Power Corrupts!

Two nights past while passing the time at the auction site as so many of us do. Dinky and I were unfortunate enough to draw the attention of the head guard Arian Clip. He informed us that he was placing Dinky under arrest. When I inquired what crime she had committed he said she was under arrest because she had her scimitar in hand at the auction. I assure you dear readers I did my very best not to laugh in this poor mans face as I told him there was no law against that. Regrettably I failed in that attempt. As he did not seem to understand that there was no law against this I decided to try another approach.
I pointed out that both the undead leader Damien and one of his own guards, Geli, were also standing next to him with drawn blades. He happily informed me that Dinky was a citizen and this is why she was not allowed to have a drawn scimitar and the two others, undead I might point out, were. He stated that it is his duty to protect the citizens. Apparently his preferred method of protection is arrest and jail time. I know that I feel safer already, how about the rest of you?
At this point my disgrace of a sister, Sarra, stepped in and tried to change the story. She says that Dinky is under arrest for drinking rum. Again I wasn’t aware there was a law against that, and if there is I know the dungeon will soon be filled with slavers. However you do have to admire her trying to step in and cover for her boss.
This all ended quite anticlimactically as the head guard gave up when I told him, very politely to be sure, to go have someone read the laws to him. It seems to me if he is to enforce them as the sultana has ordered him to do then he should at least be familiar with them.
Also I was informed that Arian went to the Djinn realm. There he spoke to Indigo the leader of the djinn. He personally offered her 200 Dinar for the head of ever knight she brought him. I am happy to say that she flat out refused. These incidents do raise some questions though.
First, How can we trust this man to enforce the laws when he is so clearly biased towards his fellow undead? Second, is there a single citizen of this fine city that thinks arrest and imprisonment is a good way to provide protection? Lastly, is it proper for the leader of the guards to offer money for the murder of Knights? Wouldn’t you think they should be working together to keep the innocent safe?
I guess only time will tell just how far over the edge this guard has gone. That is if there is anyone not in the dungeon and in a place to see it.


First of all the story is not like was truly happend.

Dinky as an Ireem citizen act iresponsable, claimb on the auction blcok and start threat people from auction site wile she hold a draw scimtar. She was asked very polity to sheath her sword and her refuse it several times.
And yes..a citizen who run around whith a draw scimtar and start threat people is a danger for herself and for the rest of citizens..a citizen with a draw sword attracts fights and trouble.
In our opinion Dinky as a citizen had a wrong behave and a behave what is not allowd, she represent Ireem and Sultana and she have to be a mode of perfection.
We mentioned that her breath was strong smel atrum..Underthis facts we decide to arest an armed citizen who had few drinks before for her protection in the first place.

Arian Clip

June 1, 2009 at 7:00 AM  

PFFFTT!! Arian, i was there...Dinky was merely standing in the auction, holding her sword, like so many others do. She was not threatening anyone...and umm sorry Dinky, but you can't fight that well anyway, so i really don't know why they would think you were threatening, but you are getting better..Hugs! ...but anyway...i was standing, oh sorry Master...KNEELING...yes i was kneeling... next to sugar and kal and another girl, that my Master had just capped...sheesh can't take Him anywhere always causing trouble...ooh anyway, they were drinking the rum...Dinky was no where near the rum...unless she had some hidden under her hair, which by the way was gorgeous!...Arian, you should just crawl back to your catacombs and rot with the rest of the undead!...hmm...maybe i shouldn't have said that out loud...oh well..


June 1, 2009 at 7:46 AM  

How long do we have to bare this tyranny?? It is a fact that the Dungeon Leader has no idea about Ireem safety and tries to show a face just for gaining support being surrounded by high skilles friends (who knows what he has promised them for leaving theor original group and joining the dungeon keeprs group).

Everybody is seeing his preference for undead group, but nobody does anything.

If we cant trust the dungeon keepers, what can we do?I think there must be something we could do...

(And yes, I prefer not to rebel my identity, I dont want to be arrested just for giving my opinion)

June 1, 2009 at 10:56 AM  

*shakes her head in disbelief*.... Oh dear brother, maybe you should have wisely spoken to your Dinks before publishing this article. She purposefully threatened all in Ireem, (while you were dozing I believe) she stood on the Auction block with her blade swinging declaring " Do you all hear me ? NO selling day I say !".

I was trying to save her with the drunken appeal. An hour in our cells would be far less punishment than that of 'Impersonating the Sultana' don't you think? One onlooker even commented on this!

Sadly now, as you have slurred the words of Lord Arian, we must inform her Majesty of Dinky's attempts at halting Ireem's commerce, and the threats she made to those in auction at this time... I am sorry *sighs*
By the way... I hope you both enjoyed yr Magi drink? Was is chaos you said you wanted to make? *grins*

June 1, 2009 at 2:19 PM  

Yes sister I agree it truly a shame when a common citizen has to do the job of the knights and gaurds and protect the prey of Ireem. I just hope one day your leader will spend as much time protecting people as he does trying to gain more power for himself. And on that note, what exactly is he "lord" of. i know he likes this title but I have seen nothing to justify it being used other then to gratify his own ego.

June 1, 2009 at 2:35 PM  

Shame on you brother, that sounds like jealousy talking? pffftt...

May I remind you that it is not the Guards responsibility to deal with the prey. We are here to look after the city and make sure it keeps ticking! That also includes ensuring the free commerce of our land... and the subsequent taxes for her Majesty?
Give your lecture on honour to the Knights, who I will add are never mentioned in your scrolls? Isn't it about time they were bought to account for not following their own code? A story not including Lord Arian would indeed be a welcome relief for us all don't you think?

June 1, 2009 at 3:32 PM  

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