Saturday, July 25th
13.00 PDT SLT
At the Arabesque Cafe

" Bollywood Contest "
    spirits of India 

Show us your pink, yellow, blue and green Saris , your sleek black hair , face and head jewels and your best smile and dance.

Bring your friends , wiggle your necks to a funny Bollywood dance.

Grab your partner and seduce us with a Kamasutra show.

Bring your veena, sitar or drums or sing your song.

Prices for best performance , appearance , music and role play !
1st price :   1000 L$
2n price :      500 L$
3rd price:     300 L$

We hire dancers and musicians for 500 golds per day!!!

Please talk to the Arabesque Managers Faathima ( lolllita )  or Atossa ( herminetic )


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