The State Of Ireem.

First dear readers let me apologize for the length of this article. However I think it important to discuss the many issues facing the citizens of this great kingdom.
As I am sure you all know there is a group of former knights that have broken off from the true knighthood. Now as I reported in an earlier story the Sultana has ordered these knights to cease their rebellion. This however has not happened. Instead these knights have been taken in by the Bedouins. The leader of the Bedouins, Sando, has sent to the chronicles a statement he wanted published.

The new order of Ireem?
I was enjoying the view of the beautiful dunes of the desert, thinking of how wonderful would be to be able to live in peace without having to watch my back always that I turn around, when all of the sudden, and without previous notice, the one who calls himself Count of the Night or Dark Prince or Duke of the Shadow or … something with dark, well, a disgusting monster anyway; that thing attacked me.
Fortunately I could get shelter and then I asked what were the reasons of the attack. And what was my surprise when Mr. buck-tooth told me that I was under arrest. It said that I am helping some rebels and that I threatened Ireem and the Sultana with war and I don’t remember what other digressions. I think that the last blood that The Vampire of the Dark Cove drunk was past its sell by date or something. But then it told me that everything was because it had read it in the Chronicles of Ireem.
I was getting arrested because a dark bat likes to read gossip. I can imagine it, at the hairdresser’s, with a glass of rotten blood, reading the magazine while other undead tries to implant some hair in its head to look more human. And then It says - oh, I think I’ll have to arrest that Bedouin, here says that he is baaaad – while it looks at the mirror thinking that It must get a new skin because the one It has makes it look too dead.
Is this the new order in Ireem? The Sultana trusting on undeads? Are we all crazy or what!!!
Well, I am not, under any circumstances, tolerating this.
I officially declare my total rejection to the politics of the Sultana and I stop recognizing her figure as first head of Ireem while she keeps dealing with the undeads.
Bedouins will not let steal their freedom not now not ever.

So it would seem that the Bedouins together with the rebel knights intend to stand against our Sultana. It has been brought to my intention that because of this decision as well as other things, a group of Bedouins have separated themselves from Sando’s leadership. So now we have a group of rebel Bedouins as well.
I suppose that brings us to the undead that now leads the dungeon guards. I know many of you do not trust Arian and believe he is just a power hungry vampire. A concern I share and have written about on several occasions here in the chronicles. And after a conversation overheard by several people in the auction site these fears are stronger then ever. While speaking to a rebel knight Arian was heard making this statement.

Arian Clip shakes his head. "According to the chronicles you are an outlaw and I am the ruler of Ireem together with the Sultana."

I assure you if you read the stories in the chronicles including the statement of support from the Sultana regarding Arian, you will never see him referred to as a ruler. After hearing this statement from Arian I was lucky enough to be able to speak to our Sultana about it. She was kind enough to give me the following statement:

As everyone knows I’m not a tyrant and I try to be wise.

Arian : He was elected democratically. He spoke to me nights and days, he studied the laws of the kingdom and he swore to me that he will be a good dungeons Leader, without favoritisms to anybody.
He wants, like me, bring peace to Ireem.
Of course somebody doesn't like that. Many used to follow their own laws...but rules are the same for all.
Just read our establishment.
Yes...he was an undead: but who in Ireem is without sin, let him cast the first stone.
I'm sure that he is changed. My laws are his laws, as he said knelling in front to me.
Nobody sent to me any complaints
Of course things can change with the wind.
But if power drives him mad...he will be punished.
That's sure.
But for now an advice : envy is not a good thing.
That's all.

Thank you
Your Sultana
Zanlu heron

To recap things are not at their best in Ireem these days. We have the Bedouins taking in the rebel knights to stand together against our sultana. There are now also rebel Bedouins standing against their leader and his decisions. And an undead very few trust running the city dungeon. However I would submit to those that share my concerns over Arian, would it not be more productive to stand with our Sultana? To show her we are loyal and try to support her in the hopes that if Arian does violate his oath to her that she has our support to punish him. If we all revolt and stand against her simply because we do not agree with one decision she made then we force her to turn to the very man we distrust to restore order.
These are most difficult times for us all. But the people of Ireem are a strong group and can whether this storm if we stand together and stop dividing ourselves.


If the Dungeon Leader wants to bring peace to our kingdom, the best thing he could do is to turn into human. Nobody is going to trust him while he remains being an undead. Undeads are the enemies of our kingdom. He cant be both things at the same time.

June 6, 2009 at 7:44 AM  

Greetings all i want to respond on this all
First why you attack the person merely because they are undead?
Cant he be a good leader for something because he is just a undead give him a change will you all instead accuse him for all you say look to yourself first are you all honest and trustfull
And im also an undead am i not worthy to stand next to the Sultana because my dad is an undead but i look human.
So stop this nonsense for once.
thanks for listening.
Greetings undead/human Lady Mirna

June 6, 2009 at 11:42 AM  

Typically Sando... exiling people for not following him and then doing exactly the same himself.

June 7, 2009 at 2:50 AM  

per Sando: "I officially declare my total rejection to the politics of the Sultana and I stop recognizing her figure as first head of Ireem...

To me, this is TREASON! He should be publicly executed for high treason, and those (very few) bedu who follow him, severely punished.

June 7, 2009 at 8:25 AM  

Agreed Elysa. Someone saying things like that is not worthy to be any kind of leader himself. I can tell you that his first popularity under his own people is fading quickly.

So far that is the first official thing he did or at least saw him doing. I'm not impressed and certainly not following my leader in that. Things like these are the reason that he is the first Beduleader that has his people openly opposing him.

June 8, 2009 at 1:07 AM  

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