Rogue's Rebuttal

Citizens of Ireem, there have been claims that The Chronicles has printed lies and half truths! While the staff at The Chronicles stands by all their stories, we never the less feel the need to put these rumors to rest. In an effort to smooth this situation we offered to print a statement from Rogue, telling his side of the events. The following is that statement in its entirety and unedited...

Most recently in the chronicle was an article which stirred a bit of sensation. While the press has always searched for titilating tales and stories to grab headlines, I never expected to be front and center of such. While there are a few kernals of factual information within the article, I take umbrage at the article as a whole. To at least provide my accounting as a counterpoint, allow me to state the following:

I did indeed investigate the harem. This was prior to any knowledge of the possibility to enter into the sevice of the Sultana herself. What man within the sands has not at least been curious about the harem and quite a few of the lasses as well? As to bein spotted by a certain female reporter and chased from the area? This is made of whole cloth. On the day I was in the harem it was empty. As I looked for an exit I was greeted by the Mermaid queen and escorted out with some severity.

As to coming into a title within the palace. This was handled with complete integrity. Any insinuation of anything illicit is in the minds of the reporters. I fer one have never so much as shook hands with the Sultana let alone have any intimate knowledge of any of the court with the inclusion of the harem lasses. Have I ever attempted to charm a lass? Guilty. Did I present meself in me most charmin fashion to the Sultana and her staff to begin with? Again I admit to guilt there. Beyond that I have done nothing untowards in me dealings within the court.

- Rogue Idlemind

Now as to his claim regarding the Sultana we will have to take his word for it as the palace has so far not released a statement.
I would like to point out however that in his own statement Lord Rouge admits to breaking into the Harem. A crime that just today Namira Scarfould was put on trial for. Are we to understand that the laws of this great city do not apply to the privileged lords of the palace!?
The Chronicles calls for the immediate arrest of Lord Rogue for the crime of breaking into the Harem prior to his position allowing it. If there is any justice in this city let the people decide his fate.


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