Yesterday while walking through the - in my opinion - peaceful desert, I suddenly got attacked from behind. Turning to see who it is and of course to run as fast as possible, because my fighting skills are not the best, I recognized the undead vermillion hacking on me with an evil laughter. I did my best to reach the safe city but failed. He tied me and dragged me down into the catacombs. I was screaming for help and got heard. Magi Aizen and the knights Mache, Sulaiman, Estella and Seraf came running to safe me. Aizen and Mache even jumped down heroically into the catacombs to fight against the undead ! He of course just laughed and dragged me deeper into the deep dark combs until Aizen and Mache lost our track.
Vermillion tied me up on a chair and inspected me, still an evil grin on his face. Asking him for mercy he just shook his head and answered me " There is only one way to avoid your fate of rejoining us: now listen carefully. The Magi have a neat little spell that turns undead human. Hell, I don't like that !! So your WONDERFUL Tim the Magi will make a new spell. One that will make it impossible for me to ever return human !"
I looked up shocked about what I heard and told him that I really doubt, Sir Tim would do that. Explaining him, he certainly loves me, but will not risk the life of every Magi just to save me, did not convince him at all.
Undead Analisa came in to tell Vermillion that undead Jos got captured by Aizen and the knights. Now they were waiting to make a deal. Getting the feeling of a little hope I watched Vermillion stepping out to talk with them, while Analisa was ordered to make sure, the captive, which was me in this story, does not even try to escape.
Well, what can I say, she did her job very well. After 30 minutes Vermillion came back followed by Magi Aizen as I still cowered in a corner. In the meantime my dear friend knights leader Jordina heard about what had happened and did not hesitate to come and try to rescue me aswell. Sadly the undead were pretty well prepared and captured her in a second too. Vermillion motioned Analisa to take Jordi and me out of the ceremony room. When we left we heard him talking to Aizen "By the way. If anything goes wrong everyone dies!" Walking out of the room knight Seraf approached aswell and we hurried over to him, asking him what this is all about. We got the information that Vermillion was not willing to trade me against his undead brother. The only way to get me free was Aizen to give in fullfilling his wish !
While we were waiting outside the ceremony room, always trying to follow what is going on and having no change to interfere or escape, as new undeads like Loona (Gatha Loon) came to keep an eye on their unlucky captives, we saw bright lights beaming out of the other room. Suddenly Aizen let out a huge scream and Vermillion an evil laughter I never heard before. Aizen stumbled out of the room and collapsed right infront of us. Jordi ran over to him, while I was not able to make any move, looking shocked at the scene. Vermillion approached with the most satisfied grin on a face I ever saw and rubbed his hands: "You should drag him to some bed to get rest!"
We were free to go now and hurried out of the catacombs over to knights camp, where Lady Elysa used all her powers to heal Aizen. Still weak, Lady Elysa and me left Jordi and Aizen alone, so Jordi could take good care of him. Elysa ordered me to stay safe and rest aswell and made her way over to Magi tower to inform the others about what had happened.

Dear reader, as you can imagine, the Magi were not very amused to hear about this. Some questions are left now:
  • Is this a revenge for bringing Aizen back to life ?
  • Or was Vermillion not even thinking that far and just saw his own advantage ?
  • Will the other undead follow his example and try to blackmail the Magi to give them eternal immortality ?
I for myself learned, to be more careful now then before of course, still feeling bad to be the reason for so much trouble coming over the Magi. I hereby personally want to thank my heroic rescuers Sir Aizen, Sir Mache and Sir Seraf for not giving up and trying to safe my life ! And undead be warned: the last word is not spoken yet !!


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