Dear Bedouin brothers and sisters,

My reasons for running as Bedouin leader are many. I have been in these sands for quite a time, and my heart has always burnt with a strong passion for my kin. I have followed my leaders closely and during my time here in Ireem  I have observed and learned a lot. Now I feel the time is right to step up and help my people on the way forward.

If you give me your vote, be sure that I’ll continue in the same spirit as our former beloved leaders Velvet Hamelin and Pan latte; like them I will work hard to strengthen and unite our people. Lately the undeads, djinns and other dark beings have increased dramatically in numbers, and the pirate slavers once again chase our women like they used to do before the alliance was made. I believe that I have the experience, the passion and the drive to do lead our people and to empower us to stand strong against our enemies! I will strive to uphold our values and I will take specific actions in order to reach our goals, such as clan leader meetings, training and mentoring of new players and more. I want every clan to be included in important matters and decisions made for our family.

So, brothers and sisters of the strong and fierce tribes of Simoon, Sharifa, Najdi, Abd-Al-Aziz and Zafirah, it's time for Bedouins to rise once again and take domain of this land.  Chose me as your leader and we’ll work together to build up our family so Bedouins once again become a force to be reckoned with!

Miriam Lemondrop



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