Thank you for speaking to the Chronicles. You are quite new to Ireem, so prehaps you would like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi am Sue, just a happy friendly bi-sexual submissive/ Domm women (Switch). More lesbian in nature but i do like shemales however.

.... Interesting..... maybe a bit about your background also.....?
I am a loner trying to make a living for herself here in Ireem. Not skilled at anything she will find haven and know her skills if she already hasn't. Learned the hard way of protecting herself in different lands but she is weak at heart and has been hurt allot in her quest for a good living. Her family living in a camp of shore have been captured or killed by strange creatures thus leaving her alone in the world. She hopes to find perhaps a long lost sister...Trying to keep a job her first job as brewer has always been best for her. She tryed to be palace guard since her fighting skills where very good a friend leaded her to the Sultana. But Sue found out the Sultana is more interested in how your dressed rather then how good you can protect her and Sue quite
and took back her job as brewer.

I see, what about your involvement with the knights?

None yet

So Why do you want to be the Knight's Leader?
because that option is open

Fair point..... what do you think you do to the citizen of Ireem as the Knight's Leader?
i bring them peace and protection

What would your approach be to deal with the issues that arise, such as crimes and warfare between races?
Crimes shall be not overlooked at all i would even let my knights spy if necessary only. As for war, I would first try to talk it out between the 2 races but if escaltes to a fight use tactics

So what are you hoping to achieve as the Knight's Leader?

Thank you. Maybe you can sum up your campaign in one statement?
Dont ask what Ireem can do for you, but what you can do for Ireem


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