Poems and Prizes

Here at the Poems submitted for the Scare the Bad Spirits Away Competition to Mystai Lyric (lyricsirena), for which prizes are as follows:

Prizes for the best Poem to Scare Bad Spirits Away

1st Prize: G$ 500 G$ AND L$100 goes to Tyche for an exquisitely beautiful poem
2nd Prize: G$ 300 AND L$ 70 goes to Julie and yaYoo for great originality and ingenuity
3rd Prize: G$ 200 AND L$50 goes to Cronus for his rhapsodious rap
A 4th Consolation Prize has been added for Tami for his special entry


Tyche's (ThistleWisp) Poem: 1st Prize

*Poem to Scare the Bad Spirits of Away, for the Mystic Store Contest*

Embracing my love there is a dark shadow
It surfs silently on the wake of his ship.
It waits to pounce on him as he sleeps,
the light of my heart suddenly dim.

There is not a lost soul like this one,
that ever keeps my restless watch
as I look for my doomed seaward love
on the crest of the waves, in the hold.

As I sing disconsolate for the spirit to go,
a thousand pearls I would pick to gladly give,
as the thousand tears that he drank from me,
to cast this woe well away from my love.

And if his ship suddenly sank,
By Oceanus I'd know that was It.
I would dive into the deepest of abyss
to lie next to my love forever in the dark.


Julie's (joiry Jie) Poem: 2nd Prize

Little poem to scare bad spirit away
I know why you're here
I will find a reason for your sleep
..go away!, sigh and sleep...
I know why you're here

I hope the strength and that ruin you
The spirit of your chorus boasts your sorrow body
It is a forgotten dream than your body
I wish the shadow that shines on you

I know why you're here
I will find a reason for your sleep
..go away!, sigh and sleep...
I know why you're here.

Four fingers of my hand on this white wood of your desires...and you sigh.
The siren frees you from violence ...and you sigh.
Four fingers of my hand on this white wood of your desires...and you go.
The siren frees you from violence ...and you go.

I know why you was here
I found a reason for your sleep
..it's all over, sigh and sleep...
You have no more reason to be there.


Lord yaYoo's (yaYoo Pralou)  Poem: another 2nd Prize

Is my experience that
in embracing all of life
especially the bad spirits that come to us
openly inviting them
not succumbing to the fears they try to frighten us with
that they then realize their fear tactic does not work
& then they vanish
& the void they left becomes filled with love
in the space the bad spirit occupied
& you thus become even more strong in love.

So we frighten bad spirits away
by being open & facing the fears they bring forth
making them powerless
& us stronger in love.

Cronus 'The Mad King' Kling's (cronus.kling) Poem: 3rd Prize

 The boogie man doing it again, scaring spirits with my lyrics let the show begin, the water levels raise as the tides sweep like a blaze as them bad spirits get to phase, splashing of the waves concealing evil ways as them spirits on the creep crawling all over the streets, here comes the tall blond spitting like a don with a wiggle of his gold its BLING and them spirits are gone, puffing out the hookah as he kicks back getting his shaft massage, hotties lining up to get a chance to touch his big heavy fuselage, so when you see him drop down from the sky to embrace your presence with his divine looks and swagger even when he goes about eating a pie, tell him thanks and give the man a bow, because he saved your ass from the poltergeist haunting thou!


Tami's poem: Consolation Prize

"Yo! Like, boo!"



Well, I forgot my own chant to Scare Bad Spirits Away which I drum marvelously to the drum,

Oh, Spirits of the Sands
Oh, Spirits of the Winds
Let there be only a speck of dust in mine eye
That I may see the Spirits leave
a cloud of dust behind.

June 26, 2015 at 2:37 AM  

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