Knights Camp Set Afire

Following scroll was brought to us by the undead Anneliese Wolfenhaut, who was like many other Ireemians witness of this spectacular view! Of course the reporters of the Chronicle do not support such a destructive behavior, but this dragon was amazing to watch. I personally made sure that no knight got injured, only knights leader Jordi does have a tiny little bald spot on her head now. Nevertheless: shame on you Damien!!

"Submitted by Anneliese Wolfenhaut: Lord Damien, returned from faraway places, has brought with him a pet! It seems the knights missed a dragon in the wilds, and he found it, tamed it, and has taught the knights a very important lesson.
Dragons are more useful alive than slayed. This dragon, a beautiful creature named Cybelle, was commanded by Lord Damien to cleanse the knights' camp of fleas, and so she flew over there (what a sight to behold! all gleaming red, against the blue sky), and set fire to the tents.
The knights seemed to get the message at least, and began calling for water. No doubt they are now washing and scrubbing away all those fleas, which should have been done long ago, before the Undead were called upon to rectify the situation.
If other camps need cleansing, please apply to Lord Damien. He'll bring his dragon right over and burn all your dirty things at once. "


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