RECRUITMENT: New Pirate Clan - Bounty

Are you tired of the group/clan/race that you are in?

Are you looking to make a change with this new year?

Well then check out a new Pirate/Slaver clan that I have started we would love to have you join us.

Get in on the bottom floor, learn everything or share everything you know about KOS with us.

We will always be Pirates and all of the other Pirate Slavers are our brothers and sisters and when they call for help or raid we will be there.

At the moment we are also part of "The Alliance" that exists but one never knows in this wild and crazy world how long that will last.

All Rules of Combat here in KOS are to be observed as well as SL TOS.

Training will be provided for those that are new. We'll deal with everything from breaking Treasure Pots to combat.

So if you have always wanted to be a Pirate now is the time to make the move to The Bounty.

We are new and in need of members to make us "official" so if you want to experience the pirate way of life just go up to the Game Room and there you will see the Clan Book, look for #860, The Bounty and join us today.

Just go up to the Game Room in the sky and there you will
The Bounty

Dez  ( SL Avatar Name: Dianne Davies)


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