EVENT: Slaves Head Inn

The Slaves Head Inn presents, classes on slaves and masters

"A girl needs to be able to deal in a good way with people, make them feel at home … she can dance, is sensual, can tempt you, seduce you … she can take initiatives, arrange your day, read your mind … make you a good dinner, bath you and give you a good massage, and …. will always be on your side …

As one of my girls said: "willing to go that extra mile". Wouldn't it be interesting to know when girls are really willing to go that extra mile"

Just a few lines out of a first session of a series presented by The Slaves Head Inn on the topic of slaves and their masters.

Some of those sessions will be practical, like, what commands can you use, when do you kneel, what massages techniques are there. etc.. Some will be more digging into subjects that makes a pleasure slave to a real pleasure slave, like rp'ing and emoting: how to be sensual, tempting, seductive?, when to be more practical?, how to understand what somebody wants, how to time well?

As such those sessions are of value to both slaves as masters and mistresses.

We will do a session every two weeks, in the weeks in between, we will have parties, where girls can show the masters what they have learned. There will be music, dance, lapserves ... and drinks and food for just one golden piece.

Our first session will be an introduction, called: the relationship between slaves and masters
when: Tuesday april 24th @ 12:00 pm slt (noon)
where: The Slaves Head Inn

Darr (Darren Islar), owner of The Slaves Head Inn


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