ARTICLE: A Scroll of Prophecy

It had been yet another typical evening in Ireem. The market place was busy with people selling everything from bread to human lives. I spent most of the evening quietly observing with the hopes of catching something news worthy... but nothing amazing occurred.

  So, I returned to the office to feed the cats and to later fall asleep on one of Kito's naughty books. But as I entered, I heard the sound of someone approaching behind me. The figure was dressed in black rob. Saying nothing, they simply handed me a dusty scroll.

  I took a moment to unroll the parchment, but when I looked up the figure had vanished! I decided to read over this scroll. I personally hoped this one had nothing to do with the crystal nonsense that this writer wants no part of -- regardless of what race it hails from.

  In the scroll was a prophecy! No, it did not foretell the palace being overrun by giant spotted purple peacocks, but something far worse. One of which I will share with Ireem:

A prediction from the great Magi Akhsup'ah.

The dark will take control
And the sun will fail to rise!
Through the night and into the day
This evil you must despise will arise
On the night of a full blood red moon, 
A great fire shall decent from the heavens.
A massive orb with a tale of blue and purple
Flame shall rain down chaos.
Many a life shall come to end,
This city will crumble under the chaos!
The gods must be appeased to prevent damnation!
The umber dove will finally waver just outside a city in the age of royalty.

  While I personally don't believe this. I'll leave a small offering to Oceanius! All of Ireem should take the time to offer something small to the gods or goddesses of your people. It could very well prevent the end! Or at least give you something to do with the extra rum found in a random jar. Because the last time I checked, Ireem doesn't need more drunks.

~ Written by Sayuri


March 22, 2013 at 1:36 PM  

Finally some of the citizens are finally understanding that the ancients will always rule Ireem.

I'll say an extra prayer to Hora Ma jut in Case. Hmmm something to write about in my journals

October 3, 2013 at 5:40 AM  

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