Fishing for a Merman ?

Yesterday, when I was on my way through the desert, my bag full with meat pies I wanted to sell, I suddenly saw a gathering at the old wreck in the water near Mermaids bay. Curiously walking over, I found some of Ireems well known citizens, all happily together chatting around. This alone was already surprising, as you could see known enemies beeing together like old friends. I found Knights Leader Seraf with his Wife Enigma, Magi Jilsun and Knight Sulaiman sitting on the landing stage and right in the middle of them the Undeads Silver and Jordina !

But what peaked my interest even more were the fishing rods they all were using. When I reached them, they waved me over giving me their nicest "Salaam" and "Welcome" and before I was able to answer, I already had a fishing rod in my hand aswell !

Of course, as a reporter I had to question this deeper. I asked them, what they are doing here, but I did not really get a proper answer, as Knight Sulaiman suddenly squealed with glee "Fishy Fishy ! Come here ! ", then pointing out his hand excitedtly "There is one ! A male ! Who gets him first, will win !".
I looked over to see, what he was talking about. And by the priests of Zin Ra ! There really was a Merman swimming around, his tail fin popping out of the water from time to time. At this point I understood, what this all was about. They all were here to catch one of the Mermaids / Mermen !

I still doubt, they all had the same reason to do so, but this is another story. Quickly sitting down among them I got the instructions how to use my rod and eagerly started trying to catch something too. The Merman looked at us first curiously, but as soon as he found out what we were trying there, he disappeared in the deep water, only leaving some small waves.

A bit disappointed about this, the crowd got pretty silent, all rods swinging lethargicly in the water ,as Seraf suddenly screamed out loudly "I got one, I got one !!".
Jumping on his feet he pulled hard on the rod until the sweat ran down his face, not beeing able to lift up, whatever he had caught there. Sulaiman and Silver came running to help him and all three together finally managed to pull his "catch" up in the air!

And dear citizens of Ireem, at this point you will really regret you weren't there. The sight was one of the funniest in my whole life ! Seraf's crestfallen face was simply hilarious! What did he catch ?
Well, luckily for the Mermaids he did not catch one of them. Instead he pulled out an enormous, huge trunk of a tree, covered over and over with algae and seaweed ! The others burst out into great laughter and Seraf sat down disappointed.
Thanking them all for this nice and amusing break from my daily work, I stood up and left them. But I still have to laugh, when I think about the hilarious look on Serafs face !

There is only one question left: will anyone in Ireem ever be able to "catch" one of the Mermaids ? These mystical beeings can be seen very often lately in the waters of our beloved kingdom, but no one ever was able to get close enough. All we know about them is from old tales our parents and fellow citizen were telling in mild summer nights around a fireplace. But if any citizen is ever able to get find one, please let the reporters of the Chronicles know !


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