Voyage of the Blooded Peregrine
As recounted in the journals of
Corum of Shadows


    In the Third Year of the rule of Queen Aijaredjian, Twelve thousand, two hundred and thirty-one (12,231) Great Ships of Good and Righteous Conquest sailed from the Sword Isles of Arque’s Cold Sea. Our purpose was just and grand- to rid the world of Evil and Inequity, bring back to the Isles gold, jewels and slaves thereby restoring the natural balance with the Sword Isles at its fulcrum. I- then but a boy of scant seventeen years but eager to prove myself a man, escape the dullness of a twice-daily hog slop and prove myself worth to be a Champion of Good and Righteous Conquest- signed aboard the Blooded Peregrine under Captain Dorian Finn. Finn’s boson Old Tanglebones Verne begged against my signing, but the noble Captain had uses for a lad who could read and write even if only in our native tongue.

    After four years of minor conquests, major setbacks and sailing a storm-cursed sea, Eleven thousand, nine hundred and seventy-six ships of the Girl-Queen Aijaredjian’s fleet arrived at the shores of our ultimate destination. I was not impressed. I had heard wonders of N’Brai-Al-Ctonrja and expected walls of the strongest gray granite, bars and spikes of the strongest iron, and towers rising to reach the heavens- all decorated with silver and gold, shining and sparkling in the sun.

    The first day we landed thick mist shrouded the reefs,   beaches, and mouths of the rivers. The second day was warmer. The mist lighter and it danced and frolicked against a lively breeze. Sun could be felt on the skin and seen if you cared for re-assurance. But looking inland, all I saw was green grass, rolling hills, thick forests of ancient trees grown so high climbing to their tops might take you into the clouds. All these sad years later, I laugh at the contempt my younger self held for the place and cry at my loss of the place, the people and the peace I found there.   

~ Corum of Shadows


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