Bedu Leader Candidate Statments

Well good readers it is election time again. This time it is the Bedouin’s turn. Read the following statements carefully and decide who is the best to lead you.

April Axel
Sits down and makes herself comfortable on a cushion, slowly sipping a hot cup of fragrant tea. In the relative safety of the Bedouin camp she ponders what made her seek election as Bedouin Leader.

Now lets see.... the last leader was Sando Nagy and before him was de facto Leader MasterJ Swashbuckler and before him Jonathan Moriarty and before him Ponzio Rossini, the founder of our tribe. A pattern is emerging here... no female leaders. Well, that is definitely going to change after this election, the only question is .. which female will lead the bedouin?

Looks around the tent and all I see are empty cushions. Outside, near the fire, Helena is snoozing (you snore sis!!!). Where are all the famous dancing Bedouin? Why can't I hear the constant chatter of prey discussing their Master's prowess? I cannot hear the friendly banter of brothers teasing sisters. They have all but disappeared, camp is deserted. I feel a pang of sadness.

This has to change. We have to bring our brothers and sisters back to torment the undead, who are breeding like rats - they need controlling. The slavers run amok - let's send them scampering to their camp. We will be a force to be reckoned with, so once again our camp will be a hive of activity and the hub of Ireem.

We Bedouin will proudly roam the sands, taking ownership of Bedu Hill and anyone who is foolish enough stand there.

I want each Bedouin to feel as important as any other brother or sister, be they a tribesman or a Sheikh. We will openly share thoughts and ideas. I will always try to make the best decision based on the views and feelings of the tribe.

Due to our nomadic lifestyle, I know it is difficult for all of us to be in camp at the same time, but I propose to have discussions around the campfire at various times to accommodate my roaming brothers and sisters.

If elected, I will do my utmost to lead by example. Once again you will see the Ships of the Desert freely traversing the sands carrying goods to all points of the compass.
You will hear the sound of happy voices floating from the Bedouin camp on the desert winds.

Just remember brothers and sisters ... the best man for the job is a wo-man.....THIS wo-man!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish my rivals all the luck they deserve.

Born a Bedouin
Lives as a Bedouin
Will die as a Bedouin ( of old age)

Leena Xue
Having been part of the Bedouin tribe since November I have seen 3 leaders. None have seemed to last or made great changes. Our numbers are dwindling, our position in the sands threatened more and more each day. The Bedouins are not the strong tribe of Ireem they once were. This time, even if I am not chosen there will be change. The strong women of the tribe have chosen to take leadership. Both April and Kylara are worthy of leadership. My goal would be to make our membership strong again. Bring interest into the Bedouin tribe. See our direction toward more than the hatred of the undead. Its time to support our Sultana and take back the sands.

Kylara Kuhn

Known as Jasmine, people know I've always been a Bedu at heart, even if not pure breed.

Not everybody is the same. As a leader I will see it as my job to try and get Bedouins with different personalities to get along with each other, making our tribe stronger by filling up each other's gaps (really, I swear this is not meant as pun) .

The biggest thing for me to accomplish: To get people to have fun together again. For that, I need to try and create an atmosphere in which it is again great to be a Bedouin. Too long, I have seen people defect because they were bored being one. Regular events ((roleplays or hunts)) will be set up and people encouraged to actively participate in them and what happens in the tribe.

I have a good idea of what is possible and what I want to accomplish. I will spread those ideas, opening myself up for better ones. But once I think there is enough potential (this includes people of other groups): ACT upon it. Too often I see good ideas badly or not executed at all, leaving people with a discontented feeling where it could have been big fun instead. The ideas I (or others) have to get to the next thing to accomplish will be summarized and given to all relevant people. This includes the whole tribe and possibly leaders or specific persons of other groups.

Long term objectives:
- Our tribe must stand together once more, like we did in the past, being the absolute force out in our beloved desert.
- Step out of our neutral roles and actively take sides with whoever seems best for us at a certain moment.
- Encourage people to not do what we usually do first: swing our swords (yes, this includes me). Sure, there is a time that swords are needed but not always.
- Talk with other leaders to set up group wide activities ((roleplays)) where it is no longer a competition about who is the best or meanest character, but simply a matter of having fun together in a fairly directed environment.

Short term objectives:
- We Bedouins are a fun and dance loving tribe but seeing our men or possible a captured slave boy swaying and undulating their hips like a slave girl in heat really doesn't work. ((Meaning I will try to get Kora the place a dance jar with male dances in it)).
- Publicly apologize to the Sultana and distancing ourselves from the bad name we have gotten when our previous leader called her a traitor.

I see my role as possible leader not to be contented to have my face on a sign. I will not write scrolls about what is expected in behavior (maybe give directions but it's up to others to see what they want to do with it). Instead I see the role as a great way to create and inform people of possible fun and encourage them to actively participate in it.

Can I do this alone? No, a leader only lives by the power given and that leadership can be revoked at any given time. I am sure I will not be able to make everybody happy but the least I will do is listen to what people say and what general direction the majority of the group wants to go to. That direction is then chosen and when there are people not complying with it once in a while... Well, maybe the next time?


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