Mystic Store Event

Mystic Store Event

From: Mystai Lyric

Prizes for the best Poem to Scare Bad Spirits Away
Scare the Bad Spirits

1st Prize: G$ 500 G$ AND L$100
2nd Prize: G$ 300 AND L$ 70
3rd Prize: G$ 200 AND L$50
IM to Mystai Lyric  (lyricsirena Resident)

IM to Mystai Lyric # lyricsirena.resident if you are interested to arrange a time that will suit all players within the next five days.

I will ask you permission to publish your poem in the Ireem Chronicles.




There will be other times to suit different time zones:


SLT Times: 12:20, 11:30, 14: 20, and 2:30

You can still submit your poem by sending me an IM # lyricsirena.resident

Mystai Lyric

June 19, 2015 at 5:32 PM  

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