The citizens of Ireem were treated to a spectacular Haloween Party on Saturday the 29th of October sponsored by Icy Aura, owner of the Blue Parrot and Staff. All of Ireem were invited as everyone donned their favorite goulish outfits and danced to the music provided by DJ Ehson. All animosities were forgotten as the party heated up in many ways.. including a mock burning at the stake! It was a difficult task to pick the winners in various categories of costumes but the winners were announced to the excitelment of the crowd.

Winners of 500g were:
Scariest - Juliet;
Strangest - Mathias;
Siliest/Funniest - YaYoo.
and because its halloween...
Congrats to all the winners!!!
An additional gift of coins (1000g) was donated by IceGypsys Ghost courtesy of the Alchemest shop, which allowed the additional Prizes to be awarded!

Honorable mentions at the party were given 50g .. They were-
Liang, Sev, Gemma, Kal, Sidius, Velvet & Jacob, Aurkae, Zoey, Amosa, Mogrin.

At the end of the party, Mathias, who was unrecognizable as a disgusting giant brain twirling dance partners around, shouted "Great party Icy and Pasha!" The Sultana herself was heard saying "congratulations to the Parrot team for the beautiful party!" Icy Aura wants to say "thank you to Ehson for the great tunes which set the mood for Halloween and most especially thank you to everyone for coming and making it a great Halloween Party!." Icy also acknowledges and thanks Icegypsy for her help with the prizes.


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