Well dear reader, it is rare, but sometimes I am speechless too ! Today a slave girl came running to me, whispering into my ear " This letter is from Anneliese, the succubus !" and turning on her heels she disappeared in the desert before I could answer anything.
I already heard the rumors about a new agressive and belligerent Magi woman in Ireem, but did not meet her by myself yet. After reading Anne's letter, well...I simply hope I will not meet her so soon //* Editorial note : and Anne neither during my sleep !! Dont forget to shut the doors properly before you go to bed ! *//. But read for yourself:

"I must do the turning of this woman! Of the succubi clan, I am the only one with the experience. And the clock is ticking. If she dies before the turning begins, she will not be a gorgeous succubus. She will be a hideous, corpse-like succubus.
Have you all seen Xan on a bad day? You know, the chick with the leg rotted off?
Or Jos? He's the one who crawls around like a dog, with flies circling his head.
Or... need I say it? My own dear, sweet Ragnar? I did not realize, when I cut off his head and cut out his heart, that those were essential organs to maintaining an undead's youthful good looks !!
I need to turn this woman. For YOUR sakes. And it must be done quickly. Cowboy has me in a cage in the slavers' bay. Please capture him and make him release me.
And whatever you do - please, please, please do not tell Ragnar he paid $1300 gold pieces to buy me at auction!! Ragnar will take my sword and he'll keep me chained to a bed forever. And then, just imagine the trouble Ireem would be in. Hideous, decaying, grotesque succubi coming to all your beds at night.
You all need me!! And you need me to do my job! Please help.
If you need directions to the slavers' bay, just follow the girls who are following Am."


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