Danger for Ireem ?

Today I recieved a scroll and a nice colored pic from Harem Mistress Grizel, which i cannot hold back from you, dear readers ! This pic shows a mysterious, fair and beautiful creature, seen at the sky of Ireem by many witnesses:

But what had happened ? Here is the report of the witnesses themselfs:

"On Wednesday a little after Midnight, Myself (The Amazing Angel Alter), My Mistress of the Harem Grizel, and Kal were sitting on top of tall tower over the Auction watching the sunset and Kal 's problems with his loin cloth covering his parts, or rather how they didn't.
Suddenly, there was great turbulence in the sky. A massive glow was seen in above the desert, before the city gates. The light in the sky appeared to grow brighter and brighter until we had to shade our eyes for fear of blindness.
Then suddenly, it's true form was shown to us - an Angel of great loveliness with golden hair, white wings and bolts of light radiating from them. Then in a voice we had never heard the likes of before, one both heavenly and fearsome, it told us of a child to be born in Ireem - a child of darkness - born to an undead and a human!
Its voice rang out warnings of this event of a birth of an Unholy Child who must be destroyed to please Allah to prove that the land has not lost it's way. If this did not happen it said Ireem will fall into despair, famine and peril at the hands of this child, and the Kingdom will be destroyed. Until this child is destroyed, all Ireem women will be struck barren. The command from above is to find this child and destroy "it".
Others in the auction also witnessed this splendid vision. Slaver Zarco Paragorn was said to have tried to view it from a better vantage point. Slaver Golden Ghost saw this event and made a couple of sketches to prove what he had seen. As you can see from this report Ireem is in big trouble. And the Undead are to blame.

Angel Alter
Golden Ghost
Grizel Halberstadt"

As we all can notice, we do have a lot of pregnancies in our beloved kingdom again. Is one of those females already carrying the doomed child? Or is even every single female citizen of Ireem in danger? And who is the mysterious undead, the angel was speaking of?
Well, I for myself made the decision to stop running through catacombs just for fun for a long long time and I only can advice this to every other girl aswell! Be carefull and watch your back, now even more then usual !


Greetings all please be very carefull girls for your back
Dont get drunk ...Sighs i know that will be end up not good and look to her belley
Where is growing an littel baby who dont know is his daddy.
But im glad im not the persone who cant be carring the baby who about this is
And you know why .......My dad is an undead so i dont have the gene
Be carefull all please
Good luck girls

Lady Mirna

June 4, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

Thank goodness Lady Mirna admits to her father being half un dead ..The angel said baby to a full undead and a human but is it undead father and human mother or the other way round ..undead mother.. human father..in this case all women be carefull ..YOU dont want to be the cause of the Kingdom annialation....Angel

June 4, 2009 at 9:52 AM  

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