Dear Business Owners of Ireem,

As I sit here within my cafe counting the coins, instead of profit I see it once more dwindling. Not because of any lack of customers. In fact Business has been quite booming of late. What pray tell causes the books instead to show a mark of red? Crime. So I turn to you my fellow Business Owners and ask that we come together. A Business Council should be Formed. A plan developed.

The Knights promised us to curb the crime wave and return our funds. It has now been weeks. How many of us have seen a return of our funds? Instead I see and hear daily of the crime wave within our beloved Kingdom growing. Where is our protection? Who is to guard our wares and our store fronts? How will our Patrons feel safe within as they relax? This must come to a halt! If the Knights will not do their job then I say we come together and find a means and a solution.

Day in and day out we must report the theft of coin and goods from our shops. It has been weeks since I have seen any recompense as I was promised. How long are we to wait while the thieves and criminals line their pockets with our goods, while the knights tell us every day it takes time to investigate. It has gotten to the point which is the greater crime the theft of our wares and coin or the inadequate job and failure to follow through of the Knights on behalf of us the Business Owners of Ireem?

I say enough is enough.
The Lady of the Arabesque


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