We recieved notice of two slaves girls running around looking for mischief. You will say now " Yes....and ?!???! What is interesting about this ? " Well, I can't tell yet, but I have the feeling there is more behind it, then we all think. Following message went out to all bedouin :

"Salaam brothers and sisters.

It has come to my attention that two Najdi prey, who will remain nameless, ran amok on the sands yesterday. Our brother Samuel and our lovely sister Helen were forced to "babysit" the two wayward prey as they engaged in all sorts of mischief. Firstly, they were overheard taunting slaver and citizen.
One of the girls, who will remain nameless, had the misfortune to get caught by the slaver Sofia. But thanks to the superior negotiating skills of Samuel she was released for the sum of 100 Dinar. I am told they then went onto bathing in Slavers Bay, naked no less.

On their return from their swim their clothes were misplaced so what did they do? They ran naked around Ireem to report the missing clothes to Samuel. Eventually the two were reportedly seen sitting on the sands in Slavers Bay talking to some stranger.
Samuel and Helen, the Najdi owe you a big thank you for protecting our girls. Girls you owe Samuel and Helen 100 Dinar or labour to equal value !!

Author unknown "

Enclosed this note I got a drawing of the two naked girls aswell, but - for the protection of your virgin eyes - and for the fact that my cheeks are still red from blushing as I saw this, I will not bring it here! All I know is, that the bedu got order to put them over their knees and give them a good spanking ! The two unknown girls are revealed in between, so if you meet sherrybabe Sorbet and Nicola Hermit, beware ! They are up to no good !

This alone is disturbing enough already but the following news confused me even more: two well known bedouin, Samuel Warilard and Zigfried Diavolo got an invite into the combs for a tea ! While there, they were treated to a rare glimpse at life beyond Azrael, the ghoully body guard. As honoured guests of the undead Damien Sack, he let an unknown artist draw a picture with him and his girls Brittainy Collins and Una Flux. It has been reported that Damien was the perfect host, inviting them back at a later date for more tea.

All this combined with the rumor, that there was a huge fighting between undeads and bedouin yesterday really disturbs me. What did they talk about in their secret meeting ? Did they make some plans, Ireem shall not know of ? And did they not come to any conclusion, as we clearly can see in the fightings followed ? And above all: what do the two prey girls have to do with that ? Is this all a big conspiracy ? Do we have to fear now ? Time will tell, but be sure Ireemians : I for myself am careful now, whenever I see an undead standing together with a bedouin !!


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