"Mistress Grizel the Harem Oda, is seeking to fill the Sultana's Royal Harem with fine and lovely girls (and a few boys).
Life in the Harem is easy. It's inhabitants are doted on hand and foot, bathed in luxury, swathed in gowns of only the finest silk. The rules of the harem can seem stifling to some, but I am happy to announce that the rules that have recently been rewritten to provide a bit more freedom than previous years.
What hasn't changed is you must give up your love of the sands and surrender to leisure while offering the Harem's many indulgences to it's honored guests, be it a bath, a massage, a walk around the city or whatever the guest desires. I will not lie and say it is for everyone, but for those who tire of the daily grind of Ireem. Only the finest, most intelligent, and literate girls (and yes, boys) of most exquisite beauty and grace need to apply.
Virginity is not expected. Knowledge in world events, culture and the arts, and of course fluency in other tongues are most welcome. The harem life is a challenge to all your senses, and you are expected to be in commend of them at all times as you represent the Sultana's generosity.
While we will not buy girls, those merchants with girls are welcome to bring them forth to our attention. Girls are of course also welcome to approach Mistress Grizel personally for more information, as well as Lady Mirna Muggins to schedule a complete examination and interviews."
Grizel Halberstadt


lady gris i have been told that only knights and citizens may go to the harem - is that true ?

June 19, 2009 at 1:29 AM  

Angel smiles at the leader of the Djinns..To my knowledge dearest Indigo we ladies of the harem may invite only visiting ambassadors..citizens of the top order and our Sultana's(praise be to her name)true knights ....but as YOU know there are naughty girlies in the harem....who may ..may what you ask? ...Angel laughs....love and kisses to all who frequent the Harem and to all who would like to...The Amazing Angel Alter...or to her friends AAA

June 20, 2009 at 2:46 AM  

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