Intrigue And Sex In The Palace!

Recently while walking through the city Dinky and I happened to come across Rogue Idlemind as he chatted up a young lady near the arena. Dinky and I stopped and wormed our way into the conversation, as we always do, just hoping we would finally find a story worth writing. And did we ever!

At some point the conversation turned to the Harem and Rogue began to chuckle with a knowing look. Being the good reporters we are, Dinky and I were able to get him to tell the story.

It seems Rogue has a curious nature, and he set off one day to satisfy that curiosity where the Harem was concerned. Casually and quietly he snuck into the palace and located the room directly above the Harem. Using a rope attached to a large hook he climbed down to the Harem window and swung inside.

Despite the best efforts of both Dinky and myself, we were unable to get him to confess to stealing anything while he was there. He swears that he just had a look around and that the Harem was empty. At this point I noticed Dinky was fidgeting from foot to foot. Curious about her behavior I gave her my best “You had better tell Master what your thinking!” look.

She admitted that she knew about this incident already. It seems she was taking an afternoon stroll through the palace gardens when she heard a loud banging noise inside the palace. Being the curious little girl that she is she had to go investigate. The pounding was coming from the Harem doors so she leaned close to hear what the cause of this disturbance was.

Without warning Rogue burst out of the Harem, shocked to find Dinky standing in the hall. My little Dinky, being brave as any Knight, stood her ground and chased Rouge away. She admitted to me she didn’t tell me about this because she afraid she would get in trouble for being there is the first place. I can assure you she was properly punished for this. *grins*

Now you might think this is the end of the story, but this is just where it gets interesting! At the time this incident and conversation took place Rouge was a slaver. As you may know Rogue has sense been given a title and position within the palace itself!

When Dinky and I heard that Rouge was now “Lord Rouge” we sought him out to get the details of how this came about. We asked him directly how he came by his title and his response was “The Sultana is a woman and I am Rouge.” effectively claiming carnal knowledge of our Sultana!

Good readers I have been by the Knights head quarters and seen the most wanted board. There are two people wanted for breaking into the Harem. Neither of them is Lord Rogue. This incident raises several questions….

* Is the Harem secure and the girls safe if at least three people have already broken into it?

* Did the Sultana really give Rogue his title personally in return for sexual favors?

* Is this a love story with a new Sultan in the making? Or was the Sultana merely using him for pleasure?

Whatever the case may be dear readers you can be sure we here at The Chronicles will stay on the story and bring you any further news.


Liabel! Never claimed carnal knowledge of our Sultana! I'll not deny investigatin the Harem, but then I doubt I'm the only one to have looked about there. I specifically told the reporter that the Sultana and I had a conversation and she had 'vetted' me background.

- R

September 16, 2010 at 2:10 PM  

My Dear Dinky
Only today I have read your article on one of the most lovable Court Lord, Rogue Idlemint.
My servants seemed embarrassed when I asked them to have the newspaper with my breakfast ..
Now I understand why!
I absolutely do not believe that Lord Rogue has said He had the title for sexual favors that He has given me or I asked ..Lord Rogue took the title because of His noble origin,His noble family and His noble past.
Just look at His behavior after he learned that he was not allowed, not yet Lord, to enter the harem !!
He presented himself by the knights and He confessed His mistake and for this He was imprisoned as the law's intent and has been quietly and honorably hard prison.
I would like the other gentlemen who entered the harem did the same thing ...
In this season of festivals and competitions and dancing, I wish that people not lose sight of their duties and remember that in this city there are laws that must be respected .. and nobody, not even a reporter, should be allowed to question Sultana's reputation...


Your beloved Sultana
Zanlu Heron

September 23, 2010 at 3:33 PM  

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