EVENT: Law Office

KOS Lawyer Office Event

Hey All..... We have a wonderful opporunity for you to get that well needed cash to help a friend or loved one or just to get something from an auction.... At the Ireem Law Office we are having an exciting event that could be worth G$ 1500.... I know we could all use a lil extra and all this will take is a short amount of your time but it would be a great opporunity to show all of Ireem what your RP is about....

Here are the requirements:
1. Has to be a written RP trial with only aliases
2. Must make sense and trial start to finish
3. Send notecard to Rya Asalia titled Law Office Trial Event Oct. 22 (if not titled this it will not be accepted, if you need help on how to rename your nc please im Rya)
4. Event starts immediately Friday Sept. 28, 2012 and will continue to Oct.22, 2012. All notecards will be due no later then 11:59pm of Oct. 22, 2012
5. Be sure to include your name so we know who to reward
6. Have fun!!!

Here is the best part the rewards:
  1st place: G$ 1000
  2nd place: G$ 500
  3rd place: G$ 100

All of the winners will be at the discretion and final decision of the owner and co-owner of the Law Office. The stories will be shared in order to decide on the best ones.

If there are any questions please feel free to contact Rya Asalia....

Please do have fun with this!


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