NEWS: Farewell to the sand

The passing of another.....

A keening wail can be heard echoing through the dunes and walls of ireem, a mournful, broken sound that is subtle yet strong...reaching even the hardest of hearts.  As the cry of abject pain fails, a soft, rolling dirge takes its place, sung in a language long forgotten but almost understood as the tone conveys it's meaning...the Queen has passed into shadow and a lone Fae sings her mournful praise in the lonely sands, using the winds to carry it to all corners of the kindgom. 

  Her form is pale and slight, almost wasting away, her normal composure shattered into a thousand pieces...even more odd are her garments, clothed from head to toe in the black of mourning as she makes her way to the realm for the final time.  As she slips through the portal, she whispers good byes to the wind to carry to the friends and loved ones she will leave behind...with the Queen sleeping so deeply, she is released....freed from her service of so many years.

  Once in the realm, she scrawls a quick note for the young djinn, full of affection and well as instructions on how to reach her should the need be dire.  This world is theirs now, though she may return in the future when Ireem has had a chance to mature past it's infancy.  She surveys her home for one final time, before her form fades into the mists of the djinn world.  The magic that had kept her here faded with the conciousness of the Queen and now she returns to her homelands to wander the forests in the shadows of the trees that will echo her mourning for years to come.

Safe Paths & Fair Winds,  Nova Caerndow, Fae Elder, Djinn General, Healer


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