of peace on the fine citizens of Ireem.


Yaay! Disney Knights xD Old Code is like the New One, the new One is just a bit more aggressive against Criminals... xD

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