Between Worlds

*sweet dreams*
As you probably already know the djinn leader Indigo Mehendi has been captured and lies at the bottom of a slaver cage unconscious from lack of blood ..the brutal slavers cut her finger off as she playfully poked it through the cage.
you could say she sleeps ..

What you may not know is that she is Ghul , a breed or clan of djinn known to have certain powers when it comes to delivering dreams or nightmares...

perhaps it is the sensitivity of the magi Tim, that he was able to receive this message delivered via a DREAM..


a blue form lays huddled in a cage on the side of a slaver ship, small and frail. Sinking deeply into the slumber of eons she knows all to well...
thought forms collect and disperse like rain clouds above her body gathering growing darkly , rumbling ominously with the threat of the coming storm ..

the clouds spread out forming a thick blanket over Ireem ..a place where rain is uncommon ..they swirl forming surreal creatures ..images and icons constantly changing as they move ....filled with what may seem to be water they darken and hover IF about to burst ,rain begins to fall ..first a light drizzle then a flood ..but the rain is not water ..although similar in form and texture the rain is dreams , dreams and nightmares..

they fall randomly affecting all. Soaking into the thirsty earth and running in rivulets down the body's of those that live in this land. Strange dreams plague those people the djinn has touched in some way be it for better or worse ...the dreams strike randomly it may be YOU...

Perhaps a Bedouin boy tosses in his sleep plagued by nightmares of passionately tongue kissing a decapitated horses head .. and wakes with an uneasy feeling in the pit of his belly ..needing to kill slavers to make it calm down ...

You might BELIVE a slaver dreams of stumbling falling down a pit filled with serpents who writhe angrily ,hissing and coiling themselves all over his body till he can no longer breathe. Not see the light of day
when he wakes his mind will not rest ..

IN the harem a girl may toss and turn , afraid of kidnap and capture by a formless , crewl and wicked being . One that will seek her deepest fears and bring them to life..

Few understand the DJINN and their place in Ireem or their purpose ..some are to simple to care, some too obsessed with the sharpness of there sword and the slaves that run in the sand to notice ...

the lovely lady Gara, "spirit of compassion" came to indigos rescue by paying the ridiculous 3000 k rescue price demanded by Shaka ....not having enough money herself she was help out by an undisclosed Magi who wont be forgotten...

Submitted by the Djinn leader Indigo


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