NOTICE: Vacancies at Chronicles

The Chronicles is looking for talented individuals for the following positions:

Feature Writers: You will be given a column space to produce a regular feature piece for the paper. Theme can be about anything, it could be fashion trend in Ireem, or some juicy gossips that you would like to share. The applicant must possesses a good writing skill, and skill of capturing moment of interest with either drawing or painting is desirable as well. Paid is pitiful and benefits are non-existent

Co Editor: Editing the paper is an important responsibility and the Chronicles is seeking a co-editor who would help producing stories and the printing of the paper. The successful applicant will be leading the writing team at the Chronicles, and report to the Editor. On occasion you will be ask to cover reporting task at the trial or interviews. Paid is pitiful and benefits are non-existent

Undercover reporter: Your job is to seek out stories and gossips around Ireem and report back to the Editor and Co-editor. You must have good inter person skill in order to dig out the real juicy stories. Good running skill and good sense of disguise would certainly help your survival rate if your cover is blown, but it’s not essential since the editor doesn’t really care about your well being as long as the stories reaches to the office. Paid is pitiful and benefits are non-existent


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