Page Three: Hitomi Jinx

Yes,dear citizen, today we have some pictures of a well known KNIGHT ! I hesitated to show you this, as she didn't give the pictures to me herself or ever had an interview too. Someone anonymous put the drawings together with a note under the office door.

But in the end I decided to bring it here, as our days as reporters is soon over anyway and no one can blame us anymore ! *grins*. So here we go:

Question: "What turns you on?"
Answer: "Adventures, and that to me means prospect of something unexpected, dangerous, crazy, funny, thrilling, and sexy, even erotic. "

Question:" What turns you off? "
Answer: "Intollerance. I do have to confess that sometimes I do fall prey to that trap, but I remind myself that we are here to have fun, not anything else."

Question: " If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?"
Answer: "It would definately be with Mustafa the beggar! Something tell me that he is a very experienced lover. (It be even be more of a turn on if Babek was watching while we are at it!) "

Question:" Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?"
Answer: "My self! (embarassed and turning scarlet) Not that I please myself in that way.... I mean... that often!!! NEXT QUESTION!! "

Question:" Tell us something embarrasing about yourself."
Answer: "I am really bad at fighting though I have been with the knights so long. I seem to loose more than I win. I am just hoping that the criminals will not find out that I am easy game !"


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