Time for a new sexy page three model ! Over and over requested, we run out of models now. So we hereby ask all brave citizen to come and let us portrait you for one of the next issues ! How is it working ? You send us a drawing of you (Men fully naked, Women at least topless ) or ask me, Dinky Wingtips to do a portrait of you in the sands. Then you will get the Questions to fill out and return to us. That's it ! You just have to read the paper then, and one day you will find yourself in it !
Our todays model is Miss Brittainy Collins and her alter ego Aine. Obviously they could not come to an agreement, who will be the main model, so they both answered our questions:

Question: "What turns you on?"
Brittainy: "Music, men with strength and intelligence, a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh at once self."
Aine: "COOKIES!! Dollies, dollies roll on sands. Arms fall off. *turns to britt* I play with dollies now? She a dollie? "
Brittainy: "No! Dinky is not a dolly you can not take Dinky's arms off now shush!"
Aine: "Your always so mean to me! I want to play!"

Question: "What turns you off?"
Brittainy: "The color orange, talking penises"
Aine: "When the knights hide my cookies!!"
Brittainy sighs and rolls her eyes

Question:" If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?"
Brittainy: "Oh hmm, well the list is quite long so I guess I would have to start with my family because as we know Incest is best within the family. As all know us undead are known for our weekly orgies and fetishes. So maybe i should start handing out tickets?"
Aine: "Gnomes!!"

Question:"Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?"
Brittainy: "Kiss Loon "
Aine: "Gnomes!!"

Question:"Tell us something embarrasing about yourself."
Brittainy: "Something embarassing about me? Eeks. Well I am a pretty open book. I guess my family knows me best. Umm the most emberassing thing about me personally is that I write poetry. "
Aine: "I like Gnomes..."
Miss Aine:

Miss Brittainy:


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