What in the Seven Hells...

Ugh... so I awake to find the mer-caves covered in what seem to be something that must have been regurgitated by Lord Cthulhu. I mean, where else would such horrid decorations have come from? Such tattered rags don't look fit to dress the most horrid of deceased bodies, let alone the once beautiful mer caves... 

Regardless, I shall plan a vast burning and cleansing to rid the caves of the items... sacrifice to Lord Cthulhu to curse the real person or people responsible... (Or at least de-rezz everything... )

Ugh... who ever put these things up here clearly hasn't washed for days?! It smells of rum, shame... and I think... dead bodies? 

 If anyone has any idea where these unsightly rags came from, please send the story to the chronicles? There might be a reward, depending how good the story is and if you can prove it. 

If nothing comes in I will assume it was something spat up from Lord Cthulhu. The Lord of the deep seas must be mysterious indeed... but he really needs to stop swallowing pirate ships! Doesn't he know that stuff will give him heart burn? 


So long it's been good, really good. Been going to KOS off and on since 2008. Every time I'd break up with someone, I'd go to KOS to forget.

I learned to rp at KOS, always loved the architecture, the music, the costumes, ohhhh I'm going to miss all that.

*looks around, sighs sadly, wipes one tear from her eye, walks out the door for the last time.

December 4, 2015 at 1:46 PM  

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