Street Meats Food Stall

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Welcome to Ireem's STREET MEATS FOOD STALL!!!

Located up at the auctions and trial area we are pleased to serve you our delicious grilled kebab sticks.

We offer daily fresh fish right from the North Sea - grilled or cooked with rice.

Our beer comes from old English breweries and is served cold.

We even offer fresh mint tea - for those who don't drink alcohol.

The street meat food stall is famous for good quality and fresh tasty food ,
We are liked by most citizens in Ireem. This is the reason, why we are able to reduce our prices now.

Come visit us ! You will find no better food in the Kingdom of Sand !!! Guaranteed - or you get your golds back!

Our Menu:
Grilled or cooked Fish and rice 2 G$
Kebab sticks with ham and figues 2 G$
Old England Brewery Beer 2 G$
we offer fresh fruits and vegetables for free.

Bon Apetit and cheers!!!

Faathima ( LoLLLita Resident )
        - owner -


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