ARTICLE: The Bedouins Question

Bedouins in Turmoil! New Leader is having his work cut out for him.

Fresh from electing a new leader, and a recent declaration of alliance with the Magi, the Bedouins are suffering from a number of setbacks. On that outlook, their new leader Antar (Bero) is a well respected man to many, who had kept a good relation with the City and the Palace, while also being known for his loyalty to the clan. However, despite winning the election of their people, it seems that he had yet won the support of a lot of the powerful elders. And then there is the rising tension between the Undead and the Bedouins adding into the mix. It will be an interesting few months ahead of us.

One of the biggest spots of news that comes out of the Bedouins in the recent days is their co-leader Ehson Miles, the man who Bero defeated in the election, was once again found guilty of rape by the Court of Ireem. The well known rapist who was responsible for causing the war between the Bedouins and the Djinn not so long ago was being seen, by many people including other Bedouins clans, on a serious of mission to capture and attacked a number of undead women. Some of the high profile victims including the Undead co-leader’s daughter and as well as the mother of another. Despite Bero’s best effort to influence the court in order to save his clan brother, the jury found that there were enough evidence to declare Ehson to be guilty.

When our reporters spoke to some of the Bedouins clans, many of them expressed concerns with Ehson's behaviours. Some had even speculated to it all being a deliberate attempt to sour the already tensed relation between the Bedouins and the Undead, and perhaps there was even an hidden agenda of creating problems to the current Bedouins leader to put him under pressure.

Indeed, speaking to a lot of Bedouins, it is very clear that while Bero has the support of many clans and tribe, he was certainly not the choice of the Nadji, who is leaded by Ehson and supported by other powerful Bedouins. This is giving Bero an enormous internal pressure, as he is being judged and criticized for any little mistakes that he might make. Already, they have been very vocal (albeit behind Bero) about his inability to save Ehson from the guilty verdict despite the overwhelming evidence.

How will the new leader deal with all this? What about whether or not this crisis will cause a widespread effect on others? The Chronicles will be keeping a close eye on the Bedouins and bring you the latest development as always.


I left the Knights partially over this incident. I had brought evidence to Lady Avery that Ehson had not committed THIS crime at least... and while he is dominating I think few of the women he captured are true "victims" of anything but passion. Just recently Lady Avery and the girl were overheard discussing how she lied about the incident. Scandalously Lady Avery is considered the girls "Aunty". This is why I will not follow orders blindly when the truth is being covered up, a 'true' knight never would. - Lady Cathereine Night

November 20, 2011 at 9:17 AM  

Hang on, is that what we call rape victim now? A victim of passion? Hear that guys, Cathereine believe that there is no such thing as rape, but merely a show of passion!


November 22, 2011 at 4:12 AM  

Read what I said... Ehson did not rape that girl. She brought false charges on him and despite the fact I showed this to Avery she brought him to trial anyways. Later she was found guilty of false accusations but this is not 100% public.. it was more hushed.

Trial #2078: People vs. Bonnie Evermore
Arrested on 19 Nov
Prosecutor: Avery Allegrant
Verdict: GUILTY with extenuating circumstances
Estimated Legal Fine: G$ 1260
Paid Fine: G$ 290 (after verdict / lawyer discount)

November 22, 2011 at 5:59 AM  

I think any member of the sultanas gaurds or knights are sworn to look unified to the public.. I wonder if the high mucky mucks in the palace know they have such wide jawed gossips sharin bout the private bissness of others ..
so tell us catheren were you gotten up the duff bent over in the harem who did ya , was it rape? or did you let him up for air? thats more intresting gossip now isnt it ? the palace gaurds being pregnant pretty shamefull stuff that ..

~ a Royal watcher ~

December 1, 2011 at 2:56 AM  

If you must know, It was my dearest love Nareau (Djinn) who was the father of my newborn daughter. I have not slept with any in the palace, and the harem is all women... bit of education for you there. Although it would have been kinder to just ask. I am not, nor will I ever be like any of the easy sluts spreading their legs found frequently in this kingdom. There are few women with sense enough to be selective, those who are I admire.

December 6, 2011 at 9:38 AM  

It really amazes me how many people love to point a finger but too afraid to put their NAME down. If you want to start something then put your actual name down. Or do us a favor and not even say anything at all. Most here are too afraid to say anything at all and love to hide all the time.

December 6, 2011 at 9:44 AM  

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