At the Chronicles we just received this alarming note:

Dear Chronicles,

With the creation of an army that intends to force us into submission on Ireem's doorstep, we find the need to address the situation with our own words of compassion. We shall not stand for this outrage while we do not wish for battle and blood to litter our streets it is inevitable with the creation of this army. What can you expect from an army? Armies are created for war and violence, and if this army is created we shall bring that war to them.
Now is the time to rebel and resist our oppressors! We shall not stand for this any longer! Too long have we stood and accepted our fate as lowly citizens fighting amongst each other and the putrid rats of the streets to survive, whilst the royal pigs sleep soundly in warm beds and feast upon endless quantities of food. We say ENOUGH!
With this letter we announce the founding or The Rebels Of Ireem! If anyone wishes to join in our fight call for meya [Silverfall] or One Flea [Stelthah Snowpaw]. We will accept anyone at all, no matter the race nor clan.

                                                                    Meya and One Flea


Last night .. several deeply loyal citizens of Ireemand the Sultana .. worked together to gather reports and statements.. all for the rgeater good of Ireem and our most beloved Sultana. A edict was read in the city and shared with others..we can not exchange one bully for another ..a skunk in the dark still smalls as bad..while working towards a safer and more diverse existance , with respect for all citizens , and their sensabilities.. this is my personal hope..


November 19, 2010 at 10:05 AM  

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