Subjects wanted by Magi

Today we recieved this letter from the Magi Mikael (MikeGL Undercroft):
"I am looking for test subjects that would be willing to be given a simple physical to test the differences in various effects of the desert sun on the skin.
Please send a letter (notecard) to me, Mikael , if you are interested. Payment for services can either be one magical favour, or simple cash.
While being treated as a subject you will be under Magi care, and will be allowed certain privileges. These include but are not limited to:
  • Bathing by means of magically purified water
  • Healing of any wounds or injuries
  • Protection in our luxurious basement
Also you will be given these rights:
  • No harm will befall you by Myself or my assistant.
  • You will not be thought of differently due to your faction
  • You will be treated with the utmost respect
  • You will leave with a prize!
Thankyou for your time.... all of it
From the desk of the Great Mikael"


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