NEWS: Departed... but not forgotten

KOS djinn the queen is dead  long live the queen

 The djinn queen lays comatose, stuck in the world of dreams she will not wake. She been in this state for several days, nigh a week.  Healers have attended to her body attempted to diagnose what's wrong with her . But alas, they have failed.

  What started as a burn mark on her left hand has spread her hand becoming like the crystal she touched her fingers lay curled as they transform into the stone like substance. Her face has been wiped clean it would seem that the ghoul known for her addictive nature had  experimented with the crystals by crushing them into a fine powder and snorting it, sending her into some kind of overdose when by freak accident she touched the stones to defend herself.

She has rare fits of lucidity where she's been known to mutter, "Hello darkness…" and other phrases perhaps the rantings of one long past sanity or perhaps a message so cryptic few will ever understand it.... Those who have known her may end up humming some strange tune.. or loosing there ability to talk at all, for the djinn queen may never wake again. Her dreams will fade into nothing and silence will reign once more.

  Some have visited her in her slumber, the lucky few have taken fragments of her song, a keepsake or a bone from her necklace. One for each element, perhaps one day her spirit can be recalled to this place by those trained in magic or committed to her return, though its more likely theses treasures will be lost to time and become mere legends.

  What will become of the djinn its hard to say i doubt there will ever be a Queen like Indigo. Her crown is broken. The scattered remains of her people the once mighty djinn will remain the keepers of balance, the guardians of the fire of zin. Their Queen forever trapped in the dream world lost to her people lost to the world.

  Mourn , celebrate or dream. The choice has always been yours.

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