Yesterday, after waking up from a long and peaceful sleep in my office, I went to check the inbox infront of it, hoping to find something interesting to read. And yes !! I found an anonymous letter, which made me laugh first but later, after finishing it, shocked me in a certain way. But dear reader, see for yourself:
"~overheard conversation~
It was overheard today rebel knight Primo stating that he was aligned with none other than the Bedouin camp. He confirmed that all the leadership in camp was in his allegiance and sworn to obey his command.
Later when confronted in his own camp, by several of his own tribe, Sando paused from dancing to reply: "When the tribe needs to know they will be informed, they don't need to know"
Knight Jordina came to the Bedouin camp to confirm this and was quickly spirited away after Sando steadfastly refused to tell his tribe the truth of the matter. The one thing that did slip out in camp was that the Bedouin camp, apparently, is at war with both the Slavers AND the Undead. So if Knight Jordina decides to declare war, that means the Bedouin are now at war with the Slavers, the Undead and the Knights.
Even MasterJ wasn't foolish enough to declare war with 75% of Ireem! One other overheard tidbit was Sando berating MasterJ, saying: "You don't understand politics you filthy animal!"
Well Ireem, apparently the Bedouin leadership isn't real bright about politics either, a war possibly on three fronts. Can the Bedouin survive? Will Sando step forth out of hiding and onto the sand? Only time will tell. Pray for the poor Bedouin!"
I am sure, dear people of Ireem, that I am not the only one asking myself now:
  • When this incident is only halfway true, what does that mean for the peace in Ireem ?
  • Is Bedu Leader Sando planing something or just simply megalomaniac ?
  • Is this anonymous letter a lie, a try to make him look sad or did he really decide to ally with the rebel knights ?
  • And what will knights leader Jordi do now ? Will she even ally with undeads and slavers ?
  • Which side will the new dungeon leader Arian choose ?
  • Are we all now close to a new long and bloody war ?
I hereby ask Bedu leader Sando for an official statement! I will interview him by myself and inform the people of Ireem about any existing or none-existing alliances ! We people of Ireem have a right to know the truth !


I can testify that Primo said that he was allied with the Bedu's except with my family with which he was at war with.

Since there is no direct reason why a knight rebel group is against a single Bedouin family, they must have talked with our "great leader".

Let's hope our lead dancer Sando understands enough of politics to refrain from giving orders to a rebel group to attack his own tribe, no matter how much he dislikes a certain family in it.

A blood feud, extending but not limited to our tribe would follow if we happened to find out.

June 3, 2009 at 1:22 AM  

perhaps you can add another 10 % to that estimate ..
if the bedu protect the rebels let them face the wrath of the djinn.......
any of my people who wish to join the fray for sport or pleasure feel welcome to assist the knights ..
****indigo - djinn leader*********

June 4, 2009 at 12:14 AM  

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